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WARNING: Please do not use this facility to report issues of an emergency nature or for conditions requiring an immediate response. If your issue is an emergency, please use the telephone and dial 911.

Traffic Sign Request (New or Modification)

Use this service to request a new traffic control sign or to modify an existing traffic control sign.

Examples include: 4-Way "Stop" Sign, "No Trucks" Sign, "Warning" Sign, "Neighborhood" Sign, "5-Minute Parking" Sign, "Speed Limit" Sign.

Please indicate the exact location (On street name and the two nearest intersecting street names) of your concern in order to expedite the investigation.

You may also contact us via telephone at (813) 274-3101.

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* Please indicate the exact location of your concern in order to expedite the investigation.

At what street location is the traffic sign requested? (e.g. Cleveland and Lois)

* ON  - FROM -  Or on what street is the traffic signed requested? (e.g. DeLeon from Church to Lois)

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Your request will be reviewed in the order in which it was received.

If you send us a message, you'll receive a Tracking Number and Access Key allowing you to follow-up with your request, at your convenience. All messages also include linking to MyTampaGov memberships, thus eliminating any requirement to remember Tracking Numbers or Access Keys. You can upload attachments after submitting this message.

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