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Request a Grant Letter of Support

The City of Tampa Grants Office has established the following process for organizations requesting a letter of support for a grant proposal. In situations where the Grants Office provides a letter of support, agencies must recognize that the Grants Office is neither a partner nor a required assuring entity for the grant. The Grants Office recognizes that grant applicants, if successful, may be able to support and/or enhance services consistent with the City of Tampa’s mission, thereby, improving the lives of the local community by maximizing funding resources other than those provided by the City. For this reason, City officials may wish to provide a letter of support.

The Grants Office will review proposals carefully and will give each request serious consideration; paying particular attention to the programmatic, fiscal, administrative, and legal aspects of the proposal and the anticipated outcomes to Tampa residents.

The following procedure should serve as minimal guidelines for all applicants seeking a letter of support. PLEASE BE SURE TO UPLOAD A SAMPLE LETTER OF SUPPORT AT THE END OF THE FORM.

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The City of Tampa Grants Office will keep track of all Letters of Support that are issued to Tampa Bay agencies. Respectfully, we would like to encourage open lines of communication and information sharing. Please let us know the award status (e.g. Awarded, Declined) of your proposal if we provided a letter of support. This information can be submitted at

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