FLSA: Hourly

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(030) $21.29 - $30.21 an hour     $44,283.20 - $62,836.80 a year

JOB CODE: 005072


JOB PURPOSE : The selected candidate will prepare drawings of complex engineering ideas and information.


  • Conducts site/field inspections to verify existing conditions; researches existing and probable utilities; researches and verifies such information as utility locations, property boundaries, and ownership; computes areas and volumes for excavations and fills from cross sections; utilizes computer aided drafting or manual drawings to prepare complex engineering designs, special structures, and equipment; prepares plan and profile drawings from survey notes and engineering data; prepares preliminary, working, and final construction drawings; prepares maps, charts, sketches, and drawings for illustrative purposes; prepares drawings of typical sections and standard details; plots cross sections and prepares topographic maps from survey notes; revises project drawings to reflect as-built status; updates utility system and right-of-way maps adding and deleting utilities, property, easement, streets, alleys, and vacating; prepares project cost estimates; prepares permit applications for right-of-way construction by private contractor and/or city departments to send to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD), Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), state, county, and city agencies; reviews construction plans for compliance with city codes and regulations; checks the accuracy of legal descriptions of property; conducts deed and

    abstract record investigations; prepares maps and sketches from legal descriptions; prepares utility project notifications; operates office equipment such as copiers and microfiche readers.

  • Edits AutoCAD system files to automate drafting routines; prepares/reviews technical drawings or sketches; interprets and transfers survey notes into AutoCAD format to facilitate calculations; creates and customizes boundary maps using digitizing pad or computer utility programs; uses AutoCAD to prepare

    3-dimensional models and computer slide show for special projects.

  • Orally interprets technical sketches and blueprints for others; determines elevation to set utilities; prepares preliminary design to facilitate installation of traffic flow and control devices; informs public of location of city facilities, infrastructure, and other engineering information from city drawings, archives, and aerial photographs.

  • Designs and writes flyers, posters, maps, charts, brochures, etc. to disseminate information; coordinates

    project work with engineering utilities and contractors to keep on schedule; reviews architecture drawings prepared by others to identify conflicts with field conditions; diagrams physical layout of office and work areas; prepares architecture drawings of equipment and/or facilities to facilitate construction and/or installation; consults with department personnel on projects, programs, etc. to include implementation and follow-up.

  • Performs related work as required.


Considerable knowledge of: symbols, terminology, and accepted standards used in preparing engineering drawings; equipment, facilities, and systems of the particular field of engineering assigned; basic drafting techniques including standardized drawing techniques; legal terminology used in property descriptions.

Working knowledge of: charting and graphing procedures and practices; computer assisted drafting systems.

Ability to: make mathematical computations using standardized tables and formulas; prepare drawings either manually or via computer aided design that are neat, accurate, appropriately dimensioned, and logically arranged, utilizing the methods and techniques of drafting; prepare drawings from survey notes, plats, and legal descriptions; originate standard designs for such basic projects as parking lots; prepare plan and profile drawings, and drawings of typical sections with standard detail; plot cross sections; prepare topographic maps, and revise to reflect changes; adjust/transpose drawings to scale; read and interpret survey and engineering data; understand and follow oral and written instructions; establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, officials, and the public.

Skill in: the use and care of drafting tools, materials, and equipment; PC-based drafting and design in 3-dimensions.


Graduation from an accredited high school and completion of one (1) year of college in engineering drafting or related subjects, with three (3) years of experience in drafting and computer aided design; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

LICENSES OR CERTIFICATES:Possession of a valid Florida driverís license may be required.


Evaluation of education and experience.

TO APPLY: To be considered for this position, applications must be received or postmarked by the closing date of July 8, 2014. Applications received or postmarked after the closing date will not be processed.

HELPFUL HINTS FOR COMPLETING YOUR APPLICATION: Please register as a MyTampaGov member before you begin the application process. This will enable you to view and re-use information from previously submitted applications to complete and submit any future applications. Please make certain your application is complete and the information you provide clearly demonstrates that you possess the minimum job qualifications as stated in the job announcement. Resumes can be submitted in support of an application, but not in lieu of an application. Resumes and copies of certifications or other required documents may be attached to your online application or e-mailed to careers@tampagov.net.

6-24-14 (005072)

Note: Applications must be received or postmarked by the closing date. Applications received or postmarked after 7/8/2014 will not be processed.

This office reserves the right not to consider those applications that have incomplete information, or that are received without necessary transcripts, certificates, licenses, or other required documents.