Be one of the first to be informed of new job postings, City Council agendas, other public announcements and more. This page lists all of the RSS feeds available through TampaGov. Please select the content area from the select box to view the available feeds. Check out how you may use RSS feeds from TampaGov. In addition to RSS, email based subscription services are also available.
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RSS feed for News in English All City of Tampa News in English

News by Agency

RSS feed for Architectural Engineering Construction RFQs Architectural Engineering Construction RFQs

RSS feed for Arts and Cultural Affairs Arts and Cultural Affairs

RSS feed for City Clerk City Clerk

RSS feed for City of Tampa Television City of Tampa Television

RSS feed for City of Tampa Utilities City of Tampa Utilities

RSS feed for Community Partnerships and Neighborhood Engagement Community Partnerships and Neighborhood Engagement

RSS feed for Construction Project Bidding Construction Project Bidding

RSS feed for Construction Services Center Construction Services Center

RSS feed for Economic and Urban Development Economic and Urban Development

RSS feed for Emergency Management Emergency Management

RSS feed for General General

RSS feed for General Employees Retirement Fund General Employees Retirement Fund

RSS feed for Greater Tampa CERT Greater Tampa CERT

RSS feed for Housing and Community Development Housing and Community Development

RSS feed for Information Security Information Security

RSS feed for Internal Audit Internal Audit

RSS feed for Mayor's Office Mayor's Office

RSS feed for Parking Parking

RSS feed for Parks and Recreation Parks and Recreation

RSS feed for Planning and Development Planning and Development

RSS feed for Public Works Public Works

RSS feed for Solid Waste Solid Waste

RSS feed for Special Events Coordination Special Events Coordination

RSS feed for Tampa Fire Rescue Tampa Fire Rescue

RSS feed for Tampa Gym and Dance Tampa Gym and Dance

RSS feed for Tampa Police Tampa Police

RSS feed for Tampa Riverwalk Tampa Riverwalk

RSS feed for Technology and Innovation Technology and Innovation

RSS feed for Transportation Advisories and Road Closures Transportation Advisories and Road Closures

RSS feed for Wastewater Wastewater

RSS feed for Water Department Water Department

RSS feed for Web Site Web Site

RSS feed for Ybor City Development Corp Ybor City Development Corp

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for content distribution. TampaGov offers several RSS feeds with headlines, descriptions and links back to for additional detail.

We encourage use of the feeds, and you may re-post them as long as you provide proper attribution to the City of Tampa. Whenever you post TampaGov content on your web site or anywhere else, please identify as the source.

RSS feeds by themselves may be confusing. If you view one in most browsers, you’ll see XML source code, which is intended for an RSS reader/aggregator. RSS aggregators periodically check for new items in the feeds you subscribe to. This results in the content coming to you, rather than you having to go get it. It saves time, and the RSS aggregator gets only new information, avoiding all the other content on a web page. Many FREE readers are available, simply Google search for "free RSS reader" or view this list of readers.

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