Capital Improvement Projects

This screen displays the (CIP) Capital Improvement Projects for the Stormwater Division of the Public Works Department.  Projects are listed in order of Fiscal Year.  Each project contains a link to its corresponding 'Detail' page with additional information.  A City of Tampa Fiscal Year is a 12-month period from October 1 until September 30.
North Tampa Closed Basins - Phase I (FY 2011)
Robles Park SWIM Improvements (FY 2011)
Alline Avenue Area Drainage Improvements (FY 2011)
River Tower SWIM Improvements (FY 2011)
S Regional Garage Vault Rehabilitation (FY 2012)
Palm Avenue Garage Rehabilitation (FY 2012)
Interbay Avenue between S 1st and S 3rd St (FY 2012)
South Avenue at Crest Street (FY 2012)
Donut Pond: 113th Ave Force Main and Culverts (FY 2012)
Donut Pond: Pump Station (FY 2012)
Drew Park Phase 1 - Pond (FY 2012)
Drew Park Phase II - Grady Avenue (FY 2012)
30th St and E Hillsborough Avenue (FY 2012)
W Knollwood Street at N Boulevard (FY 2012)
Manhattan: Green to Main (FY 2012)
S. Clark / Coolidge Ditch Culvert Replacement (FY 2012)
PAL Pond and Stormwater System (FY 2012)
Telemetry System - Citywide (FY 2012)
4608 E Lake Ave (FY 2012)
3919 N. Clearfield Ave (FY 2012)
East Ybor Flooding Relief (FY 2012)
Westshore Waterways Improvement Project (FY 2013)
CIPP Annual Rehab - Citywide (FY 2013)
Drew Park Phase III - Lois Avenue (FY 2013)
4422 W San Carlos St (FY 2013)
8610 N Jones Avenue (FY 2013)
Met West Ditch Rehabilitation (FY 2013)
Lake Eckles Pump Station Rehabilitation (FY 2013)
Himes Avenue: Palmira to Bay to Bay (FY 2013)
Himes Avenue: Bay to Bay to San Luis (FY 2013)
Watrous-Frankland Drainage Improvements (FY 2013)
2212 E Minnehaha St (FY 2013)
7810 N 22nd Street (FY 2013)
Lincoln Gardens Drainage Improvements (FY 2014)