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For those wanting to be notified of a zoning change...

If not already registered, provide information about your participating organization. 

Then, register to be notified when changes are proposed within the neighborhood area you are interested in. 

For those needing to notify organizations of proposed changes...

Changes that require notification to be provided include:

  • Application for Rezoning
  • Special Use (2)
  • Variance
  • Alternative Design Exception 2
  • Formal Decision of the Zoning Administrator
  • Historic Preservation Commission consideration of local designation
  • Amendment to the Future Land Use Map of the Tampa Comprehensive Plan
  • Request for Review
    • Special Use (1)
    • Special Use (1) Alcohol Beverage
    • Special Use (2) Alcohol Beverage
    • Variance Review Board Decision
    • Barrio Latino Decision
    • Architectural Review Commission
    • A Decision of Zoning Administrator
    • Vacating of Public Right-of-way.

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