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...the most frequently requested services on TampaGov

Service Descriptions    

1 Utility Service Start Request
2 Utility Bill Questions
3 Utility Service Stop Request
4 Mayor Jane Castor's Office
5 Garbage (blue) or Recycling (green) Cart Request
6 Utility Service High Utility Bill Inquiry
7 Residential Service was Missed (Garbage, Recycling, Yard Waste, SWEEP)
8 Pothole, Cave-In or Sinking Area Repair
9 New Business Tax Receipt Application
10 Solid Waste General Correspondence
11 Code Enforcement General Inquiries
12 Accumulated Junk, Trash or Debris on Private Property
13 Police
14 Construction Services - General Inquiries
15 Anonymous Crime Tips to the Police
16 Commercial Service was Missed (Dumpster, Cart, Compactor, Open-Top)
17 Water
18 Neighborhood Enhancement General Inquiries
19 Parks and Recreation
20 Police Records Section
21 Curbside Special Solid Waste Pick-up Request
22 Foreclosed Property Registration Application
23 Compactor or Open Top Roll-off Service Request
24 Water Color Concern (Cloudy, Discolored, Dirty)
25 Fallen or Low Overhanging Tree Limbs and Tree Down