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MyTampaGov membership is FREE and takes only a minute or so to establish! Registering to use MyTampaGov provides advantages intended to make City of Tampa online services more convenient  (view the registration form or take the tour).

view a MyTampaGov transaction history exampleYou can access your own transaction history, thus providing a convenient citizen to City government tracking of transactions. For example, payment of a utility bill with MyTampaGov or submitting a request via the Customer Service Center provides a receipt in the transaction history. (view an example transaction history).

You can choose to have contact information (such as an address & telephone number) saved with your membership thereby eliminating the requirement to "re-type" this information into online forms (view an example).

view a MyTampaGov personalization exampleMyTampaGov also enables you to create a personalized view of links to your favorite or frequently accessed City of Tampa online information services. (view an example).

Using MyTampaGov favorites, you can create a personalized list of important TampaGov resources that you can access instantly using the "my favorites" dropdown list (view an example).

MyTampaGov membership is delivered using authenticated access, therefore you select an account and password.  Security administration is completely automatic & unattended with issues such as forgotten passwords emailed directly to you (view an example).

You may "opt out" or cancel your membership at any time.

MyTampaGov was introduced in November 2001.  Features are being enhanced and are subject to change.  If you have suggestions or comments about this service, please contact us.

MyTampaGov services contain several protective measures which is why you must establish an account to use these services.  You will never be asked for your MyTampaGov password, or MyTampaGov personal information, by a City of Tampa employee.  Please do not disclose your self-designated MyTampaGov password.

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