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  • Find a Neighborhood
  • Use this service to obtain neighborhood specific information including demographics, land use, maps, places of interest, association contacts, meetings, and more.

  • Mayor's African American Advisory Council (MAAAC)
  • Use this service to contact the Mayor's African American Advisory Council coordinator. The office hosts monthly meetings of the MAAAC and participates in scheduled community forums.

  • Neighborhood and Community Relations
  • Use this service for general correspondence to Neighborhood and Community Relations.

    Tampa’s Neighborhood and Community Relations Office works to preserve and improve the physical, social and economic health of Tampa’s neighborhoods. Our goal is to preserve established neighborhoods, stabilize those in transition and give new life to waning neighborhoods. Our office lends support to citizens during the organizational process and works with members of established associations to develop neighborhood action strategies. Neighborhood Relations serves as a contact between the Mayor, citizens and city departments.

  • Neighborhood Association - Official Registry Update
  • Use this service to update the Official Neighborhood Registry administered by the City of Tampas Neighborhood & Community Relations Office. By submitting your message, you are confirming that you are the elected president/neighborhood leader of your association and that you agree and comply with all of its requirements as indicated in the Official Neighborhood Guidelines.

  • Neighborhood Maps
  • Use this service to interact with Tampa Neighborhood maps via the Find a Neighborhood facility -- both dynamic and printer ready versions.