Please select the link related to your area of interest or view all Customer Service Center service request types.

  • Cemetery Inquiries
  • Use this service to contact the cemetery coordinator with questions about City owned cemeteries.

  • Cemetery Records Search
  • Use this service to access the cemetery records search service for locating decedents in the cemeteries maintained by the City of Tampa.

  • Fallen or Low Overhanging Tree Limbs and Tree Down
  • Use this service to report fallen tree limbs or low overhanging tree limbs that are causing an obstruction in public right of ways or the streets. For trees limbs obstructing street signs or causing hazardous roads conditions select Traffic Sight Obstruction service.

    NOTE: Please DO NOT use this request if this event is an emergency in street. For emergencies call 813-274-5744.

    (effect 7.1.2021 – no anonymous code complaints F.S. 162.21 & 166.0415)

  • Greenways, Trails and Blueways Inquiries
  • Use this service to obtain more information about the City's efforts in creating Greenways and trails as well as Blueways which include water trails, canoe and/or kayak trails, and paddling trails.

  • Parks - locate ball fields, tennis courts and more
  • Use this service to find information about City parks and recreation facilities, including which ones have beaches, boat ramps, tennis courts or any of the many other amenities offered by the City's Parks & Recreation Department.

  • Parks and Recreation
  • Use this service for general information or to inquire about programs and services available through Tampa Parks & Recreation Department. If you have any technical questions or need help with online registration or your household account please use this service.

  • Parks and Recreation Online Registration Account
  • Use this service to submit questions, concerns or inquiries regarding your Parks and Recreation WebTrac household account.

  • Parks and Recreation Programs
  • Use this service to sign up for Parks and Recreation classes and programs such as after school, day camp, gymnastics, aquatics, athletic leagues, fitness and more.

  • Picnic Shelter Requests
  • Please use this service to submit a reservation request for a picnic shelter. This service will not reserve the picnic shelter. A Customer Service Representative will contact you directly within three (3) business days to complete the transaction.

    Before proceeding with this request, please read the Shelter and Green Space Rules.

  • Riverwalk Development
  • Use this service to request information about Tampa's Riverwalk project including retail opportunities, making a donation, assisting with fundraising, and construction status updates.

  • Special Event Inquiry
  • Use this service if you are an event planner and want to inquire about working with the City of Tampa to plan all aspects of events that relate to the use of public property such as streets, sidewalks, etc. Special events may include parades, runs, walks, block parties, carnivals, road festivals, etc.

  • Tampa Gym and Dance
  • Use this service for Tampa Gym and Dance Program general inquiries. For more detailed information about our programs and schedules, go to our Tampa Gym and Dance webpage.

  • Tree-mendous Tampa Free Tree Program
  • Use this service to request trees be planted along the street right-of-way to enhance the neighborhood and help sustain Tampa’s community forest and shade canopy. Use this service to request trees be planted along the street right-of-way to enhance the neighborhood and help sustain Tampa’s community forest and shade canopy.

    The Community Tree Program, was established in 1997 by the City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Department. The goals for this program are to enhance neighborhoods and help increase Tampa's Urban Forest. This program encourages individual and community involvement at both the time of planting and beyond, generating a sense of responsibility and environmental stewardship within the community.

    Ways Trees Can Benefit Your Neighborhood

    • Trees help clean the air we breathe.
    • Trees help clean our water by holding rainfall on the leaves and branches, making the threats of flooding less likely.
    • Trees save energy by shading buildings and minimizing the need for air conditioning
    • Trees give the neighborhoods a sense of place, a community where neighbors know one another, and slow traffic
    • Studies show that trees help us feel peaceful and secure as they bring a bit of nature into our urban environments.
    • Trees bring people together and neighborhoods are made stronger by the shady streets and parks.
    • The tree canopy is essential for sustaining a viable ecosystem for birds, small animals, and the rest of the web of life that surrounds us

    How the Program Works

    • Trees are planted on City rights-of-way, which are located between the curb and sidewalk.
    • Residents are responsible for watering the new tree for the first year after planting.
    • Limit of 2 trees per annual planting year. Demise of any tree does not guarantee a replacement.
    • Each site will be inspected to carefully match the new tree to existing landscape conditions and or restrictions.

    Watering Guidelines

    Watering is the single most important step in the survival of the newly planted tree(s). A commitment of a 90 day watering schedule will need to be followed.

    • 1st set of 30 days after planting; water every day
    • 2nd set of 30 days after planting; water every other day
    • 3rd set of 30 days after planting; water every 3 days or twice a week

    After the initial 90 day watering schedule; water 1 (once) a week and more often during times of shortage in rainfall. If your tree shows signs of wilting or leaves turning brown and falling off, water daily until tree shows no sign of wilting and new healthy growth appears.

    Click here for more information on the Tree-Mendous Tampa Free Tree program

  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Use this service to find out how to volunteer to work for the City of Tampa.