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  • Fat Free Sewer Pamphlets
  • Use this service to find information on how to prevent blocked drains in your plumbing.

  • Roadway Depressions
  • Use this service to report a dip or depression (sinking area) in the street pavement.

  • Sewer Blockage
  • Use this service to report problems that may indicate a sewer blockage in a home or commercial facility. Signs of a sewage blockage may include:

    - Toilets, basins, baths, or tubs that are slow to empty
    - Toilets fill higher than usual
    - Gurgling noises in the sanitary drains

    Do NOT use to report sewer backup or overflow emergencies, report immediately to (813) 259-1693 (24/7 operations).

    Note: The Customer Service Center requests are only managed during regular working hours.

  • Sewer Odor Complaint
  • Use this service to report sewage odor from interior plumbing, a pump station, a manhole, or other source.

    If the odor is a result of a sewer backup or overflow, report immediately to (813) 259-1693 (24/7 operations)

  • Start New Wastewater Service
  • Use this service to request starting water, wastewater, and solid waste utility services at a specific location.

  • Stop Wastewater Service
  • Use this service to request termination of water, wastewater, and solid waste utility services at a specific location.

  • Wastewater
  • Use this service for general correspondence to Wastewater.

    The Department's goal is to provide complete and cost-effective service and to respond rapidly to expanding service requirements. Department personnel collect, treat, and dispose of more than 50 million gallons of wastewater per day from over 98,000 customers in Tampa and its immediate suburbs. Sanitary treatment requires the careful removal of pollutants and pathogens from wastewater in a manner consistent with Federal, state, and local regulations so that the end product can be returned to the environment for natural recycling.

  • Wastewater Bill Online Payments
  • Use this service to pay your utility bill.

  • Wastewater Disposal Payments
  • This service allows you to make a payment for City of Tampa Wastewater Disposal.

  • Wastewater Personnel / Crew Compliment or Comment
  • Use this service to report your experience with a Wastewater employee or crew behavior (driving, work, etc.).

  • Wastewater Treament Facility Tours
  • Use this service to request group tours of the Wastewater Treament Facility.

    Group tours of the Howard F. Curren Wastewater Treatment Plant are available free of charge on Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. A tour of the facility gives you a behind-the-scenes look into the working of a wastewater treatment plant. The curriculum, developed as an educational tour for children in grades 6th - 12th, focuses on a treatment plant's role in conservation. The tour is flexible and can be easily adapted to fit your education and level of interest. The minimum number of participants per group is five. Please allow a minimum of 2.5 hours for the tour.

    Please fill form out completely.