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  • Civil Citation Online Payments - Water
  • Use this service to pay a City of Tampa Civil Citation within the 30 days after citation mailing. After 30 days, City of Tampa Civil Citations must be paid at the Clerk of the Circuit Court.

  • Reclaimed Water Inquiries
  • Use this service to inquire about Reclaimed Water. You may also access information on our web pages at, which includes fast facts, benefits, maps, and detailed reclaimed water quality reports.

  • Start New Water Service
  • Use this service to request starting water, wastewater, and solid waste utility services at a specific location.

  • Stop Water Service
  • Use this service to request termination of water, wastewater, and solid waste utility services at a specific location.

  • Water
  • Use this service for general correspondence to the Tampa Water Department.

    NOTE: To expedite a response for specific topics please use the appropriate link below.
    EXCEPTION: If you are reporting a WATER LEAK, please do NOT create a request. Call 813-274-8811. Additional information MUST be collected in order to expedite handling.

    Utility Bill Questions
    Start New Service
    Stop Service
    Water Pressure Concerns
    Water Quality Concerns
    Reclaimed Water Inquiries
    Order water Customer Conservation Devices

  • Water Bill Online Payments
  • Use this service to pay your utility bill.

  • Water Color Concern (Cloudy, Discolored, Dirty)
  • Use this service to report Cloudy, Discolored, or Dirty water conditions Cloudy or discolored water may be due to construction in the area, hydrant flushing or deteriorating internal plumbing. This may be easily resolved within your residence by flushing from your front spigot for a few minutes, and then running the cold water for a minute or two in your bathtub. This should cost less than 10 cents in water use.

  • Water Connection Payments
  • This service allows you to make a payment for a City of Tampa Water Connection.

  • Water Conservation Education
  • Use this service to request information about conserving water, our most valuable resource.

  • Water Customer Conservation Devices
  • Use this service to request water conservation supplies. Available free to Tampa Water customers.

  • Water Department Speaker Request
  • Use this service to request a speaker from the Tampa Water Department.

    You will receive a response from our staff within 3 business days regarding your request.

  • Water Odor Concern
  • Use this service to report water that has a bad odor If you think your water has a bad odor, it may be due to stagnation in the hot water heater or a well cross-connection. The City of Tampa water mains are looped to keep the water in motion at all times to reduce system-related odors.

  • Water Portable Meter Payments
  • This service allows you to make a payment for a City of Tampa Water Portable Meter.

  • Water Pressure Issue
  • Use this service to report an issue related to water pressure.

    "Low water pressure" issues may be easily resolved within your residence. Customers experiencing low pressure often find debris clogging their faucet aerator screens. An easy way to help determine where the pressure problem may be is to open an outside spigot. If you have good pressure at the spigot, then the problem is located within the plumbing system. If that's the case, you should consult a plumber to see what remedies are available. However, if you have a water softener, try by-passing the system to see it the pressure improves. If it does you may have a clogged filter. Also, if you live in an apartment or condo and do not pay your utility bill directly to the City, please contact your building manager to address issues related to water pressure.

  • Water Quality Concern
  • Use this service to report a concern related to water quality, such as color, odor or taste.

  • Water Service Request-Construction ONLY
  • Use this service to request starting water service DURING CONSTRUCTION for properties with EXISTING WATER CONNECTION. If you are not sure if the City of Tampa services this location, please use our service area map for assistance.

  • Water Taste Concern
  • Use this service to report water that has a bad taste. Please note that the plumbing in your home may affect the taste of your water. If you are new to Tampa, you may still be used to the “taste” of “flavor” of the water you had before. In fact, water actually does not have a taste. The taste comes from dissolved minerals in the water. The source of the water will determine the degree of naturally occurring minerals that can give rise to slightly different tastes. That is why water from different areas tastes different. Tampa’s primary water source is the Hillsborough River. Surface water may sometimes have a flat, earthy taste instead of the slightly metallic taste typically associated with ground water.

  • Water Use Restrictions Violation Notification
  • Use this service to report a water use violation, or you may call the Water Use Violation Hotline at (813)274-8036 and leave a detailed message.

    You may remain anonymous but please provide the violation address, time of the violation, and the nature of the violation (i.e. watering on a non-watering day, watering during non-watering time, etc.). To hear a recorded summary of water use restrictions call the Water Conservation Hotline at (813)274-8032, or view the current water use restrictions.

    The water use restrictions apply to all customers, residential and commercial, located inside Tampa city limits, and to all water sources, including wells and surface waters. Violating these restrictions may result in a fine of up to $500 and a mandatory court appearance.

    Water use restrictions for residents of unincorporated Hillsborough County, located inside the Tampa Water Department's water service area are enforced by the Hillsborough County Water Department.