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  • City Attorney
  • Use this service for general correspondence to the City Attorney. The City Attorney is the official legal representative of the City and cannot provide legal advice to the public. It is the City Attorney's duty to take the management, charge and control of all the legal business of the City and to be, in regard to all municipal affairs, the legal advisor of the Mayor, the City Council and the committees thereof, and all of the department heads, officers and boards of the City. The City Attorney provides, when required, written or verbal opinions of law to the aforesaid, upon any subject in which the City is interested. In addition, the City Attorney prosecutes and defends the City's interest before courts and boards.

  • Civil Citation Online Payment Questions - Police
  • Use this service for questions about paying City of Tampa Police Department Civil Citations online within 30 days after citation issuance. After 30 days, all City of Tampa Civil Citations must be paid at the Clerk of the Circuit Court.

  • Civil Citation Online Payments
  • Use this service to pay a City of Tampa Police Department Civil Citation within the 30 days after citation issuance.

  • Property Lien and Expenditure Search (Conduits)
  • Use this service to search for settlement information for city liens and expenditures against real property. The City provides information via the Internet using a system called Conduits which is operated and supported by Net Assets Corporation. Upon payment of a fee, you will enter the property’s address, folio number, or PIN. You will then receive an electronic report providing the utility balances against the property. Code enforcement liens and expenditures against the property will be responded to in the Conduits web application within 7 business days. For assistance, please contact Net Assets Corporation at (541) 485-8876 or by email,