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  • Anonymous (Arson) Tips to the Fire Marshal
  • Use this service to report anonymous (arson) tips to the Fire Marshal. Rewards of up to $2,500 or more are available for information leading to the identification of persons involved in arson fires.

    Please use the form below to send information you might have about any arson. While you may remain anonymous, we ask that you be as specific as you can about dates, times, and locations of fires, and the information that you feel is important for investigators.

  • Fire Code Compliance or LP Gas Inspection Request
  • Use this service to inquire about or schedule an LP gas or fire code compliance inspection.

  • Fire Code Violation Complaint
  • Use this service to report a fire code violation, inquire about fire codes and/or fire lane parking.

    For open burning violations, call 9-1-1 Emergency dispatch.

  • Fire False Alarm Payments
  • This service allows you to make a payment for a City of Tampa Fire False Alarm.

  • Fire Inspection Payments
  • This service allows you to make a payment for a City of Tampa Fire Inspection.

  • Fire Marshal Existing Construction Division
  • Use this service to direct questions about existing buildings to the Fire Marshal's Office.

  • Fire Marshal Investigations Division
  • Use this service to request or send information to the Fire Investigations Division.

  • Fire Marshal New Construction Division
  • Use this service to direct questions regarding new construction to the Fire Marshal's office.

  • Fire Marshal Permit Request
  • Use this service to inquire about Fire Marshal permits. A permit is required for any occupancy which is defined as an assembly with 50 or more attendees and /or a change of use.

    Permit Costs:
    Assembly Permit: $70/permit
    Tent Permit (over 10x10): $60 for first tent, $40 for each subsequent tent
    Open Flame Permit: $70

    For the permanent, temporary, and extension wet zonings application process, related procedures are directly accessible via "Guidelines for Submitting and Processing Wet Zoning Applications".

    To access more information, go to Special Events Planning.

  • Fire Marshal School Inspections
  • Use this service to schedule school inspections by the Fire Marshall inspectors or to inquire about a fire drill.

  • Fire Permit Payments
  • This service allows you to make a payment for a City of Tampa Fire Permit.

  • Fire Report Request
  • Use this service to request a copy of a fire report.

  • Fire Rescue
  • Use this service for general correspondence to Fire Rescue.

    The Fire Rescue Department provides essential service in the areas of fire prevention, fire protection, and emergency medical care. The department is comprised of the Operations, Rescue, Communications, Prevention, and Administrative Divisions.

  • Fire Rescue Personnel Compliments/Complaints
  • Use this service to report exceptional as well as discourteous treatment by Fire Rescue personnel.

  • Fire Rescue Privacy Officer
  • Use this service to direct inquiries to the Fire Rescue Privacy Officer

  • Fire Rescue Public Education
  • Use this service to contact the Fire Public Education office to learn about Fire Safety or to schedule a Fire Safety event for your school, community group, corporate setting, or staff training.

  • Fire Rescue Service Questions
  • Use this service to inquire about billing issues, last inspection dates, re-inspections, false alarms, or LP gas accounts.

  • Fire Station Questions
  • Use this service to request information about Fire Stations ONLY.

    For more definitive questions about Fire hydrants contact the Water department .

  • Fire Watch Personnel Request
  • Use this service to request Fire Watch personnel. The Fire Marshal may require the employ of one or more experienced Inspectors to be on duty at public assemblies or any other places where people congregate. Inspectors shall be in uniform and remain on duty during the time such places are open to the public or while the activity is being conducted.

    1. The following information is required for Fire Watch Services: Employer Name, Event Name, Date

    2. Note there is a 3 hour minimum charge. Hourly rates apply.
    -Fire Watch $32.66/hr
    -Supervisor $38.27/hr
    -Short Notice Fire Watch Hours (within 24 hours of event) $48.99
    -Equipment/Supplies $ as required

    3. Please process payment on a check separate from other payments (i.e. Police Extra Duty, Utility Bills, etc.) and mail within 30 days to:
    City of Tampa Fire - Extra Duty
    Banking & Debt Management - 050c2
    315 E. Kennedy Blvd
    Tampa, FL 33602

  • Firefighters Museum
  • Use this service to send general correspondence to the Tampa Firefighters Museum.

  • Property Conditions Analysis
  • Use this service to inquire about property you are considering purchasing within the City of Tampa limits and want some due diligence information regarding its history within the information that Fire Rescue has access.
    - Information may include, but not be comprehensive, such as outstanding fire code violations, hazardous material incidents, etc.
    - Be advised there is a $15 minimum charge for the each 1/2 hour or portion thereof of research. Additional charges may apply.

    To determine if your property is within the City limits and to obtain additional information about the property, you may also go to:
    - City of Tampa Maps and Directions
    - Hillsborough County Property Appraiser