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  • Fire and Police Pension Board Meeting Agendas
  • View Fire and Police Pension Board Meeting Agendas.

  • Fire and Police Pension Board Meeting Minutes
  • View minutes for Fire and Police Pension Board meetings.

  • General Employees Retirement Fund
  • Use this service to request information about the General Employees Retirement Fund

  • General Employees Retirement Fund Board of Trustees (Pension) Meeting Minutes
  • View minutes for meetings of the General Employees Retirement Fund Board of Trustees (General Employees Pension).

  • Miscellaneous Accounts Receivable Inquiries
  • Use this service to inquire about miscellaneous accounts receivable invoices ONLY. These include Police Extra Duty, Police False Alarms, Fire False Alarms, Fire Inspections, Fire Permits, Wastewater Disposals, Water Connections, Interlocal Agreements, and Other Miscellaneous Bills.

    Please note: Payments for McKay Bay Autoscale and Water Portable Meters have been moved to the City of Tampa's Customer Self Service Site

    Reminder: City of Tampa online payment (ecommerce) services are not available during certain hours due to normally scheduled maintenance activities according to the schedule below. If your business transaction has a due date associated with it, it is your responsibility to ensure that your payment is made by that due date. Delays caused by unavailability of any online service DO NOT warrant the reversal of late fees, as payments may also be made by other means, such as postal mail and walk-in during normal business hours.

  • Request a Grant Letter of Support
  • The City of Tampa Grants Office has established the following process for organizations requesting a letter of support for a grant proposal. In situations where the Grants Office provides a letter of support, agencies must recognize that the Grants Office is neither a partner nor a required assuring entity for the grant. The Grants Office recognizes that grant applicants, if successful, may be able to support and/or enhance services consistent with the City of Tampa’s mission, thereby, improving the lives of the local community by maximizing funding resources other than those provided by the City. For this reason, City officials may wish to provide a letter of support.

    The Grants Office will review proposals carefully and will give each request serious consideration; paying particular attention to the programmatic, fiscal, administrative, and legal aspects of the proposal and the anticipated outcomes to Tampa residents.

    The following procedure should serve as minimal guidelines for all applicants seeking a letter of support. PLEASE BE SURE TO UPLOAD A SAMPLE LETTER OF SUPPORT AT THE END OF THE FORM.

  • Revenue and Finance
  • Use this service for general correspondence to Revenue & Finance. The Department of Revenue and Finance is responsible for managing the City's financial matters.

    Primary functions include: budgeting, accounting, investment, pension and grant administration.