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WARNING: This service is not monitored 24/7. Please do not use this facility to report issues of an emergency nature OR for activity that requires an officer to respond. If your issue is an emergency, please call 911. If you need an officer to respond to address a concern please call police dispatch at 813-231-6130. If your issue is an emergency, please use the telephone and dial 911.

Water Pressure Issue

Use this service to report an issue related to water pressure.

“Low water pressure” issues may be easily resolved within your residence. Customers experiencing low pressure often find debris clogging their faucet aerator screens. An easy way to help determine where the pressure problem may be is to open an outside spigot. If you have good pressure at the spigot, then the problem is located within the plumbing system. If that’s the case, you should consult a plumber to see what remedies are available. However, if you have a water softener, try by-passing the system to see it the pressure improves. If it does you may have a clogged filter. Also, if you live in an apartment or condo and do not pay your utility bill directly to the City, please contact your building manager to address issues related to water pressure.

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