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Foreclosed Property Registration Application

This Foreclosure Registry Application Form is the first step in applying for registration of a foreclosed property in the City of Tampa. A possible on-site inspection may be required. If you need assistance completing this form, contact (813) 274-8751. Additional information...

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This registration is required by Code of Ordinances, City of Tampa, Florida ( Chapter 19, Article 1, Division 8 )


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MORTGAGE HOLDER INFORMATION (Shall be the same as the Plaintiff and / or Bank)

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ORDINANCE REQUIREMENTS: By submitting this registration the registrant and their client(s) and successors acknowledge the requirements set forth in the first paragraph:

In pertinent part:

  • Upon the filing of a Lis Pendens against a property, the mortgage holder shall inspect the property monthly.
  • If the property is vacant at the time of inspection or becomes vacant any time thereafter, then the mortgage holder shall register the property within 15 calendar days of vacancy.
  • If the property is legally occupied at the time of inspection or becomes legally occupied any time thereafter and evidence of occupancy is provided to the City, the property will not need to be registered at that time.
  • However, if the property subsequently becomes vacant prior to the transfer of the property, as noted below, registration again shall be required within 15 calendar days of vacancy.
  • Any change of information contained in the initial registration must be reported within  15 calendar days of the change.
  • Registration is no longer required if the property is transferred from the mortgage holder to a third party in an arm's length transaction and proof of the transfer is provided to the City.
  • There are no refunds
  • If and when the mortgage holder obtains legal title to the property being registered and would wish the City to address trespass issues on this property, please download the Trespass Affidavit and forward it to City of Tampa, Department of Neighborhood Services, Division of Code Enforcement, PO Box 2200, Tampa, Florida, 33601-2200

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