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Utility Service High Utility Bill Inquiry

Use this service to request a review of your account and/or investigation regarding a higher than expected bill from City of Tampa Utilities. Please provide as much information as possible including service address, account number, name of account holder and portion of bill you are concerned with.>

For additional information about high bills, please visit us online at

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For concerns about water and / or wastewater charges, please answer the following supplemental questions to help expedite your research request:

Landscaping (please check all that apply)

Sod     Date Installed  

 Trees and/or Plants      Date Installed 

Please provide other pertinent landscaping information:

Irrigation System           Not Connected   None

Number of Zones  

Water Minutes per Day   

Watering Times per Week  

Who manages the system?  (Please check all that apply):

HOA     Propery Owner  Landscape Company

Tenant    Property Manager  Other 

How often is it inspected? (Please check all that apply):

Daily     Monthly     Annually     Weekly

Date of Last Inpection

Please provide other pertinent irrigation system information:

Pool     Above Ground     In-Gound     Temporary     None

Is there an auto-fill?     Yes      No

Date of last pool inspection:  

Pool repairs?  Yes   No      Date of pool repairs: 

Date of last top/fill:       How often topped/filled?  

Please provide other pertinent pool information

Outdoor Checklist (Please check all that apply):
Pond     Fountain      Jacuzzi
Outside Spigots     Drip System     Hand Watering

Please provide any information regarding installation dates, leaks and/or repairs and repair dates to the outdoor items listed above:

Have there been plumbing repairs to any of the following?  If so, please attach repair documents and/or receipts to this message. (Please check all that apply)

Toilets    Date Repaired
Bathroom Sinks Date Repaired 
Tub/Shower Date Repaired
Washing Machine Date Repaired
Dishwasher Date Repaired
Ice Maker Date Repaired
Kitchen Sinks Date Repaired
Water Softener Date Repaired
Water Heater Date Repaired
Water Filters Date Repaired

Please provide details regarding the following:  (Please check all that apply)

Construction and / or renovation work, on or adjacent to your property.  Include new construction, painting, concrete work and pressure washing..

Cleaning; including pressure washing, carpet cleaning and property preparation for a new tenant or owner.

Plumbing related repairs not previously mentioned

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