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Mayor's Neighborhood University Application

Use this service to apply for the Mayor's Neighborhood University. During this 12-week course, participants will learn skills to help establish and maintain successful neighborhood organizations, as well as experience your City Administration on a whole new level.

Qualifications: Must be a resident of the City of Tampa and 18 years of age or older to apply. Check to see if your address is in the Tampa City Limits.
For youth opportunities, learn more about the City of Tampa's Mayor's Youth Corps.

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Neighborhood Association
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What are you hoping to learn from the City of Tampa Mayor’s Neighborhood University?

What is one area in City Government that you would like to better understand?

What do you think are Tampa's greatest challenges?

What do you think are Tampa's greatest strengths?

What do you think are the rewards of being active in your community?

What do you want to accomplish through attending the Mayor's Neighborhood University?

How did you hear about the Mayor's Neighborhood University?

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