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WARNING: Please do not use this facility to report issues of an emergency nature or for conditions requiring an immediate response. If your issue is an emergency, please use the telephone and dial 911.

Animal Noise Nuisance Complaint

Use this service to file a verified animal noise nuisance complaint online. A violation of this section occurs when an owner, or any person having custody allows or fails to restrain an animal from making a sound common to the species, occurring persistently and continuously for a period of twenty (20) minutes or longer (persistently or continuously shall mean nonstop utterances for 20 consecutive minutes with individual interruptions of less than 20 seconds at a time during the 20-minute utterances). A complaint must be verified, which means the complainant meets the requirements of the Section 19-77(c). Complaints that do not meet the submission requirements of section 19-77(c) or do not reasonably constitute a violation will be closed without further action. Enforcement action may be commenced if a code enforcement officer has reasonable cause to believe that the owner or person having custody of the animal has committed a violation of Section 19-77(c).

In order to qualify as an animal noise nuisance, you must attest that the violation meets with section 19-77 (c) Tampa City code, which can be found on website

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All elements of your verified complaint submission must be received within 7 calendar days from the date of your submission. Complainant(s) must attend any contested hearing under this section

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In addition to submitting this verified complaint, I am providing a 20-minute recorded video stored on DVD, CD, or USB Drive to the Neighborhood Enhancement Division, 4900 W. Lemon Street, Tampa, FL 33609, Attn.: Kathy Favata

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* I attest that I observed an animal nuisance as detailed in Sec. 19-77(c), Tampa City Code, continuously and persistently for no fewer than 20 minutes. In the event of a hearing contesting an alleged animal nuisance violation, the complainant agrees to attend and testify at such hearing. Under penalties of perjury, I declare that I have read the foregoing complaint and that the facts stated in it are true.



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