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Service Descriptions    

511 Tampa Bay Travel Information (State of Florida)
Abandoned or Inoperative Vehicle Complaint
Accumulated Junk, Trash or Debris on Private Property
Address Not Posted / Not Visible
Adobe Reader (Adobe Systems Inc)
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) - Accommodations Request
Animal Services (Hillsborough County)
Anonymous (Arson) Tips to the Fire Marshal
Anonymous Crime Tips to the Police
Architectural Review Commission Public Hearing Agendas
Arrest Inquiry (Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office)
Art Programs
Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants (University of South Florida)
Auto Tag / License Plate Registration Renewal (State of Florida)
Barrio Latino Commission (BLC)
Barrio Latino Commission Public Hearing Agendas
Bicyclists and/or Pedestrians Safety Concerns
Bids and RFP's
Building / Structural Violation Complaint
Business and Professional Licenses (State of Florida)
Business Tax
Business Tax Records Inquiries
Business Tax Renewal Online Payment Questions
Business Tax Renewal Online Payments
Business Watch Applications
Carpool Tampa (
Cave-In or Sinking Area Repair (Non Pothole)
Cemetery Inquiries
Cemetery Records Search
Channel District / Downtown Community Redevelopment Area (CRA)
Chief of Staff
Child Support Payments (MyFlorida County)
City Attorney
City Charter and Ordinances (Municipal Code Corp)
City Clerk
City Council
City Council Action Agendas
City Council and other meeting agendas
City Council Calendar
City Council Closed Captioning Meeting Transcripts
City Council Draft Agendas
City Council Evening Meeting Agendas
City Council Final Agendas
City Council Member Alan Clendenin
City Council Member Bill Carlson
City Council Member Charlie Miranda
City Council Member Guido Maniscalco
City Council Member Gwendolyn Henderson
City Council Member Luis Viera
City Council Member Lynn Hurtak
City Council Regular Meeting Agendas
City Council Special Meeting Agendas
City of Tampa Television Live Stream Questions or Problems
City of Tampa Television Programming Inquiries
Civil Citation Online Payment Questions - Code Enforcement
Civil Citation Online Payment Questions - Police
Civil Citation Online Payment Questions - Police
Civil Citation Online Payments
Civil Citation Online Payments - Police
Civil Citation Online Payments - Water
Code Enforcement Board Dispositions
Code Enforcement Board Final Agendas
Code Enforcement General Inquiries
Commercial Service was Missed (Dumpster, Cart, Compactor, Open-Top)
Commercial Vehicle Violation (Residential Zone)
Community Affairs General Services
Community Outreach Request
Community Planning
Compactor or Open Top Roll-off Service Request
Compactor Repair Request
Construction on Right of Way / Detour (Maintenance of Traffic) Concerns
Construction Plan Review
Construction Services - General Inquiries
Construction, Permit Online Payments
Construction, Permits and Inspections
Construction, Work without Permits
Consumer Complaints (Federal Trade Commission)
Contact Chief Lee Bercaw
Contract Administration
Convention Center
Convention Center and Tourism Director
Convention Center Calendar
Corporations, Trademarks, and Limited Partnerships (State of Florida)
CRA Regular Meeting Agendas
CRA Special Meeting Agendas
Crime Activity Maps
Crime Statistics (State of Florida)
Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay
Crisis Counseling and Referral (Crisis Center of Tampa Bay)
CTTV On Demand
CTTV, Ch. xx Programming Inquiries
Curbside Special Solid Waste Pick-up Request
Customer Service Center Inquiries and Comments
Dead Animal Removal on a City Road
Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs (State of Florida)
Development & Growth Management Services Administration
Development Coordination
Digital Media Communication
Director of Contract Administration
Disability Resources (US Gov't)
Discrimination/Public Accommodations
Ditch or Retention Pond Maintenance
Doctor and Health Practitioner Profiles (State of Florida)
Drew Park CRA
Drivers License Renewal (State of Florida)
Drug Dealing Complaint
East Tampa (CRA) Development
Economic Development Administrator
Electric Bill Payments (TECO)
Emergency Coordinator
Employment Openings
Employment Services
Enterprise Change Management
Environmental Permits (State of Florida)
Erosion Issues
Executive Orders
Facility Management Service Request
Fallen or Low Overhanging Tree Limbs and Tree Down
Fat Free Sewer Pamphlets
Federal Statistics (US Gov't)
Federal Taxes (Internal Revenue Service)
Fictitious Name Registrations (State of Florida)
Find a Neighborhood
Fire and Police Pension Board Meeting Agendas
Fire and Police Pension Board Meeting Minutes
Fire Code Compliance or LP Gas Inspection Request
Fire Code Violation Complaint
Fire False Alarm Payments
Fire Inspection Payments
Fire Marshal Existing Construction Division
Fire Marshal Investigations Division
Fire Marshal New Construction Division
Fire Marshal Permit Request
Fire Marshal School Inspections
Fire Permit Payments
Fire Report Request
Fire Rescue
Fire Rescue Personnel Compliments/Complaints
Fire Rescue Privacy Officer
Fire Rescue Public Education
Fire Rescue Service Questions
Fire Station Questions
Fire Watch Personnel Request
Firefighters Museum
Fleet Maintenance Service Request
Flood Maps (Hillsborough County)
Flooding Issues
Florida Statute - Chapter 119 (Public Records)
Foreclosed Property Registration Application
Foreclosed Property Registration Payments
Foreclosed Property Registration Payments
Free or Discounted Medicines and Prescription Drugs (Partnership for Prescription Assistance)
Garbage (blue) or Recycling (green) Cart Request
General Employees Retirement Fund
General Employees Retirement Fund Board of Trustees (Pension) Meeting Minutes
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Correspondence
GovEngine (
Government Employment (Hillsborough County)
Government Employment (State of Florida)
Government Employment (US Gov't)
Graffiti Removal
Green Tampa
Green Tampa Speaker Request
Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator (United States Environmental Protection Agency)
Greenways, Trails and Blueways Inquiries
Health Related Licenses and Permits (State of Florida)
Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Public Records (State of Florida)
Historic Preservation
Historic Preservation Commission
Historic Preservation Commission Public Hearing Agendas
Hospital Compare (US Gov't)
Housing and Community Development Division
Human Resources
Hurricane Evacuation Zones
Identity Theft Resource and Response Center (State of Florida)
Illegal Dumping or Accumulations on Rights-of-Way/Alleyways
Illegal or Snipe Sign Complaint
Improper Drainage or Backup Issues
Insurance Licenses (State of Florida)
Intangible Personal Property Tax (State of Florida)
Intergovernmental Relations
Interlocal Agreement Payments
Internal Audit
Internal Audit Web Pages Comments
Internal Audit, Christine Glover
Internal Audit, Vivian Walker
Internet Crime Complaint (US Gov't)
Interstate Historic Preservation Trust Fund Advisory Committee Agendas
Jail Inquiry (Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office)
Litter Abatement
Lobbyist Registration
Logistics and Asset Management
Lost Animals (Hillsborough County)
MacDill Air Force Base (US Gov't)
Manhole, Grate, Inlet Top or Headwall Issues
Maps (State of Florida)
Maps and Directions for Tampa Area
Marketing & Communications Office
Marriage Licenses (Hillsborough County Clerk of the Circuit Court)
Mayor Jane Castor's Office
Mayor's African American Advisory Council (MAAAC)
Mayor's Hispanic Advisory Council (Consejo Hispano de la Alcaldia)
Mayor's Hispanic Heritage Committee (MHHC)
Mayor's Neighborhood University Application
Mayor's Youth Corps
McKay Bay Autoscale Payments
Medicaid (State of Florida)
Medicare (US Gov't)
Minority Business Development
Miscellaneous Accounts Receivable Inquiries
Miscellaneous Accounts Receivable Payments
Miscellaneous Service/Inquiry Request
Mobile App Enhancement Request
Mobile App Problem Notification
Mosquito Control (Hillsborough County)
My Government Services
National Do Not Call Registry (US Gov't)
National Flood Insurance (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
Natural Gas Bill Payments (TECO Peoples Gas)
Neighborhood and Community Relations
Neighborhood Association - Official Registry Update
Neighborhood Empowerment Administrator
Neighborhood Enhancement General Inquiries
Neighborhood Enhancement Tree Permit Draft Agendas
Neighborhood Maps
New Business Tax Receipt Application
Newsletter Correspondence
Newsletter Subscriptions
Noise Complaint
Objects on Streets, Roads, Alleys, Sidewalk, Grass Strip (Right-of-Way)
Official Records of City Council Agendas and Meeting Minutes
Online Credit Card Payment Questions
Online Event Payments
Online NewsCenter
Ordinances, Official Agendas and Meeting Minutes, other current city records
Overgrown Lot or Yard Complaint
Overlay District Inquiries
Parking - Application For Monthly Permit
Parking - Daily Parking Chaser Tickets Reorders
Parking - Garages & Lots Map
Parking - Monthly Permit Online Payments
Parking - Online Payment Questions
Parking - Request for Daily Parking Billed Account
Parking - Request for Special Event Parking
Parking - Ticket Inquiries and Online Payments
Parks - locate ball fields, tennis courts and more
Parks and Recreation
Parks and Recreation Online Registration Account
Parks and Recreation Programs
Picnic Shelter Requests
Poison Control Centers (American Association of)
Police Citizen's Academy
Police Delayed Crime Reporting
Police Extra Duty Payments
Police False Alarm Payments
Police Liaison: Hispanic
Police Liaison: LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, BiSexual, Transgender)
Police Liaison: South Howard (SOHO)
Police Liaison: Westshore Alliance
Police Liaison: Ybor City/Channelside
Police Media Relations Office
Police Mounted Patrol
Police Personnel Bureau
Police Records Section
Police Traffic Accident Report Online Request and Payment
Police Traffic Related Advisories
Police Traffic Related Advisories Map
Police Vacation Watch Request
Pothole Repair ONLY (non Cave-In/Sinking Area Repair)
Prison - Offender Information Search (State of Florida Dept of Corrections)
Professional Standards Bureau - Tampa Police
Property Appraiser (Hillsborough County)
Property Conditions Analysis
Property Tax Payments (Hillsborough County)
Property Tax Records (Hillsborough County)
Prostitution Complaint
Public Meetings Calendar
Public Records Search (Hillsborough County Clerk of the Circuit Court)
Public Works Architectural/Engineering Agreements
QuickTime (Apple Computer Inc)
Re-Zonings, Variances to Regulations and Special Uses
Real Estate
Reclaimed Water Inquiries
Recommend a New CSC Service
Recycling Coordinator for Educational Programs
Request a Grant Letter of Support
Reserve library materials, review fines and notices (Hillsborough County Public Library)
Residential Service Days
Residential Service was Missed (Garbage, Recycling, Yard Waste, SWEEP)
Resolutions - CRA
Revenue and Finance
Riverwalk Development
Road Closures (Hillsborough County)
Roadway Depressions
Roadway Planning Projects
RSS Feeds
School Area Safety Concern
School Calendar (Hillsborough County)
Security Resources (State of Florida)
Sewer Blockage
Sewer Odor Complaint
Sexual Predator/Offender Registry (State of Florida)
Sidewalk Damage Request (Repair)
Sidewalk Installation Request (New)
Silverlight (Microsoft)
Social Security Benefits (US Gov't)
Solid Waste Bill Online Payments
Solid Waste Enhanced Environment Program (S.W.E.E.P.)
Solid Waste General Correspondence
Solid Waste/EPM Newsletter Correspondence
Solid Waste/EPM Personnel/Crew Compliment or Comments
Special Event Inquiry
Special Needs Shelters (Hillsborough County)
Speeding Concern
Start New Solid Waste Service
Start New Wastewater Service
Start New Water Service
State Tax Forms and Instructions (State of Florida)
State Tax Payments (State of Florida)
Statewide Official Records (State of Florida)
Stolen Property, Missing and Wanted Persons (State of Florida)
Stop Solid Waste Service
Stop Wastewater Service
Stop Water Service
Stormwater Service Request
Street Cleaning Schedule
Street Light Out (TECO Maintained)
Street Light Out in City Limits
Street Light Request (New)
Street Marking Request (New)
Street Marking Request (Repair)
Street Names and Addressing
Street Resurfacing/Repair Request
Street Sweeping Route Maps
SunPass - Buy or Replenish a Toll Booth Transponder (State of Florida)
Sunshine 811- State One Call of Florida (Sunshine State One Call)
SWEEP Pickup Schedule
Tampa Address Characteristics
Tampa Advisory Boards and Commissions
Tampa Bay Estuary Atlas (University of South Florida)
Tampa Bay Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System - NOAA PORTS (National Oceanic/ Atmospheric Admin)
Tampa Boards and Commissions
Tampa Calendar of Events
Tampa Destination and Visitor Guide (Tampa Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau)
Tampa Gym and Dance
Tampa Heights or Central Park CRA
Tampa News and Public Notices
Tampa Police Explorers
Technology and Innovation CIO/Director
Technology and Innovation Information Services
Telephone Bill Payments (Verizon)
Traffic Safety Concern
Traffic Sight Obstruction Concern
Traffic Sign Repair
Traffic Sign Request (New or Modification)
Traffic Signal Installation Request
Traffic Signal Timing Concern
Traffic Ticket inquiries & payments (Hillsborough County)
Traffic Violation Issues (Speeding, Stop Sign, etc.)
Transportation - Miscellaneous Concerns
Transportation Related Permits (State of Florida)
Trash / Garbage Pickup Schedule
Tree Removal Information
Tree-mendous Tampa Free Tree Program
Truck Route and Truck Traffic Inquiries and Concerns (City of Tampa designated)
Unemployment Compensation (State of Florida)
US Census Bureau (US Gov't)
US Census Bureau Geography Division (US Gov't)
US Government Printing Office (US Gov't)
Utility Bill Automatic Electronic Payment Application
Utility Bill Online Payments and Inquiries
Utility Bill Questions
Utility Service High Utility Bill Inquiry
Utility Service Start Request
Utility Service Stop Request
Variance Review Board Draft Agendas
Variance Review Board Meeting Minutes
Vendor Concerns
Veterans Benefits (State of Florida)
Veterans Benefits (US Gov't)
Visio Viewer (Microsoft Corp)
Vital Records - Birth, Death, Divorce, Marriage (State of Florida Dept of Health)
Volunteer Opportunities
Voter Registration (State of Florida)
Warrant Inquiry (Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office)
Wastewater Bill Online Payments
Wastewater Disposal Payments
Wastewater Personnel / Crew Compliment or Comment
Water Bill Online Payments
Water Color Concern (Cloudy, Discolored, Dirty)
Water Connection Payments
Water Conservation Education
Water Customer Conservation Devices
Water Department Speaker Request
Water Odor Concern
Water Portable Meter Payments
Water Pressure Issue
Water Quality Concern
Water Quality Report Request
Water Service Request-Construction ONLY
Water Taste Concern
Water Use Restrictions Violation Notification
Web Site Administrator
Web Site Enhancement Request
Web Site Problem Notification
West Tampa CRA
Wet Zoning Inquiries
Windows Media Player (Microsoft Corp)
Yard Waste Pickup Schedule
Ybor City Development Corporation (CRA)
Zoning Change Proposal Notifications
Zoning District Regulations Questions
Zoning Violations