Business Tax Inquiry Processes - Class Details View Help

This page displays the various taxes assessed to a business on an annual basis.

  • Control # is the identifying number assigned to a business.
  • Receipt # is the paid receipt number for the business.
  • Total Amount is the sum of all the business taxes paid.
  • Payment Date is the actual day payment was received.
  • Business Info is the name and address of the business.
  • Owner Info is the name and address of the owner of the business.
  • Class is the category or type of the business.
  • Description is a definition of the class code listed.
  • Amount is the tax per class code listed.
  • Ext is the number of units taxed. For example: each vending machine at a location is taxed. If there are 2 vending machines, the Ext = 2.
  • Reg identifies whether the business is regulated or not.
  • P/S lists if this is a primary or secondary business for this location.
  • Business Address is a hyperlink to a map of where that business is located.
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