Business Tax Inquiry Processes - Search List Help

Search Controls Help

The Search Criteria Controls provides different methods of accessing the Business Tax records.

Business Tax Receipts can be searched by Business Address, Business Name, Owner Name, or Control Number.  Choosing the search category and entering search criteria and clicking the Search button will display results in the License List.

  • The Search action filters the database records that contain the specified string of characters.
Example: If the string BANK were entered in the Business Name and the Search button was pressed, your results would be the list of business names that contain the string BANK. You would have the ability to page back and forth from that point.
License List Help

The License List enables browsing of the License table.

Selecting an item in the list will display its details.  This screen is the result of a search request entered from the Search Criteria screen.

The list can be navigated by using the Page Number buttons or the Previous(<), Next(>), First(|<) and Last(>|) buttons at the bottom of the list.  The number of records to go backwards or forwards can be modified to 5,10,20 or 50.  The default is 10. the help facility index Business Tax Search