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>>YVONNE CAPIN: Let's begin the CRA meeting.

09:03:58 Who has the invocation?

09:04:04 Excuse me, but is the person that's supposed to do

09:04:19 the invocation here this morning?

09:04:22 Our Councilwoman is not here yet.

09:04:24 We want to begin.

09:04:26 She's stuck in traffic.

09:04:28 We'll start with the invocation.

09:04:34 And please stand for the invocation and then the

09:04:36 Pledge of Allegiance.

09:04:37 Thank you.

09:04:37 Please state your name.

09:04:45 I don't know your information.

09:04:46 >> Tony Kyllonen from Crossover Church.

09:04:51 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

09:04:52 >> God, we come before you today.

09:04:54 We thank you for this meeting.

09:04:56 We thank you for the leaders.

09:04:58 We pray today that you give them wisdom and

09:05:00 guidance as they make decisions that will please

09:05:02 you.

09:05:03 God, we thank you for a city that is so diverse.

09:05:05 God, we pray for people in our city right now that

09:05:08 might be broken or hurting.

09:05:09 We pray that you'll give them peace.

09:05:11 And go, we thank you today for the rebuilding that

09:05:13 you've been doing, the turnaround that's been

09:05:15 happening in Tampa that we can celebrate and say

09:05:18 things like "we built this."

09:05:21 Help us not to forget that we did it with your

09:05:23 help.

09:05:24 For that we're grateful.

09:05:24 We pray today that you bless our leaders, bless

09:05:27 this meeting and bless our city.

09:05:29 In your name, amen.

09:05:30 [Pledge of Allegiance]

09:05:44 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Roll call.

09:05:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:05:57 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:06:04 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:06:04 >>GUIDO MANISCALCO: Here.

09:06:07 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

09:06:08 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

09:06:10 We'll start with our staff report, monthly report

09:06:12 from the CAC representative.

09:06:14 >> Good morning.

09:06:15 As we traditionally do, we have a chairperson from

09:06:18 one of our CACs.

09:06:20 We have Shanna Drwiega this morning from Tampa

09:06:25 Heights.

09:06:26 She is going to be giving an update on what's

09:06:28 going on within that CRA.

09:06:30 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

09:06:35 >> Thank you.

09:06:36 Good morning, board members.

09:06:37 Thank you for taking the time to hear our update

09:06:40 this morning.

09:06:40 I have about four items I'd like to update you on

09:06:44 for our CAC.

09:06:45 The first item being the recruitment process.

09:06:48 We had two rounds, but we had some excellent

09:06:52 candidates in the end.

09:06:54 And one is being appointed today.

09:06:56 That's Mr. Fred Henry.

09:06:57 Number two, we have a new member CAC orientation

09:07:02 that will take place on April 22nd.

09:07:05 The third item I want to update you on is in

09:07:08 regards to the SoHo capital development going on

09:07:10 in the CAC.

09:07:11 There are four items in that update.

09:07:15 Carl apartments is the first one.

09:07:19 That is a new apartment building that will be at

09:07:20 the corner of Ola and Palm, and it will contain

09:07:25 right now approximately 317 units, and the

09:07:28 developer is in the permitting stages, and they

09:07:31 expect to break ground in June 2016.

09:07:34 They also mentioned there is some retail on the

09:07:37 ground floor about 30,000 square feet, so that

09:07:40 will be exciting to see.

09:07:41 Civil infrastructure, that being utilities, that

09:07:43 is in the bid process.

09:07:45 They actually intend to start the infrastructure

09:07:48 work anytime now.

09:07:50 Scheduled for April.

09:07:51 We expect to see that start.

09:07:52 The armature work building, they are doing the

09:07:57 renovations which are going to take approximately

09:08:00 six months.

09:08:01 That's also in the permitting stages which will

09:08:03 take about one to two more months to complete.

09:08:06 The Riverwalk, finally this is the last update for

09:08:09 the SoHo capital.

09:08:10 They expect to be complete with the work by the

09:08:13 end of the year, and permitting is planned to

09:08:16 begin in the next month or so, and we're

09:08:18 definitely excited about getting that seawall

09:08:21 completed and seeing the progress of the Riverwalk

09:08:24 development that is connecting water works park to

09:08:28 the rest of downtown.

09:08:29 That's really going to be an awesome benefit to

09:08:31 our neighborhood.

09:08:32 Finally, my last update is regarding myself.

09:08:35 I was selected as the new chair after serving as

09:08:39 the co-chair for about a year.

09:08:41 Those are all of my updates.

09:08:44 Do you have any questions for me?

09:08:47 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

09:08:47 Any questions?

09:08:48 Exciting times.

09:08:49 >> It is.

09:08:49 We're definitely looking forward to seeing the

09:08:51 progress and being able to access downtown more

09:08:54 readily on our bikes and walking.

09:08:57 It will be great.

09:09:03 >>HARRY COHEN: Congratulations on being the chair.

09:09:06 >> Thank you.

09:09:09 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Monthly report, bob McDonaugh.

09:09:13 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Here I am.

09:09:14 Just folks out there, if you haven't seen it yet,

09:09:18 "Creative Loafing" has a new issue out

09:09:21 highlighting Ybor City and a lot of the things

09:09:22 going on in our CRA.

09:09:24 So I recommend picking up a copy.

09:09:25 Our lightning won last night, so we have -- there

09:09:31 will be a little traffic alert for Friday because

09:09:33 there is another game on Friday as well as four

09:09:35 events at the Straz, which includes a comedy show

09:09:40 and the Florida orchestra.

09:09:41 Friday night promises to be a busy night downtown.

09:09:44 She stole some of my --

09:09:49 >> So I saw a preview last night of what the

09:09:52 Florida orchestra is performing this weekend at

09:09:55 the Straz Center, and it is something really,

09:09:59 really extraordinary and special, and I urge

09:10:01 people to go out and see it.

09:10:03 I think it's Friday night.

09:10:05 >>BOB McDONAUGH: It is, correct.

09:10:08 Friday night at I believe 8:00.

09:10:11 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.

09:10:14 >>BOB McDONAUGH: There are actually four separate

09:10:16 shows going on at the Straz that night.

09:10:18 So it's going to be a very busy time.

09:10:20 Saturday night, we have movies being shown at

09:10:24 Water Works Park, as long as we're talking about

09:10:26 the park, and as Shanna was talking about, SoHo

09:10:32 capital now has submitted plans to the city for

09:10:34 everything -- infrastructure, roadways, an

09:10:37 apartment complex, the rebuilding of the trolley

09:10:40 barn as well as they will be submitting plans

09:10:43 shortly for a parking garage as well.

09:10:45 So we will see that project, which we've been long

09:10:48 awaiting, rising out of the ground this summer.

09:10:50 I saw several of you last weekend at festa Italia.

09:10:55 The Mayor likes to say that everybody is Irish for

09:10:59 St. Patrick's day.

09:11:00 Well, everybody is Italian for festa because I

09:11:03 think half the town turned out for it.

09:11:05 It was a great celebration.

09:11:07 At 7:30, we have two runs this weekend in Ybor.

09:11:12 7:30 a.m. Saturday is the 15th annual race for

09:11:17 sight.

09:11:17 If you don't feel like getting up that early, the

09:11:19 next day, from 2 to 9, we have the American Cancer

09:11:22 Society race for life.

09:11:26 36 teams, 126 participants.

09:11:28 And starting point is the Cuban club.

09:11:31 So a big event for Ybor.

09:11:33 In the Channel District, a very -- downtown and

09:11:35 the Channel District, we have very important

09:11:37 business to talk about today, which is the shuttle

09:11:40 program.

09:11:41 Rob Rosner will be detailing that for you.

09:11:45 Working on a lot of infrastructure there.

09:11:46 We also are coming to you today for the contract

09:11:49 to do a new lift station, and we're also working

09:11:52 with the community about some more sidewalk

09:11:55 projects, which will be coming soon.

09:11:58 Probably the biggest news out of East Tampa is

09:12:00 that light is now functioning in front of the

09:12:03 Tampa festival center.

09:12:05 Again, offering a safe haven for people trying to

09:12:08 get across Hillsborough Avenue.

09:12:10 I know we have a very full agenda today, so I

09:12:12 wanted to keep this update as short as possible.

09:12:15 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you for the report.

09:12:16 We have CRA staff and contract administration

09:12:26 staff to provide a report on the CRA

09:12:29 apprenticeship policy for construction contracts.

09:12:32 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes.

09:12:32 I'm happy to announce that the contract that will

09:12:35 be coming to you later today for the building of

09:12:39 the sewer project and the Channel District, that

09:12:43 the electrician -- make sure I say this

09:12:49 correctly -- they are a member of the

09:12:50 international electrical contractors association.

09:12:53 They do have an apprenticeship program, and they

09:12:56 will be using apprentices on this project.

09:12:59 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Excellent.

09:12:59 >>BOB McDONAUGH: This is the first one we're

09:13:01 bringing to you.

09:13:02 Yes, we are able to have an apprentice with them.

09:13:05 So I'm happy to announce that.

09:13:12 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Mr. McDonaugh, how much is that

09:13:14 contract for roughly?

09:13:16 >>BOB McDONAUGH: About a million four.

09:13:18 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And I think that has part of our

09:13:20 rules --

09:13:21 >>BOB McDONAUGH: We're hoping for 20%.

09:13:23 We have not gotten a complete breakdown.

09:13:25 The bulk of this contract is for the purchase of

09:13:27 the equipment.

09:13:29 There's some contract work -- excuse me, concrete

09:13:32 work.

09:13:32 Obviously backhoe work and electrical work to put

09:13:35 it all together.

09:13:36 So when they are doing their -- probably by the

09:13:39 next meeting, when we have a notice to proceed,

09:13:42 they will have a breakdown of exactly how much the

09:13:44 electrical contract, and I'll be able to tell you

09:13:49 exactly in dollars.

09:13:51 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.

09:13:52 I appreciate that.

09:13:53 When we finish discussion, I'd like to make a

09:13:55 motion that you come back -- would it be the next

09:13:58 CRA meeting or the one after?

09:13:59 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I'm hopeful that by next month I

09:14:02 will have that information.

09:14:03 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Okay.

09:14:04 I'll make that motion for the next CRA meeting

09:14:06 that Mr. McDonaugh would report back to us as to

09:14:11 the number of apprentices a part of the contract.

09:14:13 That is my motion, ma'am.

09:14:15 >> Second.

09:14:15 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

09:14:16 Motion by Councilman Suarez.

09:14:18 Seconded by Councilwoman Montelione.

09:14:21 All in favor.

09:14:22 Passes unanimously.

09:14:23 Ms. Montelione, you wanted to speak?

09:14:26 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes.

09:14:27 Thank you very much, Madam Chair.

09:14:28 The way that the agenda item is stated, it says

09:14:32 provide a report on the progress of CRA

09:14:35 apprenticeship policy for construction contract.

09:14:38 While we discussed what the policy would be, could

09:14:41 we get a copy in a policy manual?

09:14:46 Is it in a best practices manual?

09:14:49 Where is that policy explicitly stated?

09:14:53 >> On March the 12th, 2015, you passed a policy.

09:14:57 I can get a copy for you.

09:14:58 It was handed out at that time.

09:15:00 Known as CRA policy number 1.

09:15:02 [ LAUGHTER ]

09:15:03 I have a copy for you.

09:15:08 >>LISA MONTELIONE: We discuss policies here, and

09:15:10 we pass motions, but sometimes we don't actually

09:15:13 get the printed policy back to us.

09:15:17 So I would like to have that as soon as possible

09:15:19 so we can see in black and white what the policy

09:15:24 actually states.

09:15:24 Thank you very much.

09:15:29 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I'm very pleased.

09:15:31 I had an apprenticeship in my business.

09:15:34 It is an excellent way of getting people trained

09:15:36 into these very specific jobs that we need done.

09:15:39 So thank you for that.

09:15:40 We have the Florida department of transportation,

09:15:45 Roger Rosco.

09:15:51 >> Unfortunately, I am not Roger Rosco.

09:15:53 Roger is in Dallas, but I'm ed McKinney with the

09:15:57 Florida department of transportation.

09:15:59 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

09:16:00 >> And thank you for allowing us to come present

09:16:02 to you today.

09:16:03 A motion was made for the department to come

09:16:07 address four specific questions.

09:16:10 One was related to an article that Mr. Rick

09:16:13 Fernandez had published related, and there was a

09:16:16 reference to congestion pricing.

09:16:18 The Councilwoman had asked us to come speak to the

09:16:21 CRA and maybe explain a specific question that he

09:16:24 had raised in that.

09:16:26 We're also going to discuss one of the other items

09:16:29 was impact to properties, relocation of residents.

09:16:34 I have our resident expert on our right-of-way

09:16:38 relocation process.

09:16:40 Zenia Gallo.

09:16:42 She'll come up and explain a little bit about the

09:16:44 process.

09:16:44 We have some handouts that we'll leave with you as

09:16:47 reference guides.

09:16:48 So a lot of information, but it will give you a

09:16:50 reference guide for you to use if you're talking

09:16:53 to constituents or other individuals.

09:16:55 And then the fourth question had to do with

09:16:58 right-of-way funding, and I'll cover that briefly

09:17:00 and explain why there was a difference in the

09:17:03 right-of-way funding from what the -- it was a

09:17:06 reference of a 21 million.

09:17:08 I'm not sure where that number came from, but I

09:17:11 can tell you what was in the October 15 work

09:17:13 document program presented to the MPO and what we

09:17:16 have programmed today that we'll present at the

09:17:18 June 22nd MPO meeting as well.

09:17:20 And I'll explain those differences.

09:17:22 So the first item is the pricing report.

09:17:27 So we looked at the document, and we actually

09:17:31 talked to the author, Patrick, a federal highway

09:17:34 employee, who wrote the document.

09:17:36 And there is a lot of other documents that go

09:17:38 along with it.

09:17:39 But my references all stayed within that document

09:17:42 since that was the reference in the article by

09:17:44 Mr. Fernandez.

09:17:44 The document was prepared by federal highway in

09:17:48 2006.

09:17:49 It focused on growing concerns with the cost of

09:17:51 congestion management -- or congestion in metro

09:17:55 areas.

09:17:56 And it suggested a congestion pricing or a value

09:17:59 pricing as a sustainable way to manage congestion.

09:18:02 In addition, federal and state policy encourages

09:18:04 the use of dynamically priced lanes.

09:18:08 So there's references in the actual document

09:18:20 itself.

09:18:20 Unfortunately, I don't have all the printed

09:18:24 documents.

09:18:24 I have the report here.

09:18:25 Within the document itself it encourages the use

09:18:27 of congestion pricing as a way to encourage states

09:18:31 to maximize lanes.

09:18:33 It talks about both HOV because it was written, as

09:18:37 I said, it was written some time ago.

09:18:40 It includes the discussion of HOV.

09:18:41 The state of Florida, we studied HOV as a

09:18:47 possibility.

09:18:47 The original TIS document, HOV was part of that

09:18:51 study.

09:18:52 Unfortunately, what we discovered, like in Orlando

09:18:54 and in the Miami area, it's an -- it's impossible

09:18:57 to enforce.

09:18:59 It requires a large amount of law enforcement

09:19:02 resources that the state was paying for.

09:19:04 So the state abandoned that practice and went to a

09:19:07 congestion pricing model, which is what we're

09:19:10 proposing on the Tampa Bay express project.

09:19:12 So what the primer discusses is exactly that.

09:19:15 It discusses the differences between HOV and the

09:19:20 positive aspects of HOV, and it also discusses the

09:19:24 use of congestion pricing as a way to manage

09:19:28 pricing.

09:19:28 It talks about variable pricing.

09:19:33 >>HARRY COHEN: Are you going to be leaving these

09:19:35 materials?

09:19:35 >> I can leave this primer document with you.

09:19:37 Absolutely.

09:19:37 >>HARRY COHEN: Okay.

09:19:39 So because this is a staff report, and it's not

09:19:44 going to go on forever, it's important that the

09:19:49 backup and details of all of this be provided to

09:19:51 us so we can look at it more closely.

09:19:54 >> Let me do that.

09:19:55 I'll leave the document with you.

09:19:57 >>HARRY COHEN: Not to stop your presentation.

09:19:58 >> No, not at all.

09:20:00 I wasn't sure how much detail you wanted.

09:20:03 I wanted to make sure I provided enough

09:20:05 information.

09:20:06 I'm going to leave some time for Zenia to get up

09:20:10 here and talk about the relocation process.

09:20:13 I think that was something the Councilwoman was

09:20:15 concerned about.

09:20:16 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Excuse me.

09:20:17 One more question.

09:20:18 Ms. Montelione.

09:20:18 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

09:20:19 About the HOV, because that's something that I am

09:20:23 also a fan of, because if you want to reduce the

09:20:29 congestion, you want to take cars off the road.

09:20:34 And the managed lanes don't provide for taking

09:20:36 cars off the road.

09:20:37 They just charge them more for using that lane.

09:20:43 It was a presumption they are going to go faster,

09:20:46 which isn't always the case because managed

09:20:49 pricing, the more cars that are in that lane, the

09:20:52 higher the price goes because you want to get

09:20:54 people off that lane.

09:20:55 It's not that you're taking cars off the road,

09:20:57 you're shifting them from the regular travel lanes

09:21:00 to the managed price lane.

09:21:02 >> Correct.

09:21:03 >>LISA MONTELIONE: The toll lanes.

09:21:05 >> Correct.

09:21:05 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So I think that I do want to

09:21:09 see more information on what the statement is that

09:21:12 HOV lanes are impossible to enforce, because they

09:21:16 are used in a lot of other parts of the country.

09:21:18 And if in other parts of the country they have

09:21:22 been using them for, in some places, decades, and

09:21:27 they don't seem to have a problem enforcing it, we

09:21:31 have the camera technology now that we know when

09:21:33 people get a ticket with a red light camera, it

09:21:37 shows the car, and it shows how many people are in

09:21:41 the car.

09:21:42 I mean, you can clearly see with today's

09:21:45 technology who the person is behind the wheel and

09:21:49 whether or not the passenger seat is empty.

09:21:51 Depending on what the study is that you have that

09:21:56 says HOV lanes are impossible to enforce and that

09:22:02 it's not a strategy that works, how old is that

09:22:05 study?

09:22:05 And does it account for the modern technology of

09:22:09 the use of cameras and ticketing based on what the

09:22:13 camera shows?

09:22:13 Because if you plant cameras along those lanes at

09:22:18 different intervals and it, you know, has the

09:22:22 ability to snap a snapshot of the car, front and

09:22:25 rear, because in Florida we don't have front

09:22:28 license plates, so you would have to get front and

09:22:31 rear in order to ticket a vehicle, I think that it

09:22:34 could be, at least logically speaking, it seems it

09:22:39 could be more easily enforced today than maybe it

09:22:42 was 10 or 20 years ago when we didn't have this

09:22:46 camera technology that we have today.

09:22:47 The question is how old is the study that you're

09:22:51 referencing?

09:22:52 >> Well, it's probably more related to the

09:22:56 conversion of the managed lanes in Miami, why they

09:22:58 converted those from HOV to congestion pricing or

09:23:02 value pricing lanes.

09:23:03 But I can provide that information to you.

09:23:05 I don't have that readily handy, so I can't speak

09:23:10 to it, but I can provide that information.

09:23:12 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Well, I guess maybe educate me

09:23:15 if I'm mistaken, but the managed lane concept in

09:23:20 Florida was largely based on former F.D.O.T.

09:23:25 Secretary Ananth Prasad saying that capacity needs

09:23:30 to be built on toll lanes, not on any other, you

09:23:35 know, type of expansion of interstates.

09:23:37 >> Well, what he said was, when adding capacities

09:23:40 to existing infrastructure, tolls will be

09:23:43 considered.

09:23:43 So that's part of the evaluation process that we

09:23:46 look at.

09:23:47 We look at tolls as a consideration.

09:23:49 We don't look at tolls as the solution.

09:23:52 It has to be part of the evaluation.

09:23:54 Has to be feasible.

09:23:57 >>LISA MONTELIONE: The lanes in Miami in place

09:24:00 before the policy came out?

09:24:02 >> The HOV lanes?

09:24:03 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes.

09:24:04 >> I believe they were, yes.

09:24:05 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And is there -- is that part of

09:24:08 the study that gives the reason and the actual --

09:24:18 I can't think of the word -- idea behind switching

09:24:24 them from HOV to managed lanes?

09:24:27 I mean, the premise and the justification,

09:24:30 methodology is the word I was looking for.

09:24:32 >> The study looked at the enforcement of it.

09:24:35 We don't use cameras to enforce traffic, as a

09:24:39 traffic enforcement method.

09:24:41 >>LISA MONTELIONE: You use cameras to enforce

09:24:44 whether or not you pay the toll.

09:24:45 I mean, in so many places we don't even have

09:24:48 people in a toll booth anymore.

09:24:51 We do use cameras as enforcement on our roadways.

09:24:57 If you have a sun pass and not placed on your

09:25:00 window and not properly working or you don't have

09:25:02 one to start with and you get in the toll lane,

09:25:06 it's certainly enforced.

09:25:08 >> I'll have to provide that you information.

09:25:10 I was not prepared today to go in an in-depth

09:25:13 discussion on HOV.

09:25:17 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Maybe somebody else.

09:25:18 >> Amy Nedringhaus with F.D.O.T. as well.

09:25:21 If that's okay.

09:25:23 I spent a little more time with our Miami office.

09:25:28 What they had explained to us when we were looking

09:25:33 into this concept for the Tampa area was that HOV

09:25:37 lanes that they had were not being utilized.

09:25:39 So in a lot of cases, it was just some vacant

09:25:43 pavement that wasn't being utilized which was

09:25:46 disconcerting to a lot of drivers that there was

09:25:49 asphalt over there that they couldn't access.

09:25:52 The hope that people would car pool wasn't

09:25:54 necessarily what was happening.

09:25:57 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Well, I would say the

09:25:59 demographics in Miami are a little different than

09:26:01 the demographics here.

09:26:03 It's possible that there wasn't an understanding

09:26:06 by the public in Miami of what the HOV actually

09:26:13 meant.

09:26:13 I mean, I've spent -- most of us have spent some

09:26:17 time in Miami, and I can tell you from experience,

09:26:19 there is a little bit of a language barrier

09:26:23 between what HOV might actually stand for.

09:26:27 Councilwoman Capin -- the Spanish speakers here

09:26:32 can maybe come up with a few other things.

09:26:35 >>YVONNE CAPIN: There is no language barrier.

09:26:37 They just don't follow the rules in Miami.

09:26:39 I'm sorry.

09:26:40 Tampa is just like Miami, only better.

09:26:44 >>LISA MONTELIONE: -- other than high occupancy

09:26:46 vehicle in another language.

09:26:48 I'm not sure that apples to apples or oranges to

09:26:51 oranges comparison between, you know, the west

09:26:54 coast of Florida and the southeast coast of

09:26:56 Florida.

09:26:58 >> There were similar observations in Orlando,

09:27:01 because if you recall, Orlando had HOV at one

09:27:04 time.

09:27:05 But we'll provide some additional information.

09:27:07 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That would be wonderful.

09:27:09 Thank you very much.

09:27:10 >> Real quick, before Zenia comes up, because I

09:27:13 know I'm running out of time, there was question

09:27:15 about the funding for right-of-way.

09:27:17 I don't know where the $21 million that was

09:27:20 referenced in what you had originally asked.

09:27:28 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I think those of us on the MPO

09:27:30 know.

09:27:30 In the funding document, which I have in my

09:27:39 office.

09:27:39 I don't have it here.

09:27:40 As the budget was approved by the state of Florida

09:27:43 in this past legislative session and signed by the

09:27:46 governor, that amount of money was approved for

09:27:49 the 2016-17 fiscal year for acquisition of

09:27:53 property.

09:27:54 It's on the charts for TBX in the matrix.

09:28:03 >>HARRY COHEN: My understanding is that that is

09:28:05 not condemnations.

09:28:07 It's only voluntary transactions in the coming

09:28:12 fiscal year.

09:28:13 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's what I understand as

09:28:14 well.

09:28:15 So that's where that number comes from.

09:28:16 The actual funding document.

09:28:19 >> Let me bring Zenia Gallo up here to talk about

09:28:22 the relocation process.

09:28:23 The Councilwoman also asked that we address that

09:28:25 as well.

09:28:31 >> Good morning.

09:28:32 Zenia Gallo, senior right-of-way agent with the

09:28:35 D.O.T.

09:28:36 I'm also project manager.

09:28:38 In the almost 20 years that I have been there, I

09:28:40 have always done relocation work under the Uniform

09:28:45 Location Act.

09:28:46 It's a little monster to understand sometimes, but

09:28:51 it's really not all that difficult.

09:28:53 The Uniform Relocation Act of 1970 was established

09:28:57 to provide benefits and entitlements to those

09:29:01 individuals that were being affected by taking

09:29:06 under eminent domain or voluntary acquisitions.

09:29:10 At the district 7 office, we used the uniform

09:29:15 relocation act anytime that we acquire any

09:29:18 property that has a residence either occupied by a

09:29:22 tenant, occupied by the owner.

09:29:28 Anytime we obtain commercial property that may

09:29:30 have a business that may be a tenant business or

09:29:34 owner-owned business, or in the cases where

09:29:36 someone has personal property that only needs to

09:29:38 be moved from a slight place.

09:29:42 Let's say we buy a little front strip taking, but

09:29:45 there's something along the front and it needs to

09:29:46 be moved.

09:29:47 Well, we compensate the owner of that property to

09:29:50 move that.

09:29:51 That's called a personal property move only.

09:29:54 We brought brochures to kind of explain that a

09:29:57 little bit.

09:29:57 But I want to give you a little bit of information

09:30:01 with not only the rules itself which are

09:30:03 entitlements.

09:30:04 They are not an adversarial where I can negotiate

09:30:10 anything.

09:30:10 They are set by federal law.

09:30:12 By saying that, it puts me in a situation where I

09:30:17 am an advisory service provider to the person

09:30:19 being affected.

09:30:21 I must, under the law, make sure that they receive

09:30:24 all of the benefits that they are entitled to.

09:30:27 I can't pick and choose, and I can't provide

09:30:30 any -- what they are entitled to.

09:30:32 It's really quite unique.

09:30:34 It puts us in a face-to-face, one-on-one situation

09:30:37 with a fee owner or the tenants in explaining the

09:30:41 program and providing the benefits to them.

09:30:43 I'm going to explain that along the area, the TBX,

09:30:48 we have identified properties that are

09:30:49 residential, owned and occupied by the fee owner,

09:30:56 residential, owned by a business or a personal,

09:31:00 individual owner and occupied by a tenant.

09:31:03 The same thing with business properties.

09:31:04 So they would fall under all of the categories

09:31:06 that are covered under the uniform act.

09:31:08 Recently, I have had experience with a large

09:31:12 project in the area that is in the City of Tampa,

09:31:16 which is the Tampa Presbyterian village.

09:31:20 Doing that project, we encountered a lot of

09:31:23 different situations.

09:31:24 Although we did have some hurdles to overcome, I

09:31:27 think that the success of the project largely

09:31:30 speaks for the benefits that were obtained by the

09:31:34 property owners.

09:31:35 When we go to acquire property, first of all, the

09:31:39 D.O.T. must do the title search.

09:31:41 Then we go through the appraisal process where we

09:31:44 appraise the property based on comparable sales in

09:31:46 the area.

09:31:47 Once that comes, and that appraisal is reviewed,

09:31:51 an acquisition agent formulates an offer, a first

09:31:55 offer, to the property owner that is submitted

09:31:58 based on the appraisal for the full amount of the

09:32:01 appraisal.

09:32:02 There is some negotiation room.

09:32:08 That's a little bit different than relocation

09:32:08 because the acquisition agent can negotiate.

09:32:10 We can try to justify what the owner feels that

09:32:13 their property is worth and what our appraiser

09:32:16 says it is.

09:32:17 Unfortunately, appraisal is not a science.

09:32:23 All of us here could go out and appraise a piece

09:32:26 of property, maybe come up with a different value.

09:32:28 So we understand the owner's perspective, and we

09:32:31 understand that their value may be within reason

09:32:35 correct, just like our appraiser was.

09:32:37 Once that negotiation goes into place,

09:32:39 simultaneously the relocation agent, myself, or

09:32:42 another agent within D.O.T. makes a tremendous

09:32:46 amount of personal contact with the person being

09:32:49 affected.

09:32:49 Why?

09:32:52 Because we must establish all of their needs.

09:32:54 We look at things that you might not even

09:32:57 consider, such as, do they use the bus regularly?

09:33:00 Do they need to be in a particular bus route?

09:33:02 Maybe I have a Jewish family that needs to walk to

09:33:04 the synagogue on Saturday.

09:33:06 How far away are they going to be able to move

09:33:08 from where they currently are?

09:33:10 We look at things, medical needs.

09:33:14 One of the apartments where I recently moved a

09:33:16 family, the young boy that lived in the apartment

09:33:19 has a severe allergy condition.

09:33:23 The apartment that they chose to move to had

09:33:25 carpet.

09:33:26 And we had to go in, D.O.T. paid for all of the

09:33:29 carpet to be removed and for new vinyl tile to be

09:33:32 installed.

09:33:33 Those are some of the things that we do to make

09:33:35 this property, decent, safe and sanitary for this

09:33:39 particular family.

09:33:40 We provide the family with a rental assistance

09:33:44 payment.

09:33:44 Under the relocation program, if an individual, we

09:33:49 establish -- their current rent and utilities at

09:33:53 their subject property, then we go into the

09:33:55 market, into the surrounding market and into their

09:33:58 needs based on where they wish to relocate within

09:34:01 the area of the subject property, locate another

09:34:04 property that's comparable and look at their rent

09:34:07 and utilities and the difference that they have

09:34:11 there.

09:34:13 We calculate times 42 months.

09:34:16 42 months and we determine a payment for the

09:34:19 tenant.

09:34:19 That's why in some of the newspaper articles that

09:34:22 have recently come out, you see where some

09:34:24 individuals receive $38,000.

09:34:26 Maybe 68, 70 thousand dollars.

09:34:29 Yes, that is true.

09:34:31 They could be paying little or no rent.

09:34:34 We look to see whether they are a section 8

09:34:37 individual and they have a voucher.

09:34:38 We assist them.

09:34:39 We make sure that they do not lose their section 8

09:34:42 voucher.

09:34:43 Why?

09:34:44 Because section 8 has been closed for many, many

09:34:47 years.

09:34:47 In the list that they have right now, probably has

09:34:50 a six- to seven-year waiting list.

09:34:52 It is our duty to make sure that this family is

09:34:55 relocated into a section 8 house.

09:34:57 Or an apartment, whatever they choose to go to.

09:35:02 We also work with the owners one on one.

09:35:04 Lots of personal contacts.

09:35:07 It's likely that I could have 30, 40 contacts with

09:35:10 an individual owner during the process of locating

09:35:13 property for them.

09:35:14 We look to see the value that D.O.T. is paying for

09:35:17 their home and what it's going to take to replace

09:35:19 that home somewhere else.

09:35:21 And I grew up in West Tampa.

09:35:23 And for a while, my parents and my brother and I,

09:35:26 we had a two-bedroom house.

09:35:28 My brother was little, we shared a bedroom.

09:35:31 Well, under decent, safe and sanitary standards,

09:35:35 we have to look to see what the ages are.

09:35:38 They are not little toddlers anymore.

09:35:40 They do not share a bedroom.

09:35:42 Even though the owner might have had their son and

09:35:44 daughter in a bedroom, when I go look at

09:35:46 comparable property, I have to look for a

09:35:48 three-bedroom house to make sure.

09:35:50 So we may have to up what we pay this person under

09:35:53 purchase additive.

09:35:54 Not only are they receiving the appraised value

09:35:57 for their property or the negotiated amount,

09:35:59 whatever we may negotiate with them, but any

09:36:02 difference when I go out in the market to find

09:36:05 replacement property, we pay it to them in cash to

09:36:09 assist them to buy another property.

09:36:10 We pay closing costs for the individuals that we

09:36:12 relocate, and we pay move costs based either on a

09:36:19 schedule -- or on a commercial move.

09:36:25 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Madam Chair.

09:36:27 How many residential families as well as

09:36:29 commercial businesses will be affected by this?

09:36:32 >> This project has approximately -- probably

09:36:38 about 140 families or about 33 businesses, I

09:36:44 believe.

09:36:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: The reason I say that, because

09:36:48 you're standing before us this morning and you're

09:36:53 giving all of these personal testimony stories,

09:36:56 and it all deals with money.

09:36:59 If you move someone, they should be happy -- what

09:37:06 do you say about the people sitting there and

09:37:07 living in their homes for 15, 20, 30 years who

09:37:11 have invested a lot of money in their home and all

09:37:16 of a sudden they can be moved even by eminent

09:37:20 domain or forced out because you want to put a

09:37:23 toll lane?

09:37:25 Did you have any passion?

09:37:27 >> Do I have the passion?

09:37:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: For those people?

09:37:31 Because I grew up in West Tampa, they put an

09:37:37 interstate through my neighborhood and it was not

09:37:41 nice.

09:37:41 And here I see what is happening now.

09:37:45 You're relocating people.

09:37:46 And you talk about people at Presbyterian, poor,

09:37:52 low-income people.

09:37:53 Even though you can put tile on the floor and

09:38:01 remove the carpet, what about the psychological

09:38:03 effect on these families?

09:38:05 No one is talking about these elements.

09:38:07 So I don't want to hear about all of this money

09:38:11 talk because this is more important than just the

09:38:16 money talk.

09:38:17 If you have relatives that might stay three blocks

09:38:21 away and they move into that neighborhood to be

09:38:23 close to their family and now you have one segment

09:38:27 of that family going to be displaced then you

09:38:32 don't have -- you have a divided family instead of

09:38:35 a family that was close-knit because they want to

09:38:39 live close to each other.

09:38:41 I don't know if the D.O.T. is thinking about all

09:38:43 these things, but to stand here and put so much

09:38:48 emphasis on, they are going to get money, somebody

09:38:51 might get $30,000.

09:38:53 Somebody might get this.

09:38:54 Somebody might get that.

09:38:56 That's not important.

09:38:57 What's important is that you are dividing

09:39:02 families.

09:39:02 What's important, you're taking away businesses

09:39:05 who have been established in those communities for

09:39:08 years.

09:39:08 You're taking that away.

09:39:13 I understand the urban planning, the urban

09:39:15 development, you can say all those things, but

09:39:18 you've got to think about the personal sacrifice

09:39:20 these families are making.

09:39:21 I hope D.O.T. would give consideration, because it

09:39:31 bother me to hear that they displace a lot of

09:39:36 people just to put a baseball team in place.

09:39:39 Now you want to displace a lot of people just to

09:39:43 put toll lanes.

09:39:45 What I hear, it's not going to reduce traffic.

09:39:47 I hope you all give consideration when you make

09:39:49 the decisions.

09:39:51 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

09:39:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Madam Chair.

09:39:57 I agree everything Mr. Reddick said.

09:40:00 When you look at life, there's a lot of value to

09:40:03 the individual, and the problem that we have today

09:40:06 in society, that everything is based on money, no

09:40:10 matter what it is.

09:40:10 If I don't get this, I'm moving my team to another

09:40:17 city.

09:40:17 Well, get the hell out.

09:40:19 When you look at these things, you realize -- and

09:40:25 again, I'll go back to Frank Reddick and Capin.

09:40:28 Most of us were raised basically in the same type

09:40:31 neighborhoods.

09:40:32 You know, I used to ride bus three -- and this is

09:40:36 no reflection on you personally --

09:40:38 >> No, because we're neighbors.

09:40:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I know you've been there 20

09:40:41 years.

09:40:42 You can take the bullets.

09:40:44 But what it's about, it's about life in general

09:40:48 and the quality of life.

09:40:48 We all used to ride a bus, and then in the '50s,

09:40:54 the streetcars disappeared because general motors

09:40:57 says the buses were the things.

09:41:00 So then the buses started disappearing and then

09:41:04 the interstates went through and destroyed all of

09:41:08 Ybor City.

09:41:09 The Hispanics, a lot of Anglos, the blacks, all of

09:41:15 us.

09:41:15 What the hell happened here?

09:41:17 Well, it started with the two lane.

09:41:19 And nobody used it for a little while.

09:41:21 In fact, I remember, look at what we built and

09:41:24 nobody uses it.

09:41:25 Then they went to three lanes.

09:41:27 Now recently it's four lanes.

09:41:29 And as soon as they build them, they become

09:41:32 antiquated because the mind-set of all of us is

09:41:35 the more we have, the more we want.

09:41:38 So more traffic we have, the more cars we buy.

09:41:42 And the problem is, if you were born after '65 or

09:41:47 late '60s, I don't think my grandkids have ever

09:41:51 ridden a bus.

09:41:52 In fact, I don't think my kids have ever ridden a

09:41:55 bus.

09:41:55 I hope that I'm wrong but I don't think I am.

09:41:58 In fact, I don't think I've ridden a bus in 30

09:42:02 years.

09:42:02 I'm not try to be hypocritical.

09:42:06 I'm saying the facts.

09:42:08 I haven't ridden a bus because I have the freedom

09:42:11 of a key to leave and come whenever I want.

09:42:15 I'm also a violator of being what I'm just saying

09:42:18 I shouldn't be.

09:42:19 I ain't speaking for the rest of them.

09:42:21 If I went to the audience, and I'm sure they would

09:42:24 tell me the truth, that's why I'm not going to ask

09:42:26 them, they don't ride a bus on a daily basis.

09:42:30 So that's the problem we have.

09:42:31 If we're going to spend billions of dollars,

09:42:35 billions, not with an M but with a B, why do we

09:42:40 invest those billions of dollars in transportation

09:42:43 in a system that tries to be better than --

09:42:46 [ APPLAUSE ]

09:42:47 >>YVONNE CAPIN: No, no.

09:42:48 [ SOUNDING GAVEL ]

09:42:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Don't applaud me because I

09:42:50 don't take anything.

09:42:52 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I appreciate, but we can't do

09:42:53 that.

09:42:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm used to boos, not applause.

09:42:56 What I'm trying to say is that the whole system is

09:42:59 kind of screwed up.

09:43:01 >> I agree with you.

09:43:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You sit --

09:43:07 >> If I may answer is a couple of the questions

09:43:10 brought up.

09:43:11 Let's be fair.

09:43:12 We always get that D.O.T. is doing the wrong thing

09:43:15 to the citizen.

09:43:16 I was trying to tell you how many benefits there

09:43:19 are to the citizens that unfortunately we affect.

09:43:22 But we have to look at the whole picture.

09:43:24 I was raised, started out on La Salle.

09:43:31 Used to ride my bicycle on 275.

09:43:32 I used to ride from Himes Avenue to the

09:43:36 Hillsborough River when the interstate was being

09:43:38 built.

09:43:39 I grew up on lee Roy and Habana.

09:43:42 Like I said, we're neighbors.

09:43:44 Actually, the home you lived in -- that you live

09:43:47 in or I think you do, belonged to a friend of

09:43:51 mine.

09:43:51 I know the area very well.

09:43:53 I was raised here.

09:43:54 I went to local schools.

09:43:56 I went to Cuesta Elementary.

09:43:59 You talk about the -- this is my community, too.

09:44:03 And the people that we affect -- let me explain

09:44:06 something.

09:44:07 Tampa Presbyterian village, we had 16 families

09:44:10 that never thought they would be able to be

09:44:13 homeowners become homeowners.

09:44:15 One of them bought a house from Mayor Buckhorn's

09:44:18 project in Sulphur Springs and obtained a grant

09:44:21 from the City of Tampa, along with our funds,

09:44:25 moved into a new home in Sulphur Springs, and she

09:44:29 now pays less than she was paying at Tampa

09:44:32 Presbyterian village.

09:44:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No one is saying that you are

09:44:35 bad, evil, not you.

09:44:39 Not that D.O.T. is evil.

09:44:41 I'm saying we have to change the way we think.

09:44:44 That is the expression we're trying to get across.

09:44:46 The whole system, the federal government on down

09:44:49 doesn't think that way anymore.

09:44:51 They can't even pass a bill, agree on nothing.

09:44:54 Even in this presidential debate, no one has

09:44:59 talked about fixing anything.

09:45:01 They just talk about getting mad at each other.

09:45:03 We have to come together in some consensus of what

09:45:05 we want to do.

09:45:06 The time is now.

09:45:07 Hillsborough County, the City of Tampa, the rest,

09:45:10 Pinellas, all of us are thinking of something.

09:45:12 If this sales tax doesn't pass, I think that this

09:45:14 city and St. Pete and Clearwater has got to do

09:45:17 something, to create something.

09:45:19 I don't care if it is the choo-choo train, to show

09:45:24 something.

09:45:25 We ain't got a damn thing in anything to fix

09:45:27 anything for 50 years.

09:45:29 And you weren't there 50 years ago.

09:45:31 So I went over --

09:45:33 >> I was there 15 years ago.

09:45:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm glad you are from West

09:45:36 Tampa.

09:45:37 I'm glasses you know the Sanchez family.

09:45:39 That's who I bought my house from.

09:45:41 We're not against you.

09:45:42 We're with you.

09:45:43 But we're trying to ask you for help to solve our

09:45:45 problem.

09:45:46 >> And we would like to do that as much as we can.

09:45:49 All of us use the local roads.

09:45:54 I believe someone was here because of traffic.

09:45:56 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I got misinformation.

09:45:58 But it does happen.

09:46:01 >> We are all in traffic.

09:46:02 I was in traffic on Hillsborough Avenue.

09:46:04 It was horrible in both directions.

09:46:05 I thought there was an accident.

09:46:07 There was no accident.

09:46:08 That was regular daily traffic.

09:46:09 If we do nothing, it's not going to get better.

09:46:16 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Well, excuse me.

09:46:17 I just came from Salt Lake City this week.

09:46:23 They have a light rail that is incredible.

09:46:25 They did something.

09:46:28 There's something besides roads.

09:46:30 [ APPLAUSE ]

09:46:31 -- stop.

09:46:32 Please don't.

09:46:32 Please don't.

09:46:35 As Councilman Miranda and the rest of us, I rode

09:46:40 the bus till I was about 11 years old, from the

09:46:43 time I was about 7 to 11, and then we moved from

09:46:48 Ybor to West Tampa, bicoastal, both sides of the

09:46:53 river.

09:46:54 So when I saw this, Salt Lake City is a city of

09:46:59 about 150,000 people.

09:47:00 They have a light rail from the center of the city

09:47:02 to the airport.

09:47:03 They have light rail that goes all the way almost

09:47:06 to provost.

09:47:08 It's an amazing accomplishment.

09:47:11 And I look at it and they have an expressway.

09:47:15 And the area is about a million one, the whole

09:47:17 county, so there are solutions, and that's what

09:47:22 people are trying to look at is what else can we

09:47:25 do?

09:47:26 If we keep doing the roads, and we don't pay

09:47:29 attention to the rest of it, both public

09:47:32 transportation is very, very important, so I

09:47:36 understand what my colleagues are saying, and I

09:47:38 just wanted to mention that.

09:47:39 So thank you.

09:47:40 Ms. Montelione.

09:47:42 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

09:47:43 So, Ms. Gallo, you've talked a lot about the

09:47:46 success stories and how much F.D.O.T. does for

09:47:50 relocating families.

09:47:53 And those are all good.

09:47:54 I mean, I know that there are some families who

09:48:03 are benefited by getting out of the situation they

09:48:04 are in now.

09:48:05 Like you said, the folks that went from renters to

09:48:07 homeowners, through a variety of programs to help

09:48:10 them achieve that goal.

09:48:12 But out of 140 families, we don't know what the

09:48:19 percentage of people are that are happy to be

09:48:22 relocated or the ones that, as Councilman Miranda

09:48:27 has said and Councilman Reddick has said, who

09:48:31 prefer to be around their family and friends, who

09:48:34 they may never -- not never see, but it would be

09:48:38 more difficult to see because now they are in

09:48:41 Sulphur Springs instead of the inner core of the

09:48:43 city where they had been living for so many years.

09:48:47 I want to bring this back to what we are talking

09:48:51 about and maybe stop talking about the periphery

09:48:58 of anecdotal stories.

09:49:00 So we have 140 families and 33 businesses that in

09:49:07 answer to Councilman Miranda or Councilman

09:49:10 Reddick, that you said would be affected.

09:49:13 Is that correct?

09:49:13 >> Yes.

09:49:14 I don't have all of the numbers exactly with me

09:49:17 because some of the properties we have already

09:49:19 acquired, and just on our regular advance

09:49:23 acquisition process, people come to us and say we

09:49:26 would like to sell our property.

09:49:29 If it's under our study where we can purchase it,

09:49:31 we try to come to an agreement with them.

09:49:33 None of them have been under eminent domain.

09:49:36 They have all been voluntary --

09:49:39 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So on this map I have, and it's

09:49:41 color coded for parcels to be acquired and parcels

09:49:44 already purchased by F.D.O.T., there are many

09:49:47 more, and this map is dated September 2015.

09:49:51 So it's not the older map.

09:49:54 It's a fairly updated map.

09:49:56 I don't know if it is the most recent.

09:49:58 There are many more parcels on this map to be

09:50:05 acquired.

09:50:06 Many more orange parcels than there are purple

09:50:10 parcels.

09:50:10 The orange is to be acquired.

09:50:12 Purple is already acquired.

09:50:14 So my question is, this map has been around for

09:50:19 quite some time.

09:50:20 Like I said, it's been updated from time to time,

09:50:22 and this one is from September 2015.

09:50:24 Do all of the people know who own the orange

09:50:29 parcels that they are in the path of this project

09:50:33 and will have to be relocated?

09:50:36 >> It's my understanding that that's acquisitions.

09:50:39 So I'm -- from our meetings, it's my understanding

09:50:42 that all the families have received a letter

09:50:45 indicating that they are in the past and asking

09:50:48 them if they have a desire to participate in our

09:50:51 advanced acquisition program.

09:50:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No disrespect to the people who

09:50:55 own these parcels, do you think they understand

09:50:57 when they get a letter from the Florida department

09:51:00 of transportation that they may eventually have to

09:51:03 move or not may eventually, if this project goes

09:51:05 through, they will have to move.

09:51:08 Do you think -- is it one letter that went out?

09:51:11 Is it two letters that went out?

09:51:13 I know sometimes mail comes to my house, go

09:51:16 through the envelopes and, you know, accidentally

09:51:19 some get misplaced or end up --

09:51:22 >> Never make it to you.

09:51:24 Who knows.

09:51:24 They have received at least one letter, possibly

09:51:28 two letters.

09:51:30 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Regular mail or certified mail,

09:51:32 registered mail?

09:51:33 >> They are regular mail.

09:51:34 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Regular mail.

09:51:36 >> I believe they are all regular mail.

09:51:38 >>LISA MONTELIONE: There's no proof that they

09:51:40 actually have received the letter.

09:51:43 >> I do relocation.

09:51:44 That is an acquisition function.

09:51:45 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Is there anybody here from

09:51:47 acquisition?

09:51:48 >> No, ma'am, not today.

09:51:49 When you say that they may not understand, a lot

09:51:58 of the properties in that path are owned by

09:52:01 investors and corporations, and they understand

09:52:06 what that is.

09:52:07 They know.

09:52:09 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That actually makes it a little

09:52:11 more difficult for me to swallow, because

09:52:14 investors, when you say investors, many of the

09:52:16 investors, I mean, we dealt with this when we had

09:52:19 code enforcement issues when a lot of properties,

09:52:21 the downturn, being acquired by investors.

09:52:24 And they would buy them in bulk.

09:52:26 They would buy hundreds, sometimes thousands of

09:52:28 properties at the same time.

09:52:29 They are out-of-state companies who don't have an

09:52:33 investment in the community.

09:52:35 They have an investment in the bottom line.

09:52:37 They are buying these properties because they know

09:52:39 that they can turn them over at some point in time

09:52:41 and make money because they are the only ones who

09:52:44 can buy that many properties all at once.

09:52:47 So if these are investors, these are out-of-state

09:52:49 companies, and you're sending them regular mail,

09:52:52 we don't even know if the investors have been

09:52:55 advised their -- that their properties are going

09:53:01 to be acquired.

09:53:02 In turn, you are removing the person who occupies

09:53:05 the property one or two times because there is the

09:53:08 investment company and then usually a management

09:53:10 company who manages those properties for the

09:53:12 investment company.

09:53:12 And that management company could be out-of-state.

09:53:15 Then you have the on-the-ground people here in

09:53:18 Tampa that might actually physically manage.

09:53:20 So my concern is that the actual citizens and

09:53:26 residents of the City of Tampa have no clue that

09:53:31 they are going to be relocated by the department

09:53:35 because they are not getting those letters.

09:53:37 The management company is getting those letters.

09:53:38 The investors are getting those letters.

09:53:40 The people who are in the residences.

09:53:42 I mean, when I do mailings from my office and I

09:53:47 did a town hall and we did a vision plan for the

09:53:50 area and pastor Tommy is shaking his head because

09:53:53 he was a big part of that effort, when the

09:53:55 Planning Commission, Zornitta is here, when the

09:54:01 Planning Commission did that outreach, they had

09:54:02 the property tax appraisers list of property

09:54:06 owners in the area.

09:54:07 And they were sending notification to the property

09:54:10 owners.

09:54:11 And they didn't have it in the budget for the

09:54:14 outreach effort to send a whole additional set of

09:54:18 letters to the actual people who occupy the

09:54:21 property.

09:54:22 So I took it out of my City of Tampa budget in my

09:54:25 office, and we sent letters addressed to

09:54:29 residents.

09:54:29 So to the actual physical address.

09:54:33 So it wasn't going to an investor.

09:54:35 It wasn't going to, you know, maybe an aunt or

09:54:37 uncle who owns the property who are out of state

09:54:39 or wherever.

09:54:40 It was going to the actual person who lives in

09:54:42 that house.

09:54:44 >> Our letters go to the property owner, to the

09:54:47 fee owner on the public records.

09:54:49 The reason it goes to them, if you have a

09:54:51 tenant --

09:54:52 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I understand the reason.

09:54:53 >> If I send something to a tenant that tenant may

09:54:56 not understand.

09:54:56 They may leave.

09:54:58 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I understand the reasons.

09:54:59 What I'm saying is the actual person who lives in

09:55:02 that home or in that apartment has no idea, unless

09:55:06 you send letters, duplicate letters, one to the

09:55:10 investor or the property owner of record and one

09:55:14 addressed resident, that person who lives in that

09:55:16 home or that apartment has no clue.

09:55:20 >> Unfortunately, it is a double-edged sword for

09:55:22 us.

09:55:22 When I do that, the first thing that the owner is

09:55:25 going to say, hey, you're scaring my tenant away.

09:55:28 Why are you sending my tenant a notice that they

09:55:31 have to move?

09:55:32 >>LISA MONTELIONE: They are going to have to move.

09:55:33 >> Well, no.

09:55:35 They only have to move right now under advance

09:55:38 acquisition voluntary unless if we have an

09:55:40 agreement with them, they don't have to move.

09:55:42 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Which is why somebody has to

09:55:45 educate the people who actually live there so they

09:55:48 are not scared, so that they understand the

09:55:51 timeline, so that they know eventually if this

09:55:54 project is approved and moves forward, that within

09:55:57 a year or two, they have to move.

09:55:59 They might make decisions, if I have a child who

09:56:02 is in, you know, a sophomore in high school, and

09:56:08 they are going to be a senior by the time they

09:56:10 will have to move, I might choose to move now

09:56:13 because I don't want my child uprooted in their

09:56:16 senior year.

09:56:18 So you need to talk to these people individually,

09:56:22 maybe one on one, so they understand the impacts

09:56:26 to their lives so they can make educated, informed

09:56:30 decisions.

09:56:31 Maybe they want to move now.

09:56:32 Maybe they don't want to wait two years because it

09:56:35 will affect the education of their child.

09:56:37 When we talk about families and we talk about

09:56:39 those families, Mr. Reddick talked about how those

09:56:42 families are affected, we're not talking about

09:56:44 real estate.

09:56:44 We're talking about lives.

09:56:45 We're talking about paths.

09:56:47 We're talking about opportunities.

09:56:49 And it's great that some of them move and get

09:56:51 better opportunities, but they need to understand

09:56:54 that.

09:56:54 And I don't think a lot of those people do

09:56:57 because, like you said, a lot of them are

09:57:00 properties owned by investors and they don't have

09:57:03 a clue.

09:57:05 >> Councilwoman, we sent letters at different

09:57:07 points.

09:57:07 What we'll do is we'll get the specific detail and

09:57:10 provide that to you.

09:57:12 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

09:57:13 It might behoove you to have individuals who can

09:57:19 knock on doors, just like you open the office in

09:57:22 Ybor City to have someone right there on the

09:57:25 ground as a walk-in center where people can answer

09:57:28 questions, it might behoove you to hire some,

09:57:32 maybe some interns in urban studies at USF, just

09:57:35 sayin'.

09:57:36 That can go out and can knock on doors and talk to

09:57:41 people and advise them of the situation.

09:57:45 And then they can make the decision whether to

09:57:50 further information.

09:57:56 >>GUIDO MANISCALCO: There is a gentleman that has

09:57:58 called my office, and he calls crying because he

09:58:02 and his wife live across the street from her

09:58:05 parents, and they are elderly and they have to

09:58:07 take care of them.

09:58:08 The house they live in is his wife's childhood

09:58:12 home that they have had since maybe 1960 I

09:58:15 believe.

09:58:15 Because of the TBX project, they would have to be

09:58:19 relocated, one of the homes.

09:58:21 Therefore, they wouldn't have that closeness to

09:58:23 take care of their in-laws.

09:58:25 This man calls me in tears, and it hurts me

09:58:27 because I have to, as an elected official put

09:58:30 myself in his shoes and ask myself what if this

09:58:33 were me and what if these were my parents?

09:58:35 And I met this individual on a march for folks

09:58:41 against TBX as they walked through the

09:58:43 neighborhoods and they show people the properties

09:58:45 that are affected.

09:58:46 And as they shout no TBX or stop TBX, I'm quiet

09:58:52 because I'm thinking to myself, everything that I

09:58:55 see here will be gone, will be relocated or will

09:58:58 be demolished.

09:58:59 The interstate coming through Tampa over 50 years

09:59:01 ago split neighborhoods in two, Ybor City, West

09:59:04 Tampa and Seminole Heights.

09:59:05 And these neighborhoods have fought and struggled

09:59:08 for decades to rebuild themselves.

09:59:10 And now we have come to a point where Ybor City is

09:59:13 coming strong and Seminole Heights is coming

09:59:15 strong and Tampa Heights is coming strong.

09:59:17 But then we have this TBX proposal that once again

09:59:21 cuts into the fabric of all the hard work and the

09:59:25 character of this neighborhood and these

09:59:26 neighborhoods.

09:59:26 I ask myself, if I'm going to be against TBX, what

09:59:30 is my solution?

09:59:31 Should I support go Hillsborough?

09:59:33 Is rail what we need?

09:59:34 Is it transit?

09:59:35 My ideal situation would be, left the streetcar

09:59:39 years ago, if we had that streetcar, we would have

09:59:42 had mass transit.

09:59:43 We had mass transit but with the 1950s and onset

09:59:46 of automobile ownership and the building of

09:59:48 highways and interstates, interstates that have

09:59:50 cut through our city, we pulled up the streetcar.

09:59:53 We relied on buses or they promoted buses and

09:59:57 automobile ownership.

09:59:57 But times are changing.

09:59:59 My generation doesn't rely so much on automobile

10:00:01 ownership.

10:00:02 They want bike lanes.

10:00:03 They want pedestrian-friendly areas.

10:00:06 They want to use mass transit.

10:00:08 They want something.

10:00:08 I like to use the bus and I like to promote it to

10:00:11 show people it's clean.

10:00:12 It's good.

10:00:13 It works.

10:00:14 Doesn't work for everybody.

10:00:15 But instead of D.O.T. spending all this money from

10:00:17 the state, which is billions of dollars, why not

10:00:20 partner with the municipalities or the counties

10:00:22 and say let us help you lay down a rail

10:00:24 infrastructure.

10:00:25 Let us look towards the future.

10:00:26 Let us look at CSX lines to convert them to

10:00:30 commuter lines, look at direct shots from USF to

10:00:33 downtown to the airport.

10:00:34 The future is in transit.

10:00:37 The future of our community's success is in

10:00:39 transit, mass transit.

10:00:41 When we have corporations that look to us to move,

10:00:43 they will ask the question, how do we get our

10:00:46 people around?

10:00:48 And we tell them we'll use the bus -- interstates

10:00:53 are not the answers.

10:00:54 TBX is not the answer.

10:00:55 But widening our roads and tearing into the

10:00:58 community again and opening up these unhealed

10:01:01 wounds, because we are now coming back, is not the

10:01:04 answer.

10:01:05 So I wish that the state would say, let's sit down

10:01:07 and talk and say perhaps either delay the project

10:01:11 or scrap the project and look at other

10:01:13 alternatives.

10:01:13 We have a potential ballot initiative that would

10:01:17 address transit and road improvements and whatnot,

10:01:20 but it all comes down to funding and money and

10:01:22 leadership and the voices up in Tallahassee or

10:01:24 whomever to say maybe we're going about this the

10:01:28 wrong way.

10:01:29 Maybe we were too aggressive in the 1950s and

10:01:33 '60s with building the interstate.

10:01:34 Maybe we need to look at other options.

10:01:36 That's all I'm asking.

10:01:37 Because when I talk to these people, I feel their

10:01:40 pain and I sense their frustration, and I

10:01:41 represent a lot of them in the district that I

10:01:44 represent, and I think that we should delay this.

10:01:46 We should sit down and talk more and see how we

10:01:49 can better spend this money, because it's a lot of

10:01:51 money.

10:01:52 If we do it right now, it will save us the hassle

10:01:56 in the future.

10:01:57 We're delaying progress by building more highways.

10:01:59 We've been doing the same thing for 50-plus years.

10:02:02 Let's look at alternatives.

10:02:04 [ APPLAUSE ]

10:02:09 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Councilman Suarez.

10:02:11 >> If I could address two things.

10:02:13 One, if you could give me the address.

10:02:15 There are many of those cases that we are

10:02:17 currently working on that we have been made aware

10:02:21 of.

10:02:21 It may be one of the ones that we're looking into

10:02:24 to see what options we have.

10:02:25 So if you give me that information off the record,

10:02:28 I will look into it.

10:02:29 I would also like the opportunity maybe to come

10:02:32 back and explain, address some of the -- and I

10:02:35 would also encourage that maybe the Hillsborough

10:02:38 MPO, and I know rich -- they did an excellent

10:02:44 presentation yesterday at the CAC meeting that I

10:02:47 thought may be a good primer.

10:02:49 And I'm sure it's nothing that you don't already

10:02:52 know, that you haven't already heard, but it kind

10:02:54 of discusses the transition of how we got to where

10:02:57 we are with transit and the studies that have been

10:03:00 done.

10:03:00 We are also -- we have partnered with Hart to look

10:03:05 at the specific items that the Councilman just

10:03:08 addressed, which is the CSX lines and what premium

10:03:12 transit we can bring to the region.

10:03:14 We are actively as an agency encouraging that

10:03:16 effort to move forward, because we totally agree.

10:03:20 We can't continue the same policies of road

10:03:23 construction.

10:03:24 We understand that.

10:03:24 But there needs to be a commitment on the local

10:03:29 level.

10:03:29 Needs to be a commitment on the regional level to

10:03:32 adopt a transit plan that they are going to move

10:03:35 forward with.

10:03:35 And we'll partner with the plan.

10:03:38 The D.O.T. as we've demonstrated throughout the

10:03:41 state, we will be a huge partner, and we will

10:03:44 contribute greatly to that effort, because we

10:03:46 understand the need is there, and it has to be

10:03:49 addressed.

10:03:49 Give us the opportunity.

10:03:50 We'll come back.

10:03:51 I'll have Ming Gow make the presentation to show

10:03:54 you a little bit what we're doing, maybe discuss a

10:03:56 little bit about the premium transit study that I

10:03:58 know the Councilwoman and Councilman Cohen are

10:04:01 familiar with.

10:04:02 >>HARRY COHEN: I believe you are already on our

10:04:09 calendar for May at the CRA meeting.

10:04:10 We'll make sure to add that presentation.

10:04:13 >>YVONNE CAPIN: The premium --

10:04:15 >>HARRY COHEN: They are already coming to us

10:04:17 regarding TBX in May.

10:04:20 >>YVONNE CAPIN: We also have at our City Council

10:04:22 meeting, we talked about the premium transit study

10:04:25 that should be starting -- you can tell us when.

10:04:28 >> September.

10:04:30 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And we asked for a report on that.

10:04:33 >>LISA MONTELIONE: One quick follow-up.

10:04:34 Councilman Maniscalco has some information on

10:04:38 people who have called his office.

10:04:40 We know people are watching in TV land because my

10:04:42 office just got a phone call from somebody who

10:04:46 said he did not get a number.

10:04:48 Here is his name and phone number so you can

10:04:50 contact him as well.

10:04:52 We'll pass that information along.

10:04:55 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.

10:04:55 Mr. McKinney, a couple of things you did that

10:04:58 were very intelligent.

10:04:59 One, you hired someone from West Tampa to

10:05:04 represent you.

10:05:04 We all know people that come from West Tampa are

10:05:07 very passionate and we will make sure we try and

10:05:10 get things right.

10:05:12 Second, I went to Cuesta sixth grade center in

10:05:15 addition, now it is a concrete slab with stairs

10:05:17 going up to it.

10:05:19 It's been taken over which was, of course, an old

10:05:21 cigar factory.

10:05:22 Mr. McKinney, we talked about all the human

10:05:25 elements in terms of what it means when you do

10:05:28 these type of projects, large projects that affect

10:05:30 people significantly.

10:05:31 And I think that we all know the history of the

10:05:35 interstate system throughout Tampa and what has

10:05:38 happened to our former transit system which

10:05:42 started being dismantled in 1946 and '47.

10:05:45 The question I have now is the process.

10:05:48 Here's what I want to know.

10:05:49 We have an F.D.O.T. project, a plan that's been on

10:05:53 the books or, excuse me, not in the books or in

10:05:56 the planning stages for over 20 years if I'm not

10:06:00 mistaken.

10:06:00 In order to do the project, you need the cash, you

10:06:03 need to accumulate the cash.

10:06:04 You need to get the land.

10:06:05 You need to do all these other parts of it in

10:06:08 order to get it done.

10:06:09 I know that you're familiar with what the U.S.

10:06:13 secretary of transportation has said about the

10:06:16 impacts that D.O.T. has had throughout the years

10:06:22 especially for neighborhoods, and I think he had a

10:06:27 Washington post article just recently, but in

10:06:29 addition, some of the things he said about ladders

10:06:32 of opportunity and what it means to actually build

10:06:34 a transportation system, and make neighborhoods

10:06:37 grow up as opposed to being affected negatively.

10:06:40 In terms of the process, if the secretary of

10:06:44 transportation, the U.S. secretary of

10:06:46 transportation did not want this project to go

10:06:48 forward or had made a comment to you and had,

10:06:53 let's say, something to say we don't want to

10:06:55 support this, is that something that is separate

10:06:58 from what you all would do?

10:07:00 Would you have to listen to that particular

10:07:03 secretary?

10:07:03 Or is it more controlled at the state level?

10:07:06 I'm just curious about that.

10:07:08 >> If the Federal Highway Administration did not

10:07:11 support the project, obviously, that would be --

10:07:13 that would be -- that could be a potential deal

10:07:17 killer.

10:07:17 We are following through the environmental process

10:07:21 now.

10:07:22 We are early in the process.

10:07:23 There are a lot of things happening.

10:07:24 I know because of the potential to advance funding

10:07:27 into this project, but we are still in the

10:07:29 environmental evaluation process.

10:07:33 We are having daily discussions with -- actually,

10:07:35 this morning, we have got a meeting with federal

10:07:38 highway.

10:07:39 So we are working through the process to address

10:07:42 whatever concerns that they have.

10:07:45 I invited her today, we hired USF to assist us in

10:07:51 community outreach efforts --

10:07:53 >>MIKE SUAREZ: We're familiar with that,

10:07:54 Mr. McKinney.

10:07:55 I appreciate that.

10:07:57 I guess the question is, in terms of the process,

10:07:58 because usually it's a mixtures of state dollars

10:08:02 and federal dollars, correct?

10:08:04 What's usually the mixtures?

10:08:06 50-50, 60-40?

10:08:08 >> In this project, I don't have the exact number,

10:08:10 but we receive about 25% of our funds from the

10:08:14 federal government.

10:08:15 75% comes from the state trust fund.

10:08:17 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And then in terms of direction,

10:08:21 though, I mean, if U.S. D.O.T. said and Federal

10:08:23 Highway Administration said, hey, listen, we think

10:08:26 this is a bad idea, we don't think this actually

10:08:29 does what we want to see in the future for

10:08:32 transportation in the Tampa Bay area, can the

10:08:36 governor and the Florida secretary of

10:08:40 transportation say, well, listen, you know what,

10:08:42 we'll go forward with this.

10:08:43 We'll find our other 25% somewhere else and we're

10:08:46 just going to do whatever we want to do.

10:08:48 Can you do that or is that something --

10:08:52 >> I don't know if I can answer that.

10:08:53 That is a pretty heavy question.

10:08:55 >>MIKE SUAREZ: In the years you've experienced,

10:08:57 have you ever had that happen?

10:08:58 >> Not in my 25 years.

10:09:01 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I didn't think so.

10:09:01 I was curious, because we're approaching a new

10:09:05 paradigm when it comes to holistic transportation

10:09:10 solutions.

10:09:10 We know we won't get rid of cars tomorrow.

10:09:13 I think all of us know that.

10:09:14 When we have to travel certain places, we need our

10:09:17 vehicle.

10:09:17 There's no doubt about it.

10:09:19 But we want more choices as consumers of

10:09:22 transportation.

10:09:23 You see it with Uber and Lyft.

10:09:25 You see it in terms of some of the things that

10:09:27 we're doing at Hart which is experimenting with

10:09:30 first-mile, last-mile projects.

10:09:32 We want to use all that is available to us.

10:09:34 And I know we talk about autonomous vehicles, and

10:09:37 I think Secretary Steinman is a big fan of

10:09:41 autonomous vehicles.

10:09:42 But at the same time, we need to see where we're

10:09:44 at in 5 years, 10 years, 25 years as opposed to

10:09:48 doing a project that is, you know, for the most

10:09:53 part, kind of started in the early '90s, and now

10:09:56 we're trying to make it happen in 2020, let's say.

10:10:02 I'm just using a number here, a year.

10:10:04 In terms of the next part of the process, I know

10:10:06 the NEPA process has to go through.

10:10:08 That's being done currently.

10:10:10 And then is there any viewpoint of using any of

10:10:15 the lane capacity that comes up exclusively for

10:10:17 transit?

10:10:18 That's one of the issues I know that we've kind of

10:10:21 talked about it, both from my side at Hart and

10:10:24 Secretary Steinman has mentioned some of this,

10:10:27 which is they are looking at using lane capacity

10:10:31 for Hart to be used free of charge for those

10:10:35 riders, but it hasn't been put in -- excuse the

10:10:39 pun -- concrete about us going forward.

10:10:42 Because if this goes through, we need to provide

10:10:46 other opportunities and options for people to have

10:10:49 mass transit because if they don't do it, it will,

10:10:52 I think, go to naught.

10:10:54 We're not done with this project.

10:10:57 I know it's going to be I think long and drawn

10:10:59 out.

10:11:00 If you look behind you, a lot of people behind you

10:11:02 are not in support of this TBX project, and it's

10:11:05 not a finalized product yet.

10:11:08 I think you know that.

10:11:09 I think we all know that.

10:11:12 So I want to make sure we -- and I told this to

10:11:14 Secretary Steinman directly and I'll say it to

10:11:16 you, too -- you need to find ways to mitigate what

10:11:19 you're doing in addition to finding solutions that

10:11:22 fit the needs of the neighborhood and not just the

10:11:24 needs of the drivers that are going to be driving

10:11:27 on that freeway.

10:11:28 Because we cannot continue this kind of

10:11:31 loggerheads without actually coming up with real

10:11:35 solutions for the choices that people actually

10:11:37 want.

10:11:38 And not because we want to build a road.

10:11:40 And that's something that we need to really think

10:11:42 about before we go forward any longer.

10:11:44 I just wanted to ask you that process, because I

10:11:47 know that money is a big part of it.

10:11:49 You know, you need to get the funding.

10:11:51 You have to have the state legislature continue to

10:11:55 look at this.

10:11:56 The state legislature said no and decided not to

10:11:58 fund it or vetoed by the governor, it would hamper

10:12:02 your ability to go forward.

10:12:03 And it would be much more difficult.

10:12:06 So, you know, I think that if you look at the

10:12:10 people that are concerned about this particular

10:12:12 issue, the holistic transportation solutions that

10:12:15 we need to look at might include some of this but

10:12:18 it doesn't include all of this.

10:12:20 That's something that you'll have to think about.

10:12:21 Thank you, chair.

10:12:23 I appreciate it.

10:12:23 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

10:12:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Madam Chair.

10:12:28 I look, it's not about what's happening in Ybor

10:12:32 City, what's happening in West Tampa, what's

10:12:34 happening in Seminole Heights, what's happening in

10:12:36 Tampa Heights.

10:12:37 If we continue with the same mind-set, all of us,

10:12:40 we'll all be living under the expressway because

10:12:43 we're going to keep increasing and increasing.

10:12:45 That's it.

10:12:46 We have to find a different route.

10:12:51 That's my closing.

10:12:53 Thank you very much.

10:13:03 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Councilman Cohen.

10:13:04 >>HARRY COHEN: So everyone, I believe, has had a

10:13:07 chance to speak, and I wanted to say something to

10:13:09 D.O.T. and to the community.

10:13:11 This was Lisa's motion to bring this up today.

10:13:15 I believe it's coming back to the CRA again in

10:13:17 May.

10:13:17 And I have felt that this is a very important

10:13:22 forum for this discussion to take place.

10:13:25 Because our role here is to protect the

10:13:30 neighborhoods of the City of Tampa.

10:13:32 And this is a place where there is a lot of

10:13:37 concern that's been expressed about the details of

10:13:45 this project.

10:13:45 At the MPO, the project is being presented in a

10:13:48 little bit of a larger form because it includes

10:13:51 areas of the region, in fact, that really do not

10:13:55 directly bear on the city itself.

10:13:59 There are pieces of this project that have to do

10:14:01 with the airport.

10:14:02 That have to do with the integration of the Howard

10:14:03 Frankland bridge, that have to do with building

10:14:05 out in the right-of-way between the expressway,

10:14:09 between downtown and Westshore and part of those

10:14:12 plans include some provisions for a transit

10:14:16 envelope and for, perhaps, a transit envelope

10:14:19 across the Howard Frankland bridge.

10:14:21 This piece of the project, though, the piece of

10:14:25 the project that involves the downtown interchange

10:14:28 and that goes north from the City of Tampa has

10:14:32 caused a great deal of concern within our

10:14:35 neighborhoods.

10:14:35 And I felt it was very important for D.O.T. to

10:14:40 hear from the City Council members who spoke,

10:14:44 every one of them, passionately today about the

10:14:46 concerns of what this is going to impose on the

10:14:49 city.

10:14:50 I recognize that 11,000 -- excuse me, 11,000

10:14:54 passengers a day have got to get to the airport

10:14:57 that we have to have additional capacity, not just

10:15:01 hopefully with rail and rapid -- bus rapid transit

10:15:05 and other transit alternatives, but that we're

10:15:08 also going to need additional road capacity.

10:15:11 What my plea is to D.O.T. is to start rethinking

10:15:16 the details of how we're going to get this done.

10:15:18 Look for different options to get people through

10:15:22 the decor of the city.

10:15:25 That's the primary issue that has been raised

10:15:28 here.

10:15:29 And it's not just -- it is certainly partly about

10:15:32 the displaced families and businesses, but I think

10:15:35 it's equally about the division of the

10:15:38 neighborhoods that have worked so hard to build

10:15:40 cohesiveness and build businesses.

10:15:43 And I think you've heard from everybody today,

10:15:45 testament to our real, real concern that that's

10:15:47 going to be jeopardize.

10:15:49 So, you know, when you come back in May, and also

10:15:52 when you come to us at the MPO, particularly when

10:15:55 you couple to the hearing in June, on June 22nd,

10:15:58 where the MPO is going to have to make some

10:16:01 critical decisions about the future of this

10:16:04 project, please, demonstrate a willingness to look

10:16:07 at other alternatives for how the urban core is

10:16:11 treated, because that is the number one issue that

10:16:15 is standing in the way of getting some of the

10:16:17 relief that we need for the airport, for the

10:16:19 bridge, and for some of the other areas that are

10:16:23 affected by this project.

10:16:24 Thank you.

10:16:28 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Councilman Reddick.

10:16:30 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:16:31 I'll just make a final comment.

10:16:34 That is I hope when you come back in May, I hope

10:16:37 you will come back with an alternative plan

10:16:40 instead of the one you have on the table right now

10:16:42 that affects so many people in these neighborhoods

10:16:46 as well as businesses.

10:16:47 If you don't have an alternative plan at our

10:16:53 discussion in May, I think this Council, this

10:16:56 neighborhood a great -- by voting to not support

10:17:02 the TBX plan.

10:17:05 I think we need to go on record in May that we do

10:17:08 not support it if you don't have an alternative

10:17:10 plan.

10:17:11 And that should be a discussion we have in May.

10:17:15 Because I think every member on this Council has

10:17:17 expressed concern.

10:17:18 If you're not willing to reach out to an

10:17:21 alternative plan, then we should go on record to

10:17:24 make that official, our concern and not support

10:17:27 TBX.

10:17:28 Thank you.

10:17:39 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Continue.

10:17:40 >> We were done.

10:17:41 I'm going to make sure if there are any other

10:17:45 comments.

10:17:48 >>YVONNE CAPIN: We have a crack team here of aides

10:17:51 that looked up the answer to this letter, the CRA

10:17:57 sent to honorable Gregory Nadeau acting

10:18:02 administrator, Federal Highway Administration in

10:18:05 Washington, D.C., and this letter is dated

10:18:07 July 23rd, 2015, of the concerns that you heard

10:18:11 today.

10:18:12 So that was last year in July.

10:18:13 And his answer to us was, copied Debbie Hunt,

10:18:21 F.D.O.T., Ken Morefield, F.D.O.T.

10:18:25 Beth Allen, Hillsborough MPO.

10:18:27 And it was division administration answered by

10:18:30 James Christian.

10:18:41 They hear our concerns.

10:18:42 As a body committed to the model of redevelopment

10:18:46 and revitalization.

10:18:48 It is disheartening for CRA once again to see

10:18:52 I-275 blow another Tampa neighborhood striving to

10:18:56 reinvent itself.

10:18:57 These neighborhoods we're talking about are

10:18:59 neighborhoods that were in dire, dire straits, and

10:19:03 these people invested in these neighborhoods and

10:19:07 have managed to bring them back to a lovely

10:19:12 actually neighborhoods.

10:19:12 His answer is, we are aware of F.D.O.T.

10:19:16 His answer was dated August 5, 2015.

10:19:18 We are aware of F.D.O.T. is in the process of

10:19:21 reevaluating the previous completed studies.

10:19:24 The National Environment Policy Act and federal

10:19:27 regulations outline a formal process to identify

10:19:30 and assess potential impacts related to

10:19:32 implementing approved federal actions at various

10:19:35 phases of project development.

10:19:37 In this case, the construction of TBX.

10:19:40 Although nothing has been submitted to our office

10:19:43 for review at that point, we want to assure you

10:19:46 that all the identified issues will be carefully

10:19:49 considered in the environmental decision-making

10:19:52 process to ensure compliance with applicable

10:19:55 federal laws and regulations.

10:19:57 We encourage to you continue to work with

10:19:59 F.D.O.T., the Hillsborough metropolitan planning

10:20:01 organization during the project development study

10:20:04 process to identify the potential social,

10:20:06 economic, and environmental effects, identify the

10:20:10 potential social, economic, and environmental

10:20:12 effects the planned roadway improvements would

10:20:15 have on the community so they can appropriately

10:20:19 evaluate, avoid, and minimize or mitigate.

10:20:24 We applaud your efforts for the work -- okay.

10:20:26 So that's what we're doing here.

10:20:28 Exactly what we're saying, what he said we needed

10:20:32 to do is what we're doing.

10:20:34 And we will continue to -- in that vein.

10:20:40 I want to thank my colleagues for their input on

10:20:45 this.

10:20:47 Any other --

10:20:49 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No.

10:20:50 The last part of the item is for Melissa Zornitta

10:20:56 to present the Tampa Heights community plan.

10:21:00 Is Cathy Coyle or someone from staff up?

10:21:07 Mr. Campbell is here, for the city staff, so that

10:21:10 we know how the community plan of Tampa Heights

10:21:18 has an effect or not or is affected by the TBX

10:21:23 project.

10:21:25 >> Good morning.

10:21:26 Melissa Zornitta, Executive Director of the

10:21:29 Hillsborough County City-County Planning

10:21:29 Commission.

10:21:31 Thank you for inviting me here today.

10:21:34 I have a couple of things I was going to share

10:21:37 regarding the Tampa Heights neighborhood plan.

10:21:41 This was completed by Planning Commission staff in

10:21:45 conjunction with working with the neighborhood

10:21:47 stakeholders in 2002 and accepted by City Council

10:21:50 by resolution in 2003.

10:21:52 Unlike some of the other community plans, like

10:21:58 Seminole Heights and 40th Street, this community

10:22:01 plan did not have goals, objectives and policies

10:22:06 that were adopted into the comprehensive plan.

10:22:09 So it's not a regulatory tool so much.

10:22:13 And as we talk about the contents of the

10:22:18 neighborhood plan, you'll sort of see that.

10:22:20 We do have policies in the adopted comprehensive

10:22:23 plan --

10:22:25 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Ms. Zornitta why is this plan

10:22:29 different from the others and why is it not a

10:22:31 regulatory tool like the others and why wasn't it

10:22:33 adopted into the comprehensive plan?

10:22:36 >> Seminole Heights and 40th Street came after.

10:22:40 All of these community plans referenced on the

10:22:43 slide were done in a different approach.

10:22:48 They were taken as sort of a way to come up with

10:22:52 the vision of the community and have a way for

10:22:54 them to express that as a tool for the community

10:22:57 to help organize their efforts.

10:23:00 It is something that is considered in other

10:23:03 planning efforts, but since then, we've sort of

10:23:08 progressed and evolved in how the community plans

10:23:11 are done.

10:23:11 And Seminole Heights and 40th Street are sort

10:23:14 of --

10:23:15 >>LISA MONTELIONE: If the Tampa Heights plan were

10:23:17 done today, it would be done differently and

10:23:19 adopted into the comprehensive plan and it would

10:23:20 be a regulatory tool.

10:23:22 >> Portions of it would be.

10:23:24 Portions would turn into zoning code, much like

10:23:26 the Seminole Heights has the form-based code that

10:23:31 was done.

10:23:31 There are different regulatory tools that might

10:23:34 implement different portions of the plan.

10:23:38 The comprehensive plan does recognize that these

10:23:41 community plans were done, and that the

10:23:43 neighborhoods put a lot of time and effort into

10:23:46 them when they were developing them and talked

10:23:49 about how they should be the framework and basis

10:23:52 for future community plans that are done in those

10:23:56 areas.

10:23:56 That might update those efforts.

10:24:00 Additionally, it recognizes that there was

10:24:03 valuable content.

10:24:05 They often inventoried a lot of the community --

10:24:12 In terms of the content of the Tampa Heights

10:24:15 vision, it talked a lot about neighborhood

10:24:21 organization and empowerment.

10:24:23 The group that is here today wasn't necessarily in

10:24:27 the same structure and framework in 2002.

10:24:31 So a lot of the community plan focused on how to

10:24:34 help them build that neighborhood infrastructure.

10:24:38 It talked about looking for opportunities for

10:24:41 collaboration and partnerships as well.

10:24:43 There was some discussion of rebuilding the

10:24:46 neighborhood economy, focusing on some commercial

10:24:49 revitalization, particularly along Tampa and

10:24:52 Florida streets.

10:24:53 There was a focus on connectivity, looking at

10:24:57 gateways, opportunities for greenways and trail

10:25:02 development, maintaining the grid system,

10:25:05 pedestrian safety, and support of transit.

10:25:07 Again, back in 2002, they were talking about bus

10:25:11 in support of the trolley.

10:25:13 Potentially extending that into Tampa Heights.

10:25:16 It talks about housing choices, and looking at

10:25:20 affordable housing and having a greater variety of

10:25:25 housing types maintained in the community and a

10:25:27 focus on children and having parks and gathering

10:25:30 places and focusing on safety.

10:25:32 And then this is the vision map.

10:25:36 Probably can't get it all on the screen at the

10:25:40 same time --

10:25:50 >> [speaking off microphone]

10:25:53 >> So this shows sort of the concept map for the

10:25:58 neighborhood with the focus on some activity

10:26:02 centers along Tampa and Florida streets.

10:26:07 Those red circles are sort of the community

10:26:10 revitalization areas that were aimed at, looking

10:26:13 at enhancing some of those streets with greenways

10:26:17 and gateways.

10:26:19 It also inventoried the number of the existing

10:26:23 uses that were in place at the time, social

10:26:25 services, schools, parks, as well as identifying

10:26:28 potentially opportunities for additional pocket

10:26:34 parks and things of that nature.

10:26:36 So I would be happy to answer any questions you

10:26:39 have.

10:26:42 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Any questions?

10:26:42 Ms. Montelione.

10:26:45 >>LISA MONTELIONE: You saw me reaching for the

10:26:47 button.

10:26:48 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, I did.

10:26:49 >>LISA MONTELIONE: We don't have an overlay to

10:26:54 show what the TBX expansion or the interstate

10:27:02 expansion would do to this plan, but seemingly, if

10:27:07 you look at this map and you look at yours, there

10:27:14 is quite a bit of, I think that the green, like

10:27:20 trees or something indicated along the lines there

10:27:22 that parallel the interstate.

10:27:27 >> The circle are street trees.

10:27:30 These dashed green lines are greenways.

10:27:38 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm trying to picture this and

10:27:40 picture that.

10:27:40 From looking here, it seems that from the

10:27:43 interchange down.

10:27:49 The orientation I don't think is north-south.

10:27:51 That is where the majority of properties to be

10:27:55 acquired is on the map that I have.

10:28:01 So it seems like most of that would all be going

10:28:04 away.

10:28:07 That part of the connection for a greenway or

10:28:11 trail system would be eliminated.

10:28:16 It would have to be relocated, because it's in the

10:28:19 path.

10:28:21 And that seems to be the major impact.

10:28:28 And I'll give you this map so maybe you can look

10:28:30 at it and offer your machine.

10:28:34 But if we were, hypothetically speaking, to adopt

10:28:45 this map into the comprehensive plan through a

10:28:49 plan amendment, initiated by the city, what would

10:28:55 the impact be to the planning process that the

10:29:01 Florida department of transportation would have to

10:29:08 consider as an undertaking in the future?

10:29:10 Not that I'm putting you on the spot here or

10:29:12 anything.

10:29:12 >> Not at all.

10:29:13 This is a concept map.

10:29:18 I don't think any of these lines, like, for

10:29:23 example, the pink houses put on here are

10:29:26 affordable.

10:29:26 It's labeled affordable housing, and it says not

10:29:29 location specific.

10:29:30 So there's a lot of things about this map that are

10:29:34 perhaps not in a position to be utilized in a

10:29:39 regular --

10:29:40 >>LISA MONTELIONE: This map, though, is only part

10:29:42 of the Tampa Heights community plan.

10:29:45 There are paragraphs, verbiage, there's statements

10:29:51 of vision and goals.

10:29:56 Much like the other community plans that the

10:30:00 Planning Commission has done, it's the first step

10:30:05 in moving towards the adoption, like we talked

10:30:07 about before, of the Seminole Heights zoning code,

10:30:10 which is undertaken by the City of Tampa's staff,

10:30:14 not the Planning Commission.

10:30:16 So the first step, though, is to have it adopted

10:30:21 into the comprehensive plan before our staff picks

10:30:25 up the ball and runs with it for planning

10:30:28 purposes.

10:30:29 >> Well, the process that we've been utilizing of

10:30:32 late has been to do a lot of that work more

10:30:36 simultaneously with the community, if we're able

10:30:38 to.

10:30:40 I would, this was done in 2002, and so I think it

10:30:46 would be a worthwhile effort before anything like

10:30:49 that was done to update it.

10:30:51 There are things about the neighborhood that have

10:30:53 changed.

10:30:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: For the better.

10:30:55 >> Right, absolutely.

10:30:55 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And it would be more

10:30:57 impactful -- the impact of TBX, the expansion on

10:31:00 the interstate would be more impactful now than it

10:31:03 was in 2002.

10:31:05 I'm contemplating how we would undertake that

10:31:14 update.

10:31:14 I think the CRA --

10:31:21 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Sal Territo may have a little

10:31:23 information there.

10:31:23 >>SAL TERRITO: I don't like to interject myself in

10:31:26 these kind of discussions.

10:31:27 I was on the Planning Commission '90 to '93.

10:31:30 I served as its Chairman.

10:31:32 A lot of these were giving the neighborhoods an

10:31:34 opportunity to give a vision of what they wanted.

10:31:36 They weren't done in such a stringent manner as

10:31:39 they would meet the city's state standards how to

10:31:42 impose these things.

10:31:43 What plan amendment -- with plan amendment maps

10:31:46 come policies.

10:31:47 Some of the policies that were proposed would not

10:31:49 be allowed to be done.

10:31:51 They didn't meet all of the legal standards.

10:31:53 Not that you can't --

10:31:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Right.

10:31:55 Which is why I'm contemplating requesting an

10:31:58 update.

10:31:58 >>SAL TERRITO: Well, it's not only an update.

10:32:00 These things were done quite a few years ago.

10:32:02 They would have to look at it again.

10:32:04 They are not just map changes.

10:32:05 Policies go with them.

10:32:07 Policies have to conform to state law and so

10:32:09 forth, not that you can't look at it, but these

10:32:11 maps were not done with that in mind.

10:32:13 It may require a new study to come up with a

10:32:17 different plan that would meet our standards, not

10:32:20 just taking these and updating these.

10:32:22 That's all I was trying to say.

10:32:23 Thank you.

10:32:24 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

10:32:29 >>LISA MONTELIONE: [microphone not on]

10:32:30 Hearing from the Planning Commission on what

10:32:39 exists in their records today as far as the level

10:32:43 of detail and what the community plan is and how

10:32:50 it's on the books or not in this case.

10:32:53 So that answers those questions.

10:32:56 I see Mr. Callahan at the podium.

10:32:58 >> Good morning, Council.

10:32:59 Mike Callahan.

10:33:00 Planning and urban design.

10:33:02 I'm here this morning as a proxy -- he was

10:33:07 required at a mandatory training meeting this

10:33:08 morning.

10:33:09 We did spend some time updating this map.

10:33:12 I would like to show it to you.

10:33:13 I think it speaks to a lot of the things that

10:33:16 Ms. Montelione was talking about.

10:33:18 If you look at the map Melissa just put up, we

10:33:41 have updated many of the things that have

10:33:42 occurred.

10:33:43 Almost the bottom third of the Tampa Heights

10:33:47 project area has been developed in many cases,

10:33:50 developed out with the heights project is in

10:33:57 process to be developed as well as GE financial

10:34:01 headquarters.

10:34:03 Encore is in there.

10:34:04 The red area to the east of the interstate is

10:34:10 actually the expanded Ybor City historic district.

10:34:15 You can see lightly the brown area in this

10:34:18 rectangular area is the historic Tampa Heights

10:34:23 area, which will come under its own regulatory

10:34:25 framework in terms of being developed out.

10:34:27 But we are in process.

10:34:30 This is our next plan, community plan, which will

10:34:33 have its own regulatory structure.

10:34:36 I can't tell you exactly when that's going to

10:34:39 start because we still have to finish 40th

10:34:41 Street, and we're working a little bit with Davis

10:34:44 Islands as well.

10:34:44 So it is next.

10:34:46 It is absolutely next, and that's really what I

10:34:49 wanted to bring to you this morning there.

10:34:57 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'll let you in on a little

10:34:59 secret.

10:34:59 I knew that.

10:35:01 And I wanted to put that on the record so

10:35:06 Mr. Territo, while you were speaking, I was trying

10:35:10 to draw out the information and the contrast

10:35:12 between what we have with the Planning Commission

10:35:15 that exists today from 2002 and what the city is

10:35:20 undertaking as the Tampa Heights community plan

10:35:22 moves forward and how we're taking that 2002

10:35:27 community plan, we're going to move forward with

10:35:31 the City of Tampa planning process and hopefully

10:35:38 codify --

10:35:39 >> Not hopefully.

10:35:39 We will codify.

10:35:39 It will be similar.

10:35:40 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you very much.

10:35:41 So we will codify some of these planning policies

10:35:46 and move forward with development codes that will

10:35:51 be on the books, that will in some cases directly

10:35:58 impact the TBX and the expansion of the

10:36:03 interstate.

10:36:03 So at some point in time, not to make everybody

10:36:09 laugh, down the road, there's going to have to be

10:36:14 a meeting of the minds between what our codes in

10:36:19 the City of Tampa dictate for Tampa Heights, what

10:36:21 the community wants, what will be part of our City

10:36:24 of Tampa Code of Ordinances and what the Florida

10:36:29 department of transportation is planning because

10:36:30 they will be in direct conflict.

10:36:35 >> Yep, um-hum.

10:36:36 >>LISA MONTELIONE: As part of the F.D.O.T.

10:36:38 planning process, the reason I brought up, and I

10:36:41 said in the motion $21 million which was before I

10:36:46 actually received the matrix of funding.

10:36:51 But it's actually 20 -- there it is.

10:36:55 It's $24.6 million.

10:36:57 It's $24,594,775, which is budgeted.

10:37:03 So before we start spending, or before the Florida

10:37:07 department of transportation starts spending that

10:37:10 taxpayer money to acquire property that are owned

10:37:16 by folks who voluntarily want them acquired, we

10:37:22 should put a little bit of a break on this, allow

10:37:24 our planning process to move forward and find out

10:37:28 what the real impact to those properties is.

10:37:31 Because after our planning processes go through

10:37:35 and we codify some of these things, the value of

10:37:38 the property might be different.

10:37:40 The intended use of those properties might be

10:37:43 different, and I think it's a strong enough case

10:37:49 and argument to slow down the Florida department

10:37:52 of transportation's acquisition policies and

10:37:56 plans, to wait until all of these things are done.

10:37:59 You know, the interstate expansion is not going to

10:38:02 be a -- a teaspoonful of dirt is not going to be

10:38:07 churned for a number of years.

10:38:08 I want to pull back on that acquisition, the

10:38:13 aggressive acquisition policy that they are

10:38:14 following through now, and wait until all of these

10:38:18 other questions are settled.

10:38:28 >>HARRY COHEN: It's not the practice of Council

10:38:30 members to ask other Council members questions.

10:38:32 However, it's my understanding that the issue you

10:38:37 just raised is the only thing that the MPO is

10:38:40 actually voting on on June 22nd.

10:38:43 That's the only piece of the tip that is locked in

10:38:48 stone for the next year, regarding this project.

10:38:56 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Transportation staff isn't

10:38:58 here.

10:38:58 If the TIF is approved.

10:39:03 >>HARRY COHEN: Ms. Duncan is here.

10:39:05 I want clarity.

10:39:08 >> Good morning, board members.

10:39:09 Jean Duncan transportation stormwater services.

10:39:12 You're correct, Mr. Cohen.

10:39:13 That is the only piece that is being voted on at

10:39:15 the June public hearing at the MPO board meeting.

10:39:18 The acquisition, the approval to go forward with

10:39:24 the acquisition of the -- I don't have the exact

10:39:26 number, 24 million -- yes, thank you.

10:39:33 >> [not speaking into a microphone]

10:39:35 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

10:39:35 And I have a question for Mr. Territo.

10:39:38 Do we not have the -- the CRA has the power to get

10:39:41 an updated plan and spend its own CRA dollars to

10:39:45 hire a private consultant to do it in a timely

10:39:47 way?

10:39:48 >>SAL TERRITO: You have the authority to hire

10:39:51 private consultants if you can find the money out

10:39:52 of your budget to do that.

10:39:54 And the money that you're using for that purpose

10:39:57 has to come out of the area CRA -- CRA area from

10:40:01 which the work to be done.

10:40:03 Can't use downtown money for West Tampa and so

10:40:05 forth.

10:40:06 But it is within your jurisdiction to spend your

10:40:07 money as you see fit.

10:40:10 >>YVONNE CAPIN: So we're looking at Ybor, the

10:40:13 heights what else?

10:40:17 Who else is there?

10:40:18 Downtown.

10:40:20 So we have three.

10:40:22 I just wanted to bring that up so that we can

10:40:27 maybe consider that.

10:40:31 I leave it up to my colleagues.

10:40:48 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Coincidentally have the budget

10:40:49 numbers here.

10:40:50 In brief, from the CRA.

10:40:53 The expansion of the Ybor historic district is

10:40:58 that Ybor one or Ybor two?

10:41:00 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Ybor one.

10:41:01 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Ybor one.

10:41:03 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Two would be east of 22nd.

10:41:06 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Ybor one, ending fund balance

10:41:09 461,000. Tampa Heights riverfront CRA ending fund

10:41:15 balance is 258,000.

10:41:17 Mr. Territo, would we -- in downtown it's a

10:41:23 million four.

10:41:23 More or less.

10:41:26 Would we need to have the CRA community advisory

10:41:36 boards of those three areas ask us to reallocate

10:41:42 the funds?

10:41:43 Or do we make a request of them?

10:41:45 They are the ones who decide how, in some cases,

10:41:49 money is spent.

10:41:49 >>YVONNE CAPIN: They are a voluntary group.

10:41:51 We decide how at the end of the day --

10:41:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I don't want to take money that

10:41:58 they don't expect.

10:41:58 >>YVONNE CAPIN: At the end of the day, it is a

10:42:00 decision of this board.

10:42:01 >>SAL TERRITO: Normally what you do, you ask them

10:42:02 to consider the issue, review it, and then come

10:42:05 back to you with a recommendation.

10:42:07 It is your final decision.

10:42:08 Because what you'll be doing is moving money out

10:42:10 of other projects or other areas that might want

10:42:12 to be funded by those groups, but ultimately it's

10:42:15 your decision.

10:42:18 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I would ask, then, by motion

10:42:19 that we have the managers of those three CRA funds

10:42:25 to come to us with a report or with -- yeah, with

10:42:34 a report on which projects could possibly be

10:42:37 impacted should we decide to allocate some funds

10:42:42 to hiring our own consultant to take a look at the

10:42:45 issue.

10:42:46 >>SAL TERRITO: Put the three areas on the record.

10:42:49 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Sure.

10:42:50 It would be Ybor one.

10:42:51 Tampa Heights.

10:42:53 And downtown.

10:42:53 CRAs.

10:42:55 So I would ask the managers of those three to come

10:43:00 forward with what their projects are and which

10:43:03 would be potentially impacted by reallocating some

10:43:07 funds.

10:43:08 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Ms. Montelione, that's excellent.

10:43:11 However, would it be helpful -- we don't know the

10:43:16 amount we're asking for.

10:43:17 You just want to know where they would be able

10:43:20 to --

10:43:21 >>LISA MONTELIONE: What projects they have

10:43:22 allocated now, and that would tell us how much in

10:43:25 the fund balance is left for us to potentially

10:43:28 hire someone.

10:43:30 We need to know how much is already allocated out

10:43:33 of those fund balances.

10:43:35 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Council member Montelione has a

10:43:37 motion.

10:43:37 Seconded by Councilman Cohen.

10:43:39 A date.

10:43:43 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That shouldn't be very

10:43:44 difficult, so I would say in May at our --

10:43:49 May 12th at 9 a.m. under staff reports at the

10:43:53 CRA meeting.

10:43:54 >>YVONNE CAPIN: We have a motion by Councilwoman

10:43:55 Montelione.

10:43:56 Seconded by Council member Cohen.

10:43:58 All in favor?

10:44:00 Opposed?

10:44:01 Passes unanimously.

10:44:02 Thank you very much.

10:44:02 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you for the idea, Madam

10:44:04 Chair.

10:44:07 >>YVONNE CAPIN: You're welcome.

10:44:07 Thank you.

10:44:10 We're all welcome.

10:44:11 [ LAUGHTER ]

10:44:11 We are now moving on to our next presentation,

10:44:17 presentation, jean Duncan, director of

10:44:20 transportation and stormwater services to report

10:44:24 on four issues on go Hillsborough pertaining to

10:44:33 the City of Tampa and the CRA districts.

10:44:35 Thank you.

10:44:39 >> Good morning, CRA board members.

10:44:42 Jean Duncan, transportation and stormwater

10:44:45 services.

10:44:46 I've got a little handout coming along to you.

10:44:51 It's similar information that I presented a few

10:44:53 weeks ago, but I would be glad to go through that

10:44:56 again.

10:44:57 Basically, I'm here to answer a few questions and

10:45:01 provide some information about the two rail

10:45:04 projects that are in our go Hillsborough plan.

10:45:08 I'll place some of these items on the ELMO and

10:45:11 I'll be brief.

10:45:12 A very quick recap on the go Hillsborough planning

10:45:20 process.

10:45:24 We had a grouping of folks starting back in May of

10:45:28 2013, Hart staff, the two cities of Plant City and

10:45:33 Temple Terrace as well as the City of Tampa and

10:45:36 Hillsborough County, started a series of meetings

10:45:38 under the direction of the newly formed policy

10:45:41 leadership group, which is our three mayors and

10:45:44 our seven county commissioners and our Hart chair.

10:45:47 And worked together on developing a project list

10:45:50 and took that out for public comments, and that

10:45:54 resulted in a draft mobility plan proposing a half

10:45:59 percent sales tax as a strategy to fund that plan.

10:46:01 The plan was then chaired again through another

10:46:09 series of public engagement meetings in two

10:46:12 different phases.

10:46:13 First phase having 36 workshops.

10:46:15 The second phase 54 workshops of which in that

10:46:22 phase, 22 meetings were in the City of Tampa.

10:46:24 That resulted in the recommended plan at the PLG I

10:46:29 believe back in November of 2015, voted to move

10:46:33 forward for consideration to be put on the ballot

10:46:38 for our Hillsborough County residents to weigh in

10:46:40 on whether to support a sales tax increase for

10:46:44 this plan.

10:46:47 >>SAL TERRITO: I apologize for breaking in.

10:46:49 Normally after each of the items, you want to have

10:46:51 public comment or do you want to have it at the

10:46:54 end?

10:46:55 >>YVONNE CAPIN: It's at the end.

10:46:56 Our agenda has it at the end.

10:46:58 Thank you.

10:47:00 >> Just some quick information about the two rail

10:47:03 projects that are in this plan, the first one is a

10:47:07 proposed rail project that's based on information

10:47:09 from the Hillsborough County MPO's 2040 long-range

10:47:13 plan, long-range transportation plan as well as

10:47:16 another study that they did called the transit

10:47:21 assets and opportunity study.

10:47:22 We took information from those two plans,

10:47:25 identified the cost estimate of about 480 million.

10:47:28 And we've identified that project in our plan

10:47:32 looking at the go Hillsborough potential sales tax

10:47:35 increase as well as financing, D.O.T. grants,

10:47:38 federal transit administration grants, possible

10:47:42 P-3 funding.

10:47:44 Alignment and technology has not been decided yet

10:47:47 for that study.

10:47:49 Just to reiterate that on this slide, I call it

10:47:53 rail.

10:47:54 You'll also hear the term "fixed guideway."

10:47:57 You'll also hear the term "premium transit."

10:48:00 There's a lot of terminology out there.

10:48:02 I just wanted to point that out.

10:48:04 Fixed guideway transit or rail system has not been

10:48:08 determined in terms of the alignment or the

10:48:10 technology.

10:48:11 There is a process that we have to go through

10:48:15 particularly if we're going to get federal

10:48:16 funding, that will allow us to identify and make

10:48:20 those decisions.

10:48:21 As Ms. Capin mentioned a little bit earlier, we do

10:48:24 have that premium transit study.

10:48:27 Again, fixed guideway rail, all the terminologies

10:48:32 fit under that umbrella.

10:48:34 That premium transit study is underway in terms of

10:48:38 the D.O.T. has provided a million dollars to get

10:48:40 it started.

10:48:42 There is a scope development between D.O.T. and

10:48:48 Hart staff.

10:48:49 We're looking at starting that in the fall.

10:48:51 You might have gotten a specific time frame from

10:48:54 D.O.T. I didn't quite catch if they provided that

10:48:57 to you or not.

10:48:58 Fall is the best information we have for it to get

10:49:01 underway with a consultant on board.

10:49:04 That will be about an 18- to 24-month process.

10:49:07 This particular study will look beyond the City of

10:49:10 Tampa.

10:49:10 It will look into Pasco and Pinellas Counties to

10:49:15 also explore the CSX rail tracks that have been

10:49:20 offered up for sale.

10:49:21 But that will be the beginnings of planning for

10:49:24 our system.

10:49:26 We will follow this study up with what we would

10:49:28 call an alternative analysis study to then nail

10:49:31 down more specifically the alignments and the

10:49:34 technology that we're going to be utilizing.

10:49:36 Our second project --

10:49:38 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Excuse me, Ms. Duncan.

10:49:41 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Quick question, in terms of the

10:49:43 alternatives analysis, is it possible that the

10:49:46 premium transit study could be essentially the

10:49:51 alternatives analysis or does another study have

10:49:52 to be done in order to make it the alternatives

10:49:54 analysis?

10:49:54 I mean, you know, because sometimes I think we get

10:49:58 well too confused about what we're going to be

10:50:01 doing next when we have a study available to us

10:50:03 and whether or not that can be converted into an

10:50:05 alternatives analysis.

10:50:06 >> Right.

10:50:07 It may be through the premium transit study that

10:50:11 downtown Tampa portion could go off on its own

10:50:16 course with that prior alternative analysis that

10:50:19 you're speaking of as background information

10:50:20 that's already been done.

10:50:21 So basically, we're springboarding ahead a little

10:50:24 bit because we do have the prior information.

10:50:27 >>MIKE SUAREZ: So if we wanted to go forward to

10:50:28 the MPO, we could say, listen, we don't want to do

10:50:31 the entire premium granted study.

10:50:33 We want to do just this part of it within the

10:50:35 Central Business District, extension of the

10:50:38 streetcar, we can do that fairly easily, correct?

10:50:40 >> Well, currently, the way it's being scoped out

10:50:44 is the premium transit study is going to include

10:50:47 looking at the downtown portion from downtown to

10:50:51 Westshore.

10:50:52 >>MIKE SUAREZ: That's just a portion.

10:50:53 You mentioned CSX is a part and some other things.

10:50:57 My point is if for some reason we don't go forward

10:51:01 with the CSX or other things that are part of the

10:51:03 premium transit study, we can use that as a basis

10:51:05 for the next part of it as an alternatives

10:51:08 analysis for specifically the extension of the

10:51:10 streetcar.

10:51:10 >> Absolutely, yes. I didn't quite understand

10:51:14 that point.

10:51:15 Yes, that's exactly what we expect to do,

10:51:17 actually, as a result of this.

10:51:18 To what extent we can overlap that with the

10:51:22 premium transit, we'll certainly be looking to

10:51:26 accelerate as much as we can and use the current

10:51:28 information that we have.

10:51:29 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thanks, Ms. Duncan.

10:51:31 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Councilman Suarez.

10:51:32 We have a question from Councilman Cohen.

10:51:34 >>HARRY COHEN: Ms. Duncan, I don't want to put you

10:51:37 on the spot in asking this, because this is a

10:51:39 little outside what you're here for, but we spent

10:51:41 all morning talking about TBX.

10:51:44 Now you're telling us welcome news.

10:51:48 Of course, many of us have been briefed on it,

10:51:50 that this premium transit study is going to be

10:51:52 underway, and it's going to include the Central

10:51:55 Business District of the city.

10:51:57 How can we possibly make a decision about

10:52:02 allocating money to acquire right-of-way?

10:52:05 If concurrent to that decision we're doing a study

10:52:10 that covers the exact same area of the city.

10:52:16 It seems like these two things, I understand they

10:52:19 are on totally separate tracks, but when you

10:52:22 consider that they are on totally separate tracks

10:52:24 and then go Hillsborough is on a third totally

10:52:26 separate track, does the time line that we're

10:52:31 making these decisions make sense?

10:52:35 >> So, the way I would explain it is, they are

10:52:38 very integrated with each other.

10:52:41 The TBX project is a spine for many of the go

10:52:45 Hillsborough projects, particularly on the

10:52:46 roadside.

10:52:47 The TBX project has reserved a 44-foot corridor

10:52:53 envelope throughout the interstate section

10:52:56 certainly within the City of Tampa and across the

10:52:58 Howard Frankland bridge.

10:52:59 And this premium transit study, again, the scope

10:53:03 is still in development.

10:53:04 But the level that we explore, that interstate

10:53:09 envelope versus a local street in terms of where

10:53:13 that rail system will go, the scope being

10:53:16 developed right now with Hart staff and D.O.T.

10:53:19 staff will lay out to what level of detail we go

10:53:22 into for that.

10:53:25 >>HARRY COHEN: I want to try to simplify it for

10:53:27 myself and for everyone what it is you're saying.

10:53:30 I guess you're saying that you're going to

10:53:33 evaluate the different alternatives.

10:53:37 On one hand, TBX, it goes forward.

10:53:41 On the other hand, if you're using local streets

10:53:44 is what you're considering.

10:53:46 >> Well, I guess I would say TBX is additional

10:53:49 travel lanes within that limited access

10:53:52 right-of-way that D.O.T. has.

10:53:54 The rail envelope is reserved for whatever transit

10:53:59 rail opportunity that is developed.

10:54:01 So TBX or no TBX, that envelope is still there.

10:54:05 And that's what the premium transit study is going

10:54:08 to be focusing on.

10:54:09 Again, I'm not part of the scope development.

10:54:11 I don't know to what level of detail they are

10:54:14 going to explore that in the alternative analysis

10:54:17 that Councilman Suarez mentioned.

10:54:20 Those details were drilled down very closely.

10:54:24 This is a broader look at rail in a much larger

10:54:30 area.

10:54:31 So as Mr. Suarez was saying, this may be

10:54:34 information we take and then go on our own path of

10:54:39 just within the City of Tampa from downtown to

10:54:43 TIA, make sure that we're doing our project within

10:54:47 the bigger picture of a regional system, but drill

10:54:49 down into those details that you're talking about.

10:54:52 But we don't see go Hillsborough, TBX, or this

10:54:55 being in contrast with each other.

10:54:59 Rather, they are working together in terms of the

10:55:01 planning decisions that are being made.

10:55:08 >> Anyone else have questions for Ms. Duncan?

10:55:11 No.

10:55:12 All right, Ms. Duncan, thank you very much for

10:55:13 your report.

10:55:14 >> Thank you.

10:55:18 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That concludes our staff

10:55:21 reports.

10:55:23 I see we lost a lot of our members of the

10:55:26 chambers.

10:55:28 They had to get back to work, I'm sure.

10:55:30 We are now at public comments.

10:55:32 Anyone wishing to address the CRA board, please

10:55:37 stand up, come to the microphone and remember to

10:55:39 state your name for the record.

10:55:46 >> Good morning, Kimberly Overman, 4610 North

10:55:51 Central Avenue.

10:55:52 I'm imploring you to recognize that the community

10:55:58 is very upset about the process of having TBX go

10:56:03 through our communities.

10:56:03 I'm encouraged from what I've heard today, it

10:56:07 sounds as though Council is very empathetic to

10:56:11 what's going on in the community.

10:56:14 This business area has actually fought very hard

10:56:17 to recover during this time period, and my biggest

10:56:21 concern is, if we are, in fact, voting on

10:56:25 allocating -- what was the dollar amount?

10:56:28 >>LISA MONTELIONE: 24.6.

10:56:30 >> 24.6.

10:56:31 >>LISA MONTELIONE: For acquisition.

10:56:32 >> For acquisition of properties that eliminates

10:56:35 property tax from ever being collected on that

10:56:37 property, again.

10:56:40 It also eliminates any of the sales taxes that

10:56:43 might be generated from the businesses that are on

10:56:45 those properties.

10:56:46 And that doesn't count the properties that

10:56:49 F.D.O.T. has already purchased over the years when

10:56:52 we were talking about having high-speed rail land

10:56:54 in the middle of the city, of which those

10:56:57 properties lay vacant, boarded up and harming the

10:57:01 economic development of these communities that

10:57:03 have fought so hard.

10:57:04 So, please, please, make sure that the CRA is very

10:57:09 much considered in the amount of tax revenues and

10:57:12 tax credits that the community will lose as a

10:57:15 consequence of considering TBX as part of our

10:57:19 overall economic plan.

10:57:20 Using transit is a way of actually solving some of

10:57:24 our needs.

10:57:25 Having buses and helping our businesses grow will

10:57:28 solve a lot of our needs.

10:57:30 But destroying the community fabric in order to do

10:57:33 that shall not be done again, in my opinion, if we

10:57:38 are good stewards of what we're supposed to be

10:57:40 doing for our community.

10:57:42 What happened to Central Avenue businesses for the

10:57:46 large population of African-American communities

10:57:50 that were a strong economic engine for the City of

10:57:52 Tampa, to have it destroyed when the interstate

10:57:55 went through the first time and to not honor what

10:58:00 happened there.

10:58:00 We just had a park that just got opened up to

10:58:03 celebrate what was lost and trying to regain it

10:58:06 and spent a lot of money making that happen.

10:58:08 We need to not forget.

10:58:12 That's very important to not only the current

10:58:13 residents here, but the business owners that are

10:58:15 developing and risking their resources to make

10:58:18 this happen.

10:58:18 Thank you.

10:58:20 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

10:58:21 Next.

10:58:22 >> Hi.

10:58:24 Kevin Thurman, 111 North 12th Street, Tampa,

10:58:28 Florida.

10:58:28 I first wanted to say I'm really glad that the CRA

10:58:31 is taking a position.

10:58:33 TBX affects the majority of CRA districts,

10:58:35 including the downtown, one that I was on the CRA

10:58:37 advisory board on before and the Channelside one

10:58:40 that I live in now.

10:58:41 I think it's really important to people that the

10:58:44 F.D.O.T. understands that this body exists to make

10:58:46 sure that the blight that created a redevelopment,

10:58:49 is something that shouldn't be continued and not

10:58:52 only not continued but our taxpayer dollars

10:58:54 shouldn't be to create more of it.

10:58:55 And it is your job, and I am glad you are doing it

10:58:58 today, to protect these areas, protect your

10:59:01 millions and millions of dollars of investments

10:59:03 that you've put into these areas so they can

10:59:05 continue to grow.

10:59:06 I want people to understand that part of that

10:59:11 investment is the key.

10:59:12 But I did want to take a second that I have to

10:59:15 change the second half of my thing because of

10:59:17 something jean Duncan said that I want to make

10:59:20 very, very clear.

10:59:21 That is not a single dollar of the go Hillsborough

10:59:23 plan that people are putting forward is dependent

10:59:27 on anything to do with TBX.

10:59:29 I hope we can kill TBX and don't have to worry

10:59:32 about a single bit of that money.

10:59:33 I don't understand why she would say that.

10:59:36 I hope the city corrects that issue.

10:59:38 I hope you guys each ask the city to clarify why

10:59:41 they would even possibly say that.

10:59:42 Now, the study for the overall CSX tracks

10:59:45 obviously has something to do when we're talking

10:59:48 about investing 52% of our sales tax into

10:59:50 alternatives for driving.

10:59:51 When we're looking at what we're going to do here,

10:59:54 the choice about what we face on TBX is exactly

10:59:57 what we see.

10:59:57 No matter whether you love every single bit and I

11:00:00 would like to see a lot more transit in go

11:00:02 Hillsborough as everybody knows.

11:00:03 But here's the thing about it, as a community, no

11:00:08 matter what compromise we reach as residents, the

11:00:10 City of Tampa is spending the vast majority of its

11:00:13 money on complete streets and on transit.

11:00:15 And we're talking about over a 30-year time

11:00:18 period, over 70 some odd percent.

11:00:20 That is the statement that no matter whether you

11:00:22 think it should go further, we're making very

11:00:24 clear, F.D.O.T. is a small fraction of the amount

11:00:28 of money that they spend in our community on

11:00:31 anything like those alternatives.

11:00:32 And that is the key thing that we need to

11:00:35 understand.

11:00:35 That is why these two things are so completely

11:00:38 different and why I have always opposed TBX, and I

11:00:41 am happy that you guys are standing up and doing

11:00:43 what you're doing here today, but we'll always

11:00:46 also argue that we need more transit funding so

11:00:48 we're not looking at bus routes that run every

11:00:50 hour.

11:00:51 We're looking at bus routes that run every 15

11:00:53 minutes so we're investing in rail like the

11:00:55 conversation we're talking about in the studies

11:00:57 that we're doing, and so that we have the money to

11:00:59 take advantage of opportunities.

11:01:01 If we can beat F.D.O.T. back from TBX, then we

11:01:04 have billions of dollars, they said needs billions

11:01:08 in the community.

11:01:09 You should absolutely delay everything until that

11:01:11 transit study is done on June 22nd.

11:01:14 Shouldn't buy another piece of property until they

11:01:16 know how they will be spending all of the billions

11:01:18 of dollars in this community.

11:01:27 >> Good morning.

11:01:28 Neil Cosentino, 708 South Davis Boulevard.

11:01:32 I want to share with you, there's going to be a

11:01:38 global mobility think tank formed.

11:01:41 And the global will deal with air, land, and sea

11:01:45 transportation.

11:01:46 One of the reasons for doing this is we have MPO,

11:01:53 TBARTA, we have Tampa Bay regional planning

11:01:55 Council, and we have all these entities out there

11:02:00 and we still don't have a consolidated bus system.

11:02:04 Everybody is talking rail.

11:02:06 We have ten bus systems.

11:02:07 We haven't even consolidated them yet.

11:02:10 Now, how can that be?

11:02:12 Well, with a think tank, we'll come back and

11:02:17 explain why they didn't happen and why it should

11:02:20 happen.

11:02:20 There is another very, very important issue that

11:02:26 deals with eminent domain of property.

11:02:29 $1 billion, Drew Park was purchased.

11:02:31 All that property, and taken off the tax rolls.

11:02:35 If private enterprise bought all that property, it

11:02:37 would have stayed on the tax rolls.

11:02:40 But because the airport authority bought it, it

11:02:43 came off the tax rolls.

11:02:45 So that tax has to be made up by us.

11:02:48 Okay.

11:02:49 Now we look at Gandy Boulevard.

11:02:51 Eventually they are going to eminent domain

11:02:54 property on the north side and the south side of

11:02:57 Gandy Boulevard when they put in the second

11:03:00 bridge.

11:03:00 When that property is taken off the tax rolls,

11:03:04 guess who has to make up for the taxes?

11:03:09 The people of Tampa.

11:03:10 Now, you would say the argument is, we're going to

11:03:14 put in this connector because everybody in Tampa

11:03:16 Bay is going to benefit -- Pinellas and so

11:03:20 forth -- but who pays for it?

11:03:23 Every year.

11:03:25 The taxpayers of Tampa pay for it.

11:03:28 When they eminent domain property, if they do on

11:03:33 that TBX and all that property is taken off the

11:03:36 tax rolls, you could say, well, everyone is going

11:03:39 to benefit from it, but who pays for it?

11:03:41 The City of Tampa taxpayers pay for it.

11:03:48 So this is an important issue when you look at,

11:03:51 and it's every year.

11:03:52 It's not just one time.

11:03:55 It's every year we have to make up for the taxes

11:03:58 that are lost.

11:03:59 So this would be an issue we'll bring back.

11:04:03 We'll bring back the issue of consolidating our

11:04:05 bus systems before we even think about a rail

11:04:08 system.

11:04:09 Thank you very much.

11:04:19 >> Good morning, Council.

11:04:20 My name is Rick Fernandez.

11:04:22 2906 North Elmore Avenue, Tampa, Florida.

11:04:26 That's in Tampa Heights.

11:04:27 I'm the president of the Tampa Heights Civic

11:04:29 Association.

11:04:30 First of all, thank you all so much for the amount

11:04:32 of time that you've devoted to this issue today.

11:04:35 It was great sitting in the audience and hearing a

11:04:38 lot of the things that we've been saying and

11:04:40 thinking now for the better part of a year coming

11:04:42 back to us from the dais.

11:04:44 It's very heartwarming and frankly emotional for

11:04:47 me.

11:04:47 So thank you for that.

11:04:48 I was I guess to some degree responsible for at

11:04:53 least one item on the agenda regarding congestion

11:04:56 pricing.

11:04:57 I penned an article that appeared in 83-degree on

11:05:02 March 1st in which I raised the issue of

11:05:05 congestion pricing.

11:05:06 F.D.O.T. was asked to come here and talk about

11:05:08 that today.

11:05:09 I didn't hear a lot about congestion pricing in

11:05:11 mike's presentation, not even the definition of

11:05:13 it.

11:05:14 So I thought I would offer that to you.

11:05:16 And to let you understand why it is that I got on

11:05:20 that track to begin with.

11:05:22 Because every time I showed up for an F.D.O.T.

11:05:24 presentation, regardless of the venue, the sales

11:05:27 pitch has always been that TBX and express toll

11:05:32 lanes are a choice.

11:05:33 This is the sales pitch.

11:05:35 This is the marketing piece behind the express,

11:05:38 the Tampa Bay express concept.

11:05:42 And for the life of me, I was having a hard time

11:05:45 finding much in the way of choice related to TBX.

11:05:48 It seemed that this was something being crammed

11:05:51 down our throats, not a choice issue at all.

11:05:53 So I rooted into what the economic principle was

11:05:57 behind the express toll lane concept which led me

11:06:00 to the Federal Highway Administration definition.

11:06:03 Congestion pricing sometimes called value pricing

11:06:06 is a way of harnessing the power of the market to

11:06:09 reduce the waste associated with traffic

11:06:12 congestion.

11:06:13 Congestion pricing works by shifting some less

11:06:16 critical and more discretionary rush hour highway

11:06:19 travel to other transportation modes or to off

11:06:23 peak periods, taking advantage of the fact that

11:06:25 the majority of rush hour drivers on a typical

11:06:28 urban highway are not commuters.

11:06:30 By removing a fraction, even as small as 5% of the

11:06:34 vehicles from a congested highway, pricing enables

11:06:37 the system to flow much more efficiently, allowing

11:06:40 more cars to move through the same physical space.

11:06:44 Now, as I read that, I was not reading choice.

11:06:46 What I was reading was behavior management.

11:06:49 What I was reading was F.D.O.T. intends to nudge

11:06:52 people off the interstate by raising the price of

11:06:55 using the interstate system so high, either in

11:06:58 terms of time or money, that people will simply

11:07:01 opt out of the system.

11:07:03 So the next time you have a representative from

11:07:06 D.O.T. stand before you and talk to you about

11:07:09 highways, please remember that economic

11:07:11 underpinning, and call them on it, because this

11:07:14 isn't about choice.

11:07:15 It's about nudging us away.

11:07:17 And if you want to take us off the interstate

11:07:20 system, there are better ways to do that.

11:07:22 They are called transit options, and we will go

11:07:24 voluntarily, I promise you.

11:07:26 I think I'm out.

11:07:28 Thank you very much for your time.

11:07:29 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

11:07:30 Next.

11:07:36 >> I'm Ed Tillou, Sulphur Springs.

11:07:39 Okay.

11:07:40 Talk to item 4 a little bit, I changed over from

11:07:44 being a motorist to using public transportation,

11:07:48 which brings to mind this riddle, why do you hit

11:07:51 yourself with a hammer?

11:07:53 Well, the answer to that riddle is because it

11:07:56 feels so good when you stop.

11:07:58 And that's the way I feel about the automobile

11:08:04 versus public transportation.

11:08:06 Public transportation is so much better.

11:08:11 With respect to whether high occupancy vehicle

11:08:14 lanes can be enforced, Virginia seems to do it

11:08:18 pretty well on the roads that go in from Virginia

11:08:20 into D.C., and people have these things.

11:08:27 They have blowup dolls.

11:08:28 They get them at the porn shops.

11:08:31 [ LAUGHTER ]

11:08:31 They blow them up and put them on the seat.

11:08:35 They get away with that a few times, but not

11:08:37 indefinitely.

11:08:38 Just a few times.

11:08:40 Well, anyway, if Virginia can do it, why is there

11:08:44 all this problem down here?

11:08:45 Anyway, with respect to item 11, in that handout,

11:08:51 I have a little bus schedule 96.

11:08:54 It's these little trolley-looking things.

11:08:56 The thing is, that is so great, it can save so

11:08:59 much downtown walking, which isn't a pedestrian

11:09:03 feel, wonderful pedestrian feel, we're told.

11:09:07 It's actually pretty bad.

11:09:08 It's tiring.

11:09:10 There's even urban sprawl downtown.

11:09:12 And the thing is that 96 bus, a little trolley,

11:09:17 it's good but it only runs a little bit of the

11:09:19 time.

11:09:20 Now, you need two of them.

11:09:22 You need one that runs all the time and maybe, you

11:09:25 know, it would be like half hour service, but then

11:09:28 the other one, every 15 minutes and the reason you

11:09:32 only have that one certain times is because it

11:09:35 started to serve as a commuter bus from Harbour

11:09:38 Island.

11:09:39 So when they were going to discontinue, all the

11:09:43 Harbour Island people went ballistic.

11:09:45 Anyway, that's that.

11:09:47 Anyway, the 96.

11:09:48 And then the thing a lot of people mentioned over

11:09:51 and over again is jitneys, which are associated

11:09:55 really with New Orleans, I think.

11:09:57 And there's someone here who is a totally electric

11:10:03 vehicle fan.

11:10:05 There isn't really place for totally electric

11:10:07 vehicles because they are sort of small and

11:10:09 inefficient.

11:10:10 But the thing of it is, these gems, you see the

11:10:15 parking department, have well, they only have two

11:10:17 seats.

11:10:18 But like two-seat benches, and they could serve as

11:10:22 jitneys to people around town.

11:10:24 That was tried in St. Petersburg.

11:10:26 I don't know whatever happened to it.

11:10:28 It was forbidden.

11:10:29 So this is in the seat of the county, the county

11:10:32 Transportation Committee has got to get on that.

11:10:36 Okay.

11:10:37 Go Hillsborough.

11:10:38 I mentioned in one of my things in the handout

11:10:40 about Brinckerhoff.

11:10:45 The mid 1600s, one of my ancestors complained

11:10:49 about them.

11:10:56 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

11:10:57 You've got homework, guys.

11:11:01 Thank you.

11:11:03 >> Hi.

11:11:04 Dana Lazareth.

11:11:06 I'll be moving to Tampa this summer, but I was

11:11:08 born and raised in St. Pete.

11:11:09 I just got accepted to the USF masters urban and

11:11:13 regional planning program, and I'm really excited.

11:11:16 I'm sure I'll see you guys a lot more.

11:11:18 Go bulls.

11:11:19 I'm sad that the F.D.O.T. people left.

11:11:23 Are there any left here in the room?

11:11:25 Okay.

11:11:25 Awesome.

11:11:26 Well, I just wanted to thank them for that

11:11:29 presentation.

11:11:30 It was very manipulative and informative.

11:11:34 I wanted to ask, I don't know what research their

11:11:40 planners are looking at, but all of the

11:11:44 information is out there about where urban

11:11:46 planning is going, about what is important in

11:11:51 revitalizing cities.

11:11:53 And it's public transit.

11:11:55 It's pretty much everything opposite of what the

11:11:58 TBX is.

11:11:59 And I don't know -- I wrote this down because I'm

11:12:04 super tired.

11:12:05 I'll just read it.

11:12:06 I don't know in what modern day dystopian society

11:12:10 does it make sense to destroy homes, historic

11:12:12 landmarks and communities for a highway that only

11:12:15 certain people can and will use.

11:12:17 A restricted road, we no longer live in the

11:12:23 industrial revolution.

11:12:24 We live in the age of climate change and

11:12:28 pollution.

11:12:28 Little rhyme for you.

11:12:30 Anyways, the TBX is most backward piece of

11:12:36 planning that I've ever seen.

11:12:38 The nation recognizes it.

11:12:39 Florida is sort of a laughingstock right now

11:12:41 because it's even been proposed.

11:12:44 I just came from Portland, Oregon.

11:12:45 I don't know how many of you guys have been there,

11:12:48 but they are amazing.

11:12:49 You should visit and ride the max.

11:12:51 Ride their light rail.

11:12:53 It's wonderful and beautiful.

11:12:54 What we need to be doing right now is following

11:12:57 examples like Portland.

11:12:58 We need to be downsizing, infilling, retrofitting,

11:13:02 because this crazy expansion of growth is not

11:13:05 going to work.

11:13:06 Development has always been engineering and

11:13:11 politicians and growth and money, and it needs to

11:13:15 be sustainable community controlled.

11:13:23 The difference between planning and engineering is

11:13:25 that engineering says, can we do it while planning

11:13:28 says, should we do it?

11:13:29 Planning people need to remember that there's

11:13:33 people, there is a person at the end of this

11:13:36 legislation.

11:13:36 Honestly, you guys seem pretty on our side, and

11:13:42 that's so awesome.

11:13:43 There's thousands of signatures on petitions right

11:13:47 now.

11:13:48 There's a go-go campaign that raised over a

11:13:50 thousand dollars to get materials to campaign

11:13:53 against this.

11:13:53 I mean, I'm pretty sure all the information is out

11:13:55 there.

11:13:56 You guys seem to be on the right side of the fence

11:13:58 on this, and I'm so thankful for that.

11:14:01 So thankful.

11:14:02 Thank you so much.

11:14:03 But yeah, if D.O.T. needs to do more research or

11:14:06 something, I don't quite understand.

11:14:09 Thank you so much.

11:14:09 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you for your statements.

11:14:12 Us guys appreciate it.

11:14:20 >> Good morning.

11:14:20 My name is Chris Cory.

11:14:22 I'm here as a homeowner and a builder.

11:14:24 I'm with the Councilman Reddick's district.

11:14:27 So he's heard a lot of what I'm going to tell you.

11:14:30 This is a house I built in 2010 along the I-4

11:14:36 corridor, and, obviously, some activities have

11:14:40 happened since.

11:14:41 They tried to buy the house for the high-speed

11:14:46 rail.

11:14:47 They certainly weren't successful -- the F.D.O.T.

11:14:51 They did a beat-down for about a year.

11:14:54 I lost about $40,000 on it.

11:14:56 I've recovered from that.

11:14:57 That's all right.

11:14:57 What everybody has been saying about how the

11:14:59 D.O.T. will come and decimate an area certainly is

11:15:02 true.

11:15:03 I ask you drive over to 12th Avenue.

11:15:05 International and historic landmark district.

11:15:06 Look at that street.

11:15:08 It's a ghost street.

11:15:09 I was paying $3800 taxes on that property, as

11:15:12 people have mentioned.

11:15:13 No more revenue from 2010 to 2014.

11:15:17 It's abandoned now.

11:15:20 The code enforcement folks park on the grass.

11:15:22 That's what they are using the property for.

11:15:24 I have subsequently taken this house, as I was the

11:15:26 last bidder on the house, and moved it to 11th

11:15:29 Avenue, 600 feet away.

11:15:31 Cost me about 92,000 just to move it.

11:15:34 Then there was land costs, but it's sitting very

11:15:37 prominently in that national historic land

11:15:40 district.

11:15:41 It will represent us all well.

11:15:42 Eventually I will sell it.

11:15:44 Probably lose a little bit of money on that.

11:15:46 You guys, please understand the abuse that is

11:15:48 coming out of F.D.O.T.

11:15:50 They buy in excess way ahead of time, and it's

11:15:53 time we all put a stop to it.

11:15:56 It's ridiculous.

11:15:57 I've got other issues, but I don't want to discuss

11:16:00 it now.

11:16:01 I'll probably try to meet with individuals.

11:16:04 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I was going to ask if you can

11:16:09 provide all of us these photographs and a little

11:16:13 bit of history of what you just said maybe written

11:16:17 out so you can provide a little more detail.

11:16:19 I would love to have that in order for that to be

11:16:24 brought up at the MPO.

11:16:25 >> Right.

11:16:25 I'll tell you, just for me, there was a situation,

11:16:28 inverse taking where they beat down a nice

11:16:30 prominent piece of property like this, but what

11:16:33 they did, the D.O.T. actually were buying houses

11:16:36 including the Lopez house along 12th Avenue,

11:16:38 they were posting asbestos warning signs, boarding

11:16:41 it up, and there was no asbestos in the house.

11:16:44 We looked like a toxic waste dump for over a year

11:16:47 over there.

11:16:47 They beat you down little by little.

11:16:50 And it's time to stop.

11:16:51 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I would love to have more

11:16:53 detailed information.

11:16:54 Thank you very much.

11:16:56 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

11:16:57 Next.

11:17:04 >> Good morning, CRA board members.

11:17:06 Donna Stark, president South Seminole Heights

11:17:08 Civic Association.

11:17:09 I came this morning because I was very interested

11:17:11 in listening to F.D.O.T.'s update of this board as

11:17:14 well as hearing jean Duncan's presentation in

11:17:18 regards to the upcoming go Hillsborough rail study

11:17:22 analysis.

11:17:23 I think what is still so most concerning to me is

11:17:27 that we have yet to have a real conversation about

11:17:33 what effective transportation looks like.

11:17:35 One thing I've heard over and over at the

11:17:37 charrette, F.D.O.T.'s mission and goal is to

11:17:40 provide effective -- to effectively move people

11:17:42 and goods across this region.

11:17:44 And I fail to see how we're having this

11:17:47 conversation if we're missing the data about what

11:17:49 it looks like to have a premium transit study.

11:17:53 What does it look like if we have the CSX rail?

11:17:56 What does it look like if we adopt another fixed

11:17:59 guideway, whether it's some sort of tram, some

11:18:02 sort of light rail, expanding the streetcar.

11:18:05 What do all these things do and how do they look

11:18:07 when combined?

11:18:08 How can we ask our residents and our tax base to

11:18:11 say, yes, you know, go for this or yes, be in

11:18:14 support of TBX if we don't have all the

11:18:16 information about what makes the most difference,

11:18:20 what makes the real return on investment.

11:18:22 Based on the information that we have, you know,

11:18:24 looking at it again from my neighborhood

11:18:27 perspective in south Seminole Heights, this is not

11:18:29 a good plan for us.

11:18:30 It doesn't help our community grow.

11:18:32 It doesn't reflect our values, and I think one

11:18:34 thing I found attending these charrettes is that

11:18:37 all of my surrounding neighborhoods, both in

11:18:39 Seminole Heights to Tampa Heights through Ybor to

11:18:41 downtown, all have the same vision.

11:18:44 We want to be interconnected with each other.

11:18:46 We want to have an easier commute.

11:18:47 You know, we really don't want to see the

11:18:50 commuters coming into downtown to work here, sit

11:18:52 there.

11:18:52 We understand it's pretty soul-sucking to sit in

11:18:54 traffic.

11:18:55 Believe me.

11:18:56 Most of us have lived outside of the city at one

11:18:58 point or another.

11:18:59 But we want a solution that actually works.

11:19:03 The information that F.D.O.T. has provided to date

11:19:05 has shown that it is not a real solution.

11:19:07 So what I'm asking as a representative for my

11:19:10 neighborhood is that we do not put another dime

11:19:14 toward funding any sort of acquisition and moving

11:19:17 TBX forward until we identify what a true plan is

11:19:20 for this region, and we move forward with that

11:19:23 with real solid information that comes from

11:19:26 today's date, not from 30 years ago.

11:19:28 Thank you for your time this morning.

11:19:30 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

11:19:30 Anyone else in the audience who would like to

11:19:33 speak?

11:19:49 >> Thank you all of you.

11:19:51 I'm very pleased to hear what you have all been

11:19:55 saying.

11:19:55 My name is Mauricio Rosas.

11:19:57 118 West Mohawk Avenue.

11:19:59 Councilman Reddick, I take that very much to

11:20:02 heart.

11:20:02 I think that the human element is something that's

11:20:05 missing.

11:20:06 We were asked to look at what would the map look

11:20:11 like.

11:20:12 This is the map from F.D.O.T.

11:20:14 If you pop it up there.

11:20:15 You can see right there, that's where the

11:20:18 community center is located.

11:20:19 Talk about the impacts, we can just see exactly

11:20:23 what's going to go through there.

11:20:24 not a good thing.

11:20:28 They said we had -- again, I have another slide.

11:20:37 They said 140 residents were going to be impacted.

11:20:41 How many people lived in Presbyterian Village?

11:20:44 How many people live in Mobley Park?

11:20:47 How many people live in North Boulevard Park?

11:20:50 I think it's more than 140, at least maybe 142.

11:20:54 F.D.O.T. needs to be held accountable.

11:21:00 Everyone is talking about the trolley.

11:21:05 I love the trolley.

11:21:06 When we come downtown on Thursdays or Friday, we

11:21:11 get on the trolley and have a good time.

11:21:14 This is on a weekend.

11:21:15 That trolley is full.

11:21:17 People had their luggage going to the airport on

11:21:21 the trolley.

11:21:22 I do have a video.

11:21:24 Since I didn't present before, you would have

11:21:27 heard the comments.

11:21:28 I was just completely -- I was elated.

11:21:33 I was absolutely elated.

11:21:34 Now, the charrette summary, one of the things that

11:21:40 came out is on the slide here, where

11:21:46 unequivocally, the community is saying absolutely

11:21:51 no, we do not want TBX.

11:21:55 There is no mitigation.

11:21:56 When the vote comes up at the MPO on June 22nd,

11:22:01 there is a whole line of legislative funding, we

11:22:07 have to -- and I ask you, to vote no against that

11:22:11 funding, because the moment we vote yes, well,

11:22:16 this funding is just limited to FY '17, well, I'm

11:22:23 getting close.

11:22:25 I'm inviting you all to our March on the 23rd,

11:22:32 Mr. Maniscalco has said in the past he was there.

11:22:34 You need to see the human element.

11:22:38 We really would like to you come out to the

11:22:40 April 23rd, Saturday march.

11:22:42 I appreciate very much.

11:22:45 Thank you.

11:22:45 I hope that your vote here will carry over to the

11:22:48 MPO as well.

11:22:49 Thank you.

11:22:50 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

11:22:51 Anyone else in the audience wish to speak?

11:22:54 Thank you, ma'am.

11:22:56 >> Donna Davis.

11:22:57 2314 East 10th Avenue in Ybor City.

11:23:00 I just have one thing to say.

11:23:03 I just want to thank you all for being in sync

11:23:06 with the will of the people on this and the input

11:23:08 that I'm getting from the community that I serve.

11:23:11 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

11:23:11 Anyone else wish to speak from the audience?

11:23:15 We continue with our agenda.

11:23:32 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Item number 6 is the approval of

11:23:35 the funding for the 12th Street pumping station

11:23:39 that we had talked about before.

11:23:42 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.

11:23:43 We need --

11:23:44 >> So moved.

11:23:45 >> Second.

11:23:45 >>YVONNE CAPIN: A motion by Council member

11:23:48 Miranda.

11:23:48 Second by Councilman Maniscalco.

11:23:51 All in favor?

11:23:52 Opposed?

11:23:53 Passed.

11:23:55 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Number 7 is the approval for a

11:23:57 new member of the CAC for Tampa Heights.

11:24:01 >> I move that approval of Mr. Henry.

11:24:04 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Moved by Councilman Suarez.

11:24:07 Second by Councilman Cohen.

11:24:09 All in favor?

11:24:10 Opposed?

11:24:10 Passes unanimously.

11:24:12 Thank you.

11:24:16 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Item number 8 is to please

11:24:18 receive and file the quarterly update of the

11:24:21 financing.

11:24:21 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Moved by Councilman Cohen.

11:24:24 Second by Councilman Miranda.

11:24:25 All in favor?

11:24:26 Opposed?

11:24:28 Passes.

11:24:28 Thank you.

11:24:29 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Number 9, we are asking for a

11:24:32 letter of support for a TIGER grant application

11:24:35 for the Tampa Port Authority.

11:24:37 This is in conjunction to the Channel District,

11:24:40 and we will be cooperating and working with them

11:24:42 for that overall plan that they introduce the

11:24:45 board to.

11:24:45 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Is that a resolution or letter of

11:24:47 support?

11:24:47 >>BOB McDONAUGH: A resolution.

11:24:52 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Moved by Councilman Miranda.

11:24:54 Second by Councilman Cohen.

11:24:56 All in favor?

11:24:57 Opposed?

11:24:58 Passes.

11:24:59 Thank you.

11:25:01 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Item number 10 is the acceptance

11:25:04 of refunding from Hillsborough County for monies

11:25:07 that we had previously spent for Curtis Hixon

11:25:10 Park.

11:25:12 They were, again, if you recall, the downtown CRA

11:25:17 had expired.

11:25:18 We had an extension but no longer with the

11:25:20 participation by Hillsborough County.

11:25:23 They agreed that they were still obligated to pay

11:25:26 their pro rata share of the CRA funds for the

11:25:29 park, and that's what that --

11:25:31 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Moved by Councilman Miranda.

11:25:34 Second by Councilman Maniscalco.

11:25:35 All in favor?

11:25:36 Opposed?

11:25:37 Passes.

11:25:37 Thank you.

11:25:39 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Item number 11 is the downtown

11:25:43 shuttle program, downtown Channelside.

11:25:45 And if you would like, Rob Rosner is here and he's

11:25:49 prepared to give a presentation.

11:25:50 I know all had the briefing.

11:25:54 It's a significant amount of money, but it's also

11:25:57 a step forward for our urban areas.

11:26:05 >> Good morning.

11:26:08 I wanted to say thank you for taking and

11:26:12 considering this.

11:26:13 This is covering two CRAs.

11:26:14 It will be covering downtown and Channel District.

11:26:17 This process started about a year ago.

11:26:19 I've only been here about seven or eight months.

11:26:22 In getting involved with that, I was able to

11:26:24 really dive into what the issues were and what the

11:26:27 things that were becoming an issue.

11:26:29 We made it a focus of our CAC meetings to find out

11:26:34 what those issues were.

11:26:36 The desire was strong, but the first ask was a

11:26:40 50-50 match.

11:26:42 And it didn't seem to match that well, and

11:26:45 downtown was very supportive of it and Channel

11:26:47 District was like, well, why should we pay as much

11:26:50 because we are a lot smaller area.

11:26:51 We don't have as many businesses but we have more

11:26:53 residents.

11:26:54 In hearing what those concerns were, we went

11:26:56 through a process of three major meetings where

11:26:58 the Downtown Partnership had brought a proposal of

11:27:03 what they wanted to do, and then heard the

11:27:05 reactions from Channel District and downtown of

11:27:07 what those were.

11:27:08 And they were able to respond to those.

11:27:10 One of those was the logistics of handling running

11:27:17 a shuttle program. I'm going to give you a real

11:27:21 quick update of what the shuttle looks like.

11:27:23 It is a six seater.

11:27:29 The idea is that because the Hillsborough County

11:27:33 is under PPC in order to get this program going,

11:27:39 it usually runs on tips or some other kind of

11:27:42 thing.

11:27:42 Well, because PTC regulates this and they don't

11:27:45 have it there, we can run it as a free program,

11:27:48 and that's what this funding is to cover that as a

11:27:51 free program.

11:27:52 Hopefully in a year or so when the legislation

11:27:54 changes, if it does change, we have most of the

11:27:57 way through --

11:27:58 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Excuse me.

11:27:59 It should stay free.

11:28:03 It should stay free.

11:28:05 And that funding needs to be -- it is very

11:28:09 important for our downtown and Channelside to be

11:28:13 able to move people.

11:28:15 We're not there yet, but I visited many cities

11:28:22 where the transportation within downtown is free,

11:28:25 and it is very instrumental in the progress of

11:28:34 those cities.

11:28:34 That's my statement.

11:28:36 Sorry.

11:28:37 >> Just a clarification.

11:28:38 He was not talking about actually charging

11:28:40 passengers to ride.

11:28:41 It was the selling of advertising and the

11:28:43 acceptance of tips, which changes how it's viewed.

11:28:47 The idea was at some point if they were allowed to

11:28:52 sell advertising, it would help underwrite a free

11:28:55 service.

11:28:56 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

11:28:57 I remember now.

11:28:58 I apologize for that.

11:28:59 Thank you.

11:29:02 >> During that process, we were weighing this out

11:29:04 so that the issue is that bus doesn't always come

11:29:09 right when you need it and people shouldn't have

11:29:11 to deal with that last-mile issue.

11:29:15 The benefit coming from this is that people can,

11:29:18 instead of having to get in a car and go somewhere

11:29:21 else or try to use facilities in the area, this

11:29:24 shuttle program would be able to have you from

11:29:28 point to point around 20 minutes, the idea you

11:29:30 would be picked up within 10 minutes and be at

11:29:34 your next destination in another ten minutes.

11:29:36 What's different about this than fixed guideways

11:29:39 like they were talking about is this a

11:29:41 point-to-point on demand.

11:29:42 So if you wanted to leave right now, you could

11:29:45 pull up this new app that they would have for it,

11:29:48 call for the vehicle, and hopefully within ten

11:29:50 minutes you would be downstairs getting in one of

11:29:54 these gems and off to your next destination.

11:29:57 With that in mind, I wanted to let you know that

11:30:02 part of issue was, does everybody support this?

11:30:07 So we asked the partnership to perform a survey,

11:30:09 and they did a survey, and we got a little over

11:30:12 1100 responses.

11:30:14 I've shared those responses with you.

11:30:17 I believe they are online and the partnership has

11:30:19 that as well.

11:30:20 But they were overwhelmingly positive.

11:30:22 Very few said they weren't interested in it.

11:30:25 And then we also asked questions about where would

11:30:27 you use it and what kind of things would you use

11:30:30 it for?

11:30:31 Got some really good answers for doing that.

11:30:33 This would be supportive, and one of the things we

11:30:36 talked about for balancing that 50-50 match was to

11:30:38 do an 80-20 match based on total area.

11:30:41 Downtown has around 880 acres.

11:30:44 Channel District has around 220 acres so that made

11:30:46 a more reasonable 80/20 match of trying to balance

11:30:50 out because downtown does have a fair amount more

11:30:55 businesses and probably a lot more trips.

11:30:57 The partnership, one of the things we asked them

11:30:59 to do is to make sure it's a little more

11:31:02 sustainable by finding private sponsorships.

11:31:05 So they have gotten a little over $50,000 in

11:31:08 commitments from the different hotels that want to

11:31:10 utilize this, and they are kicking in 60,000 of

11:31:14 their own.

11:31:15 In your packet, you'll see the dollars there were

11:31:17 there, but we're hoping to get support.

11:31:32 >> I have a substitution.

11:31:33 >>SAL TERRITO: I put the wrong funding source on

11:31:35 there.

11:31:36 Should be CRA.

11:31:39 >> Not the city.

11:31:39 >>SAL TERRITO: Amended resolution.

11:31:44 >>YVONNE CAPIN: We have a motion and a question.

11:31:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I want to make clear in my

11:31:48 mind, in case there is an accident, that the CRA,

11:31:51 this CRA, the city part of CRA is not involved in

11:31:53 it.

11:31:54 This is done by you guys.

11:31:57 >> We're going to be contracting with the

11:31:59 partnership and supporting them as a funding

11:32:01 mechanism.

11:32:02 They will be contracting with a company called the

11:32:04 downtowner, which you have information on that.

11:32:07 They are the ones that will be running it.

11:32:09 They carry insurance for their vehicles and then

11:32:11 the partnership carries their own insurance for

11:32:13 events and other things that they do.

11:32:16 We're covered in both areas.

11:32:19 We are primarily a funding source, not a carrier.

11:32:22 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

11:32:22 We have a motion by Councilman Reddick.

11:32:24 Second by Councilman Maniscalco.

11:32:27 All in favor?

11:32:29 Opposed?

11:32:30 Passes unanimously.

11:32:31 Thank you very much.

11:32:38 >> That concludes the report for this month.

11:32:40 Any questions or concerns?

11:32:42 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

11:32:43 >> Move to receive and file.

11:32:45 >> Second.

11:32:45 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Moved by Councilman Miranda.

11:32:47 Second by Councilwoman Montelione.

11:32:49 All in favor?

11:32:54 >>SAL TERRITO: Coming back to the City Council,

11:32:55 three-party agreement.

11:32:57 CRA is funding.

11:32:59 City overseeing.

11:32:59 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Right.

11:33:00 Thank you.

11:33:01 Any information reports -- [microphone not on]

11:33:11 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you very much.

11:33:12 Some time ago, I made a motion for the

11:33:14 Tampa/Hillsborough homeless initiative to come and

11:33:16 give us a report.

11:33:17 They weren't ready yet.

11:33:19 They are now.

11:33:19 So I would like to motion for Antoinette tricklet

11:33:24 to appear before CRA on May 12th at 9 a.m. to

11:33:27 discuss the Tampa/Hillsborough homeless initiative

11:33:30 point in time homeless count.

11:33:33 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

11:33:33 Motion by Ms. Montelione.

11:33:35 Second by Mr. Cohen.

11:33:36 All in favor?

11:33:38 Opposed?

11:33:38 Passes.

11:33:39 Thank you.

11:33:39 Anything else, Ms. Montelione.

11:33:41 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No, ma'am.

11:33:41 Thank you.

11:33:42 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Councilman Maniscalco.

11:33:53 >>GUIDO MANISCALCO: I'd like to make a motion that

11:33:55 we present a commendation to Urban E Recycling on

11:33:59 April 21st, 2016.

11:34:01 They will be at the Tampa Theater for what is

11:34:05 called -- okay.

11:34:06 I'll scratch it.

11:34:07 Anyway, on another note, I want to wish my father

11:34:13 a happy bird.

11:34:14 He turns 57 years old today.

11:34:16 Young man.

11:34:19 >> He's only two years older than I am.

11:34:22 His father is only two years older than I am.

11:34:25 >>GUIDO MANISCALCO: Happy birthday.

11:34:26 I'm sure he's watching and enjoying our show.

11:34:29 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Happy birthday.

11:34:29 Councilman Cohen.

11:34:32 >>HARRY COHEN: I don't have any new business.

11:34:34 I did notice that our evening meeting starts

11:34:36 tonight at 5.

11:34:37 Is that correct?

11:34:38 >>YVONNE CAPIN: 5:01.

11:34:40 Thank you for reminding us.

11:34:44 >>MIKE SUAREZ: In that light, 5:00, we're going to

11:34:48 have a very short meeting because some things have

11:34:52 not been perfected but we need to do the meeting

11:34:54 and we'll be back at 6 for the regular meeting.

11:34:56 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Councilman Miranda?

11:34:59 None.

11:34:59 I have none.

11:34:59 So we are adjourned.

11:34:59 Thank you.