You are viewing a listing of Tampa City Council meeting transcripts. The meeting dates are in descending order, starting with the most current date and time. Please note that due to the size of the transcripts, some have been broken down into more manageable segments, or "parts" (with part 1 as the start of the meeting). Each one of these "parts" is considered a transcript, and is counted in the total provided at the top of the page. You may display from 1 to 99 transcripts at a time by changing the number in the box in front of "records".

If the meeting you are interested in is listed, you may simply click on the date to view it. You may also find other transcripts by doing one of the following:

  1. Browse through all available transcripts by clicking on the "back" and "next" buttons.
  2. Look for a specific topic discussed at a meeting by typing in one or more keywords in the Options box and clicking "find". A listing will be provided of meeting transcripts with the keyword(s) included. If the keyword is not found, you will remain at the current list and receive a ‘no matching records’ message. To return to the listing of all transcripts, click on "reset list".
  3. Look for a specific date by inserting the date in the locate date box and clicking "locate". If there was not a council meeting on the date you requested, a listing of closest dates will be provided.

When you are finished viewing a transcript, you may return to the transcript list by clicking the "back" button on your browser, or by clicking on the link provided at the top and the bottom of the transcript.

To return to the City of Tampa Home Page, click on the "Mascotte" picture on the top left corner. To return to the City Council home page, click on the link on the top right corner.

This help window is a separate window from the transcript listing and may be closed or resized to view the Transcript screen again.

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