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The City of Tampa has 146 parks and 73 playgrounds.  These parks and playgrounds include such amenities as boat launches, computer stations, ball fields, tennis and racquetball courts and more.  You can search for and find parks and playgrounds with the amenities you are looking for using our Parks and Playground Search.

Search for Parks by Zip Code

To find a park located within a specific zip code in the City limits, use the zip code search box in the upper right corner of the screen.  Enter the zip code and click on "Go!". You will be presented with a listing of all parks and recreation centers in that zip code.

To find all parks located with a specific number of miles from a specific address, please use our mapping facility.  Enter your address and click on submit. You will be presented with a map of the address, and on the right hand side of the page a listing of parks within one mile of the address. Click on the "+" sign in front of the Public Parks title to view them. You may change the mileage range by clicking on "Change Search Radius".

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Search for Parks by Amenities

A listing of the amenities which are available at the various parks are listed across the page. If a park has a certain amenity available, there will be a check mark in the column. You may search for all parks containing a certain amenity by clicking on the name of the amenity. For example, to find all City parks with ball fields, click on the "ball fields" heading.

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Search for Parks by Zip Code and Amenities

To further define your search, you may search by both zip code and amenity.  First, enter the zip code in which you are interested.  Once you are presented with those parks, click on the amenity heading in which you are interested.  The parks you are presented with will be parks in that zip code with that amenity.

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Paging Forward/Backward

If the listing you are requesting contains more parks than will appear on one page, use the  "back" and "next" button at the bottom of the list.  By default, the list will contain no more than 10 names.  You may change this to display up to 99 names by changing the number in the middle box.

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Detailed Park Information

To find detailed information on a park, click on the name in the parks listing.  The detailed information will provide information on the park, location, hours (when applicable), a map, shelters (if applicable) and images of the park (if available).

To obtain a map to the site, click on the "Need a Map" icon to the left of the address. To view shelters available at the park (if applicable), click on the "shelters icon" to the right of the address.  If the icon is not displayed, there are no shelters at that particular park.

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Shelters are available at many of the parks, including some which may be reserved for a fee.  If a "shelters" icon is available on the park detail page, shelters are available at that particular park.  Clicking on the icon will give you detailed information about the various shelters, including photos, amenities available (such as grills, water, electric), seating capacity, and reservation rate.  Maps of the shelter locations, if available, are available using the "Park Shelter Maps" icon in the upper right corner of the screen.  If the icon is not displayed, no map is currently available.

To view a listing of all parks with shelters, and two community buildings which are available for rental without using the Parks Search application, please see the Shelters listing page.

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Shelter Reservations

An online reservation system is not yet available to reserve shelters.  Please  visit our main office at 3402 W. Columbus Drive, or email us to check availability.

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